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25 Wild Sex Positions to Spice Things Up

Looking to leave him breathless and craving more? We’ve got more than two dozen wild sex positions to put some fresh oomph in those tired missionary pumps.
Editorial team
October 20, 2023
June 22, 2024
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If there’s one thing better than hot sex than hot sex itself, it’s that there are a million and one ways to do it. Welcome to Grindr’s ultimate guide to 25 wild sex positions, curated exclusively for gays by gays. 

With all due respect to doggy style, there’s no denying that mixing up the way you get down can actually improve emotional intimacy and overall sexual satisfaction. In fact, giving crazy sex positions a whirl can boost your endorphin levels, serving as a natural stress-buster (not to mention your new favorite form of cardio). 

From the sensual "Maverick Mount" to the daring "Pinnacle Plunge," we've got a girthy range of options that’ll leave you both feeling like you belong in the top 0.1% on OnlyFans. 

And while we wish we could include visuals (sorry, we can’t), figuring them out is half the fun.

Bedroom bliss: Gay sex positions to elevate your intimate moments

Revamp your bedroom routine with five of the best sex positions for the boudoir:

  • The Maverick Mount: One partner lies back while the other straddles, facing away. Use pillows for comfort and rely on verbal cues for a sense of command and deep penetration.
  • The Sideline Sizzle: Both partners lie on their sides for angled rear penetration. Throwing a little dirty talk into the mix can elevate the experience, given the easy access to the neck and ears.
  • The Jockey Jive: Think upgraded doggy style. One partner is on all fours, and the other kneels behind, holding the hips. The kneeling partner has the freedom to control the pace and depth.
  • The Flipside Frenzy: One partner lies back with legs up; the other kneels and flips between facing directions. Lube and a small vibrator can make transitions smoother and more stimulating.
  • The Gridiron Grind: One partner lies flat on his stomach, the other on top, penetrating from behind. A pillow under the pelvis and optional light spanking or hair-pulling can enhance the rhythmic grind.

Floor fantasies: Feed your wild side on solid ground

From living room rugs to bathroom tiles, these unique sex positions  turn every inch of the house into a pleasure zone:

  • The Skydive Swoon: One partner lies flat on the floor while the other straddles in a squatting position, using his feet for balance and control. The up-and-down motion is swoon-worthy, especially with a soft mat or rug underneath for comfort.
  • The Rodeo Romp: One partner sits with legs extended; the other sits on top, facing away. Holding onto the waist, the seated partner allows for deep penetration and a rodeo-like atmosphere. Perfect for unleashing your inner cowboy.
  • The Cliffhanger: One partner lies on the edge of a low table, legs hanging off. The standing partner holds the thighs for leverage, controlling the depth and speed for pleasure peaks that make this position a real cliffhanger.
  • The Victory Lap: Both sit facing each other, one placing legs over the other's shoulders. Hands hold each other for balance and thrust control. This one’s ideal for intense eye contact and emotional connection.
  • The Thunderstruck: One partner lies back, legs up, while the other kneels in front for penetration. The kneeling partner controls the pace, and using lube and a vibrating cock ring can add extra stimulation.

Outdoor odyssey: Embrace the thrill of alfresco fun

Take things to the great outdoors, and fuck like the animal Mother Nature intended you to be. From secluded beaches to forest clearings, these positions are sure to make the wild yonder all the wilder.


  • The Pinnacle Plunge: One partner sits on a waist-high rock or tree stump while the other stands between his legs. A stable surface and a blanket for comfort allow for a deep, elevated plunge that feels like you're on top of the world.
  • The Breakaway Bliss: Standing face-to-face, one partner lifts a leg and wraps it around the other's waist. The standing partner holds the lifted leg for balance, making this position ideal for a quick, secluded rendezvous during a hike.
  • The Summit Soar: One partner lies on a flat surface like a picnic table, and the other stands between his legs, lifting them onto their shoulders. This soaring sensation is perfect for those who enjoy feeling on top of the world — literally.
  • The Overdrive Orbit: One sits on a sturdy swing while the other stands or kneels in front. The swinging motion adds an extra layer of excitement, with the standing partner controlling the pace.
  • The Turbo Tangle: Both lie on a large blanket in opposite directions for a 69 position. Being in a secluded area adds the thrill of outdoor oral pleasure, perfect for simultaneous giving and receiving.

Acua arousal: Dive into a sea of sensation

Water's sensual touch not only makes it a tantalizing setting for sex while enjoying the sensation of weightlessness, but it also takes care of cleanup in a cinch. Here are a few positions to try next time you’re wanting to really get soakin’ wet. 

  • The Apex Ascend: One partner sits on the pool edge, and the other floats in the water, legs wrapped around his waist. A firm grip prevents slipping and allows for deep penetration and an ascending sensation of intimacy.
  • The Whirlwind Waltz: In waist-deep water, both partners face each other, and one lifts a leg around the other's waist. The water's buoyancy aids in maintaining this swirling, waltz-like motion, perfect for those who enjoy a dance-like rhythm.
  • The Zenith Zigzag: One partner floats on their back, and the other straddles him, facing away. Try using floaties or pool noodles for added support in nailing that zigzagging motion.
  • The Pulsar Plunge: One sits on a pool step and the other kneels between his legs. The water's resistance slows the pace, intensifying each thrust and making this position ideal for a slow build-up to a powerful climax.
  • The Quasar Quake: Both float next to each other, holding onto a pool edge or floaty. Legs entangled, this side-to-side motion mimics the quaking energy of a quasar. Ensure you're in a private setting, as this position can attract attention.

Adventure addicts: Better buckle up, buckeroo

For daring souls who crave unconventional thrills, these unique sex positions are your gateway to uncharted territories of pleasure. 

  • The Cosmic Clutch: One partner is suspended in a secure sex swing or harness while the other stands or kneels for penetration. This cosmic journey offers a variety of angles and depths, making you feel like you're floating in space.
  • The Galactic Glide: One partner lies on a sliding surface like a liberator ramp, and the other stands at the higher end for a gliding motion. Lube and sex toys like vibrators or butt plugs can elevate this out-of-this-world experience. 
  • The Nebula Nuzzle: Both partners are partially suspended in Shibari-style bondage, allowing for penetration while hanging. Safe bondage techniques and a safe word are essential for this intense emotional and physical connection.
  • The Eclipse Embrace: One partner stands, holding the other upside down in a 69 position. This eclipse-like embrace requires strength and balance; use a wall for additional support.
  • The Supernova Sway: Both stand on a sturdy, elevated surface like a balcony railing. One holds onto the railing while the other holds onto them, allowing for a swaying motion that mimics a supernova's explosive energy. Safety is paramount; ensure a secure grip and surface.

Positioned for unparalleled pleasure

If any of these wild sex positions piqued your curiosity, why wait to try them out? With more than 10 million active users, Grindr’s the perfect place to find your next play date. Download the Grindr app, or browse hands-free with Grindr web, the same Grindr you know and love right from the comfort of your desktop.

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Table of Contents
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