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18 of the Best Sex Toys for Men

Wanna spice up your night? From luxury tech to novel uses for tape, these male sex toys help make your playtime go from good to great.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
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best gay male sex toys
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When it comes to playtime in the bedroom, maybe you’re doing just fine by shaking what your mama gave you. But what’s playtime without a toy or two? 

Male sex toys can heighten arousal while pumping a bit of variety into the mix. What’s more, they possess the potential to make you a better lover, teaching you to pleasure partners (and yourself) in new ways and ideally leading to a happier sex life all around.

Thanks to the internet, an endless array of sex toys made specifically for men and people with penises are literally a click away, waiting to expand your sexual horizons. If you prefer to get up close and personal, there are also several annual exhibitions devoted to them, such as the Adult Care Expo in Shanghai and Sexpo Australia, showcasing everything from BDSM toys and “erotic furniture” to dolls and plenty of sex toys for couples. No matter what gets you off, as far as adult playthings go, there’s surely something for you to get into.

Whether you’re the prince of nipple play or the baron of butt plugs (or both), here’s a roundup of some of the best male sex toys for your consideration. 

Popular sex toys for gay men to make playtime pop

As a rule of thumb, opt for male masturbation toys that have at least a one-year warranty. They may come with a steeper price tag, but quality is king (especially if it involves rechargeable batteries). After all, if the manufacturer doesn’t think it will last that long, do you really want it inside you?

Prostate massagers

For really intense orgasms — the sort that sends your eyes rolling back farther than you thought was humanly possible — the prostate is where it’s happening. There are countless prostate massagers out there of all shapes and sizes; some are remote-controlled, and others offer different vibration levels — all are available in various materials, such as metal, glass, and silicone. 

Cock rings

cock rings

Worn around the penis and/or scrotum, cock rings constrict blood flow inside your dick, giving you a supercharged erection. Some are even controllable by an app from a distance, providing ample opportunity for a surprise vibration when he’s least expecting it.

Wand vibrators

A device with a cushioned head on a flexible neck that pulsates for your pleasure, the wand vibrator was originally introduced by Hitachi in 1968 as a back massager. Now, it’s better known for offering a different kind of relief. A multitude of attachments makes it a truly multifunctional device that’s great for both prostate and penile stimulation.


What’s better than a girthy cock? One that vibrates, of course. Vibrators are a time-honored classic — not to mention nearly everyone’s introduction to the world of sex toys. Countless variations exist, with different features to give a unique buzz. Some vibrators stimulate the penis, while others deliver oral sex sensations, like licking, sucking, and blowing.

Penis pumps

penis pumps

Another old-school gem, this one involves inserting your dick in a suction tube to engorge the blood vessels, leading to a raging hard-on. Some claim it actually grows the penis over time, although the jury’s out on that one. Pro tip: Start with a hand-powered pump like this one from Edge. Your little guy will thank you.


Turn your next five-knuckle shuffle into an elegant waltz. This tube-shaped male masturbation toy wraps around the penis, sometimes featuring warming or vibrating functionality. Simply move it up and down the shaft like a chic little jerk-off accessory.

Anal plugs

Pop it in for a little ass play while you’re jacking off, use it while you top for added pleasure, or wear it all day to stimulate the 4,000 nerve endings in the sphincter. Just be sure to choose one with a flared base to keep it from getting sucked inside your anal canal, preventing an embarrassing trip to the ER.

Spreader butt plugs 

spreader butt plugs

When you’ve come to grips with the regular cone-shaped variety, try one of these nifty little numbers on for size. Spreader butt plugs expand from the inside, taking pleasure to a whole new level. Or try an inflatable plug for an even more intense experience.


Nipple clamps 

The line between pleasure and pain is sometimes a blur, especially when it comes to nipple play. If pinching and sucking is something you enjoy, nipple clamps are just what the sex doctor ordered. A little twist with this classic BDSM sex toy can release endorphins like nobody’s business.

Nipple suckers 

Unlike clamps, these form a seal around the nipple and create a sucking sensation. They may also temporarily enlarge your nipples, making them erect and turning them super sensitive.


Look, nobody needs to tell a gay man to buy a harness — they’re practically as ubiquitous in our wardrobes as blue jeans. More than just a club accessory, they’re actually fun and useful during sex, giving you both something to hold onto. Whether leather or rubber, no list would be complete without this sexy staple.

Double-ended dildos 

A truly incredible invention for when you both want to bottom, these toys offer two insertable ends of girthy goodness that’ll have you playing pattycake like never before. Back it up, boys!

Double penetration strap-ons

When your third flakes, no need to fret! Getting DPed has never been easier, thanks to this six-inch silicone shaft that attaches to the top’s hardware, giving the bottom double the pleasure.

Anal beads

anal beads

Unlike butt plugs or vibrators, anal bead chains are specifically designed with a retrieval handle to be repeatedly inserted and removed until the point of orgasm. They’re perfect for anal play beginners (or lawn-mower roleplay enthusiasts).

Bondage tape

Although breaking out the duct tape when things get frisky may be tempting, it’s likely to lead to a lot of chafing and painful removal. Instead of reaching for the toolbox, try bondage tape. It sticks to itself but not to skin or hair, so your tie-up scenes don’t turn into an impromptu Brazilian wax. Bondage tape is inexpensive and opens up a whole world of BDSM fun. Whether you’re gagging or restraining, just make sure everyone’s comfortable.

Ball stretchers 

A sex toy for the more seasoned fetishists among us, ball stretchers wrap around your sack, pulling it downward and stimulating the nerve receptors to make them more sensitive. Some even come with testicle weights. Not simply for your own pleasure, a stretched ball sack is also exciting for your partner — think of all that slapping!

Cock ring + butt plug combos 

Refer back to the individual descriptions of these sex toy staples. Now, imagine the power of combining them to deliver prostate and penile pleasure in tandem, and prepare for O-faces of triple X proportions.

Fisting dildos

For a dildo that punches above its weight class, nothing beats this fisting favorite. Definitely not one for the faint of heart — or the faint of hole.


Absence makes the hole grow … tinglier? Anyway, if you and your significant other frequently spend time apart, this kit allows you to make a homemade silicone dildo that perfectly matches your partner’s pecker.

Ponytail butt plugs

ponytail butt plugs

Who doesn’t love a little unicorn cosplay in the bedroom? Embrace your equestrian side with this festive anal option. Saddle not included.

Let the gaymes begin

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Table of Contents
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