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Spoon-Fed Desire: A Guide to Spooning Sex Positions

Tired of forking the same old ways? Maybe it’s time to try a spooning sex position and give your lover a spoonful of sugar.
Editorial team
May 20, 2024
June 22, 2024
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Sex is like a puzzle: There’s geometry to consider, the pieces all need to fit comfortably, and sometimes you do it on a coffee table in the living room. 

But what if there was a position that just made natural sense? A position that you’re already doing fully clothed without even realizing it? One you could even do with a third if and whenever three’s not a crowd?

If you’ve ever cuddled and been a big spoon or a little spoon, then congratulations — you’ve already discovered the spooning sex position all by yourself. Here’s how to spoon sexually and deliver a double-scoop of pleasure with a cherry on top.

What is the spooning sex position?

Spooning sex is a cuddly sex position wherein the top is the big spoon, and the bottom assumes the little spoon position. Picture snuggling with your partner, crotch to butt, as you would on any given Wednesday evening. But instead of his penis just rubbing up against your cheeks, it’s inside you.

This oft-overlooked sex position is a godsend for horny-yet-lazy individuals (guilty), but it also works great for man-nailing machines when their penis pistons need a rest. Spooning is easiest when the top is slightly taller than the bottom, but don’t let that discourage all you teaspoon-sized tops. Who doesn’t like getting their upper back licked?

How to have spooning sex and keep it spicy

If you’re worried this position is the sexual equivalent of wearing a stained band T-shirt to bed (judgment-free, we have plenty of those), fret not. There are plenty of variations on this cuddling position that will prevent stagnation and promote fornication — here’s the scoop on those.

Seated spoon

Are you sitting down? Good — you’re halfway there. Now, all you need is a partner to take a seat on your hard cock while facing away from you. The top can easily regulate the penetrative speed and depth by adjusting his legs. This sensual iteration is beloved by vampires and hickey enthusiasts because it leaves the bottom’s neck within chomping range. 

The spork

The less seductively named spork position is better than it sounds. Much like the utensil, it’s surprisingly handy, even if it seems kinda silly. This is a half-spooning position where the big spoon stays on his side while the little spoon flips to his back and rotates 90 degrees, facing his butt toward his penetrating partner.

Transitioning between this and other spooning positions is as smooth as boy butter, plus it gives the top a lot of leverage to get in there and make something happen. As an added bonus, making eye contact is much easier.


For reasons scientists still can’t explain, many humans still conduct 69 with one partner on top of the other. There’s an argument that you get a better angle of the pork and plums, but not everyone has the core strength to hold a plank during sex. Instead, try exchanging oral pleasure while you both lie on your side. It’s infinitely cozier, equally sexy, and doesn’t require you to hit the gym in preparation.

Reverse scoop

Have you ever wanted to cum like a true Casanova while staring into your partner’s eyes? You’re in for a treat with the reverse scoop position. Both partners face each other while lying on their sides, and the bottom wraps his legs around the top’s hips. We love reverse spooning because it can lead to deeper and more controlled thrusting. 


Why we love spooning sex so much

What’s so good about spooning when you’re in the mood to fork? There’s an impressive list of reasons why this should top your list of sex positions to try.

It encourages intimacy

We’d never hate on doggy-style or a fun standing-O moment. But you can’t deny that those positions lack a certain je ne sais quoi when you’re craving a genuine connection with your partner. That’s when you dive in with the spoon — this position combines cuddling and fucking for the ultimate intimate experience. Voilà!

It’s pretty darn easy

Sex doesn’t always have to involve an Olympic-level gymnastics routine to be fun and pleasurable. A spooning sex position is basically a form of active rest. It’s accessible to everyone, especially those who experience discomfort or pain during extended bedroom sessions.

It’s super safe

Most of us aren’t defying gravity with our hookups, and that’s OK. There’s something to be said about a reliable position that won’t end in an awkward Uber ride to the hospital with someone you just met. If you struggle with lower back pain, you’ll find that the spooning position was practically made for you.

Riskier maneuvers, such as reverse cowgirl or the Amazon position, all have their place in your sexual library. But this position is safe and cozy while still getting your rocks off. We consider that a big win for the spooners.

There’s more opportunity for stimulation

This sex position also lets you caress, lick, or otherwise stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones. That applies to tops and bottoms alike.

Some of your body’s more neglected erogenous zones, such as the neck and nipples, are on full display in this position — prepped and ready for munching. The bottom can reach back and cradle his top’s balls, and both partners can do the tongue tango the entire time. 

Here cums the airplane!

The spooning sex position is a reliable, relaxed, and down-to-earth option that gives “casual sex” a whole new meaning. Try it yourself; we dare you to find a better way to Netflix and actually chill. 

Ready to experience this comfy, cutlery-inspired position with a cuddle buddy? Whether you like them big or little, you’ll find spoons of all sizes on Grindr. Download the Grindr app now and get cozy.

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Table of Contents
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