Has Your Dick Run Out of Ideas? Try This Sex Bucket List

Tired of the same old morning missionary? This sex bucket list will re-invigorate your thirst for discovering new desires!
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January 18, 2024
February 27, 2024
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“Man, mutual masturbation for dinner again?” you think to yourself as you try to block the background noise from Property Brothers out of your brain.

You’re not alone. We’re creatures of habit; we get cozy in familiar relationships and forget there are many opportunities to open our minds and holes to the wonderful world around us. Even single seductresses who hook up like their life depends on it might just be going through the motions.

Sometimes, all you need is some inspiration to show you the way. And that’s precisely what we’re here to provide with our sex bucket list. In today’s class, we will empower you to:

  • Put on some bondage gear.
  • Pretend to be someone's math teacher.
  • Come up with an ironclad safe word.

Intrigued? Horny? There’s more where that came from.

Building your fuck-it list

Bucket lists are all about imagining wild and kinky sexual ideas, putting them to paper, and committing to see them through before you kick the proverbial bucket.

If you see something on our list that resonates with you, no matter how wild, we encourage you to follow that intuition and put it on your list. There’s probably a reason you got a tickle in your pickle when you thought about a striptease

So don't deny your future self any potential pleasure. This list should be all-encompassing, including everything that stimulates your mind, penis, anus, and — of course — spirit.

The top 50 items that belong on your sex bucket list

It’s time to get those erotic brain juices flowing. Check these 50 items off your sexual bucket list and you’ll be hard as a rock when you see your life flash before your eyes.

1. Read/write erotica

Words are sexy. And in a world where visual porn is king, it's fun to slow down and use your imagination. Read more erotica — or go even further and write out your fantasies. (Public readings are optional but encouraged.)

2. Have a threesome

Threesomes are a popular fantasy that many people want to try before they meet the great they/them in the sky. Just remember to set some boundaries and discuss expectations before bringing in your third.

3. Watch porn with your partner

Porn is a fantastic way to get in the mood for some real, live sex with your person. And it can provide some valuable insight into what turns you both on.

4. Switch things up

Do you typically top? Bottom. Do you usually bottom? Top! If you’ve ever been curious about the view from the other side, there’s no time like the present to find out.

5. Role-play

We all love to play pretend. Who’s been a naughty flower shop employee? That’s right — you have.

6. Phone sex

You can do this through sexting or a phone call, but trust us; talking about what you’re going to do with your partner later is an excellent way to build some sexy anticipation.

7. Try sex games

There are plenty of sexy board games out there, but you can also riff on a classic. A few quick ones come to mind, like strip uno or whoever loses this game of Smash Bros. has to give the other a blowie.

8. Say so

Talk, moan, squeal, shriek, giggle — moaning or dirty talk is not just hot; it’s a way to communicate with your partner about what turns you on the most. 

9. Video sex

We all have Zoom accounts now, so why not put that premium membership to good use and show someone your balls?

10. Try costumes

Halloween is whenever you say it is, damnit! Take your role-play to the next level with a couple’s costume for total immersion.

11. Blindfolds

Some mild sensory deprivation can really highlight touch. You can use practically anything as a blindfold, like a tie or a T-shirt.

12. Gag (in the traditional sense)

Gagging and choking could absolutely be your thing — a major conversation about consent and boundaries needs to happen first, though! And remember: You’re constricting blood flow, not airflow.

13. BDSM

Do chains and whips excite you? Only one way to find out.

14. To the edge

Edging, or the act of delaying orgasm, can be equal parts frustrating and fun. Give it a whirl!

15. Give/receive a striptease

Happy birthday, Mr. President! Unlock the siren within and bear it all for the object of your desire.

16. Kiss forever

Kissing as foreplay? In this economy? Absolutely.

17. Lick ’em elsewhere

Why should the taint have all the fun? See what's up with the armpit or kneecap or whatever.

18. Make a video 

You can do this solo or with others. Regardless, it’s a super hot way to capture your sexiest moments to watch and ogle over later.

19. Take sexy photos

The estranged cousin of sexy videos and a dying art form. Take some boudoir pics that’ll leave him breathless.

20. Sexy massages

Give your partner a massage, fully intending for the happiest of happy endings.

21. Try toys

If you’ve never used a sex toy, this is a must for your sexy bucket list. If you have, pick a new one that makes you curious — and maybe even a little nervous.

22. Try spanking

Spanking is a pretty common kink and can be everything from mild to wild. Again, consent matters here, but it’s definitely worth a shot (or smack).


23. Go to a sex party

If you’re looking for new things to try in bed, why not take it out of the bed? A full-on sex party can be insanely sexually liberating.

24. Break your record

Go for the fastest quickie imaginable or the highest number of orgasms in one day. Feeling extra competitive? Get lubed up and have a frotting race. Whoever cums first wins! (Actually, everyone wins.)

25. Get/give a rim job

We’ve invented the art form; now it's your gay-given duty to perfect it.

26. Experiment with positions

Those positions you see in porn look insane, right? Well, might as well try them out. Just remember to stretch first.

27. Cake on cake

Combine eating with sex? Getting dick has never been so delicious!

28. Get familiar with your prostate

Unlock your pleasure center however and whenever you can. You can even have multiple orgasms this way!

29. Swinging (not that kind)

We mean getting in a sex swing and having some zero-gravity fun.

30. Swinging (that kind)

Okay, yes, this one belongs here, too. A key party should be a key part of your bucket list!

31. Swap roles

Not the same as flipping from top to bottom; we mean exploring your dominant and submissive sides!

32. All rise

Standing sex isn’t for the faint of heart or weak of leg, but no sex position bucket list is complete without this stand-out option.

33. The world is your bed

Have sex on the kitchen counter, couch, or other piece of (sturdy) furniture!

34. Dry humping

It’s time for your very own “Wet Hot American Summer.” Channel your inner summer camp self.

35. Toys in public

Try wearing toys while you’re out grocery shopping. Bonus if your partner controls it so he can see you toss a cantaloupe in ecstasy.

36. Cuckolding

If you get turned on when you think about your partner having sex with someone else, then pull up a seat and watch it happen. What did you think that random chair in every hotel room was for?

37. Fisting

This will not be a universal addition to the bucket list, but if the idea is to try out unusual sexual encounters, then why limit yourself?

38. Golden showers

Find yourself a well-hydrated hunk, be the toilet you wish to see in the world, and scratch it off your sex bucket list.

39. Dive into The Kama Sutra

This ancient guide to sex and good living is full of millennia-old techniques that still make everything all sticky today.

40. Try tantric sex

Speaking of spiritual fulfillment, tantric sex is using your mind to enhance your orgasm. And by enhance, we mean shatter reality as if your booty was a wormhole.

41. Fly high

Weed can enhance your sexual experience as much as it does that second helping of Fruity Pebbles.

42. Explore your body

Touch yourself. Everywhere. Yes, even there. Take note of what you like and do more of it.

43. Water sex

Intercourse in the shower or pool? Well, well, well, aren’t you a wild thing!

44. Lights on, lights off

If you’re used to one, try the other. Seeing your partner can be highly erotic (and so can not seeing them).

45. Act out a sexy scene

Like the way two actors dirty talk in a movie or porn? See if you can win yourself an Oscar with your legs in the air.

46. Get rough/tender

Sex is like a dance; alternate between paces, and you’ll find yourself having much more intense orgasms.

47. Make a sex playlist

If you struggle to keep a consistent BPM, a sex playlist is a must-have!

48. Hot and cold play

Alternating hot and cold isn’t just for the occasional muscle ache; it can be foreplay, too!

49. Wear sexy underwear

Some erotic lingerie, like a jockstrap or mesh shirt, should be in everyone’s armoire.

50. Share this list with your partner

Want to show your partner you’re ready to try out that comically large dildo you saw the other day? Use this list as a springboard to tell them what gets you excited about sex!

YOLO, so go for the big O

Life’s too short not to stuff yourself with a vibrator. Use this list to uncover your sexual proclivities and erogenous zones. Armed with knowledge, you can start enacting that sexual fantasy you’ve been entertaining for years. 

Every sexual journey is more fun with a partner — and you can find one right now on Grindr! Get the Grindr app today and get started.

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