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Sex Gear Essentials for That Sex Dungeon You Call a Bedroom

Dildos, anal spreaders, and sex swings, oh my! Here are 20 of our favorite sex gear items to kink up your toy box.
Editorial team
March 7, 2024
April 16, 2024
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Variety is the spice of life. That’s why you need a vast array of sex gear to keep all that goes on in (or out of) the bedroom extra picante.

From high-end supplies for pimping out your sex dungeon to discreet toys to bring along on vacation, there’s a flavor for everyone. Whether you have a dedicated extra room in your house for a slutty good time or just need to stock your nightstand, here are our favorite toys to crank up the kink.

Sartorial seduction: Sexy items to fill your closet

When you think about sex toys for men, your mind may automatically go to gear that’s built to make you cum. But leveling up the kink doesn’t have to stop at toys. Assless chaps, role-play costumes, and accessories like leather harnesses can set the tone for a night of no-holds-barred sex. Before you go Googling “lingerie near me,” here are our favorites: 

1. Underwear by RUFSKIN

If you go looking for sexy underwear for men, you’ll likely find an endless scroll of briefs with elephant trunks to put your dong in. On the more dignified end of the spectrum, RUFSKIN is an LGBTQ clothing brand specializing in men’s streetwear, like curve-hugging denim and bulging leather. 

Some of our favorite pieces are their silky rayon underwear and matte bottoms. After all, when it comes to sexy panties, there’s really nothing better than a (clean) pair of briefs that let you preview the big show. And if they happen to be assless with straps to grip onto, well, we’re ready to tour that junk trunk like an Architectural Digest tour. 

2. Role-play costumes by Queer In The World

We’re not saying anything you don’t already know here: The straights don’t know how to dress up like we do. Queer In The World has you covered for fun, gay-approved outfits that spice up foreplay by leaving nothing to the imagination. How about a spandex wrestling outfit to get you into position? 

3. Leather choker or harness by Lelo

The best part about a tassel choker or corset harness is you can wear it out of the bedroom as a styling accessory to rev up your partner’s engine. Or, you can don a leather leash and wait for your partner to get home from work for a submissive surprise. 

Sex toys to stock your bedside table

You don’t need a secret dungeon with shelf after shelf of sex toys to be a ripe slut. A few choice vibrators, dildos, or magic wands are enough to ensure everyone has an orgasm. Since many vibrators are for clitoral stimulation, searching for sex toys for men can be a cocktease. Don’t worry: We’ve got some time-tested favorites:

4. Vibrating stroker by Fun Factory

This vibrating stroker will have your partner picking up good vibrations — in their hands, down their throat, or all up in that ass. Whereas most strokers are shaped like a vagina or anus for maximum suction, the Manta is more like a hand. You can wrap it around your cock and replace your partner’s favorite vibrator or use it for solo fun to stroke yourself off. 

5. Hot Shot stroker by Lovehoney

Nothing can replace the sensation of sticking your dick into a warm booty, but the Hot Shot cums in at a close second. This stroker by Lovehoney is like a fleshlight and a heating blanket in one, reaching a temperature of 40°C, similar to a human mouth or anus. Let it gobble ya and swallow ya until you drip down the side of him. 

6. 3-piece plug training set by PlusOne

If you’re new to bottoming or want to strengthen your pelvic floor for stronger orgasms, this 3-piece set by PlusOne will get that ass in tip-top shape. 

7. Fun Wand by Njoy

Imagine packing 8 inches of stainless steel. Although we love vibrating prostate massagers, fleshlights, and anal beads, there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned dildo to kick up the intimacy between you and your partner. Plus, the sleek stainless steel Fun Wand by Njoy gets us in the mood to throw some kinky BDSM toys (and lots of lube) in our cart, too. 

8. Mighty One vibrating cock ring by Satisfyer

What cock rings lack in pizzazz, they make up for with throbbing erections, thicker cocks, and hands-free stimulation. Cock rings are standard sex toys for men, with plenty on the market.

We like to turn up the kink with cock rings that can be controlled from an app, like the Mighty One by Satisfyer. Wear it under those new RUFSKIN undies so your partner can let you know when Daddy’s coming home. 


9. HUGO prostate massager by Lelo

This may be the only time your partner doesn’t mind you screaming another man’s name. The HUGO by Lelo is king when it comes to prostate massagers. It’s an insertable vibrator that stimulates your prostate internally and externally. You can switch speeds on each end, meaning light vibrations on your perineum and hard ones on your prostate, or vice versa.

10. Bobble stroker by Tenga

With its technicolor aesthetic, Tenga’s bobble penis stroker looks like a game you might find lost in the back of your parent’s game cabinet. Past the cutesy branding is a one-of-a-kind stroker. The Bobble is made of gentle elastomers fitted with harder cubes or marbles. Depending on your grip, the suction sends unique rumbly sensations across your frenulum, head, and shaft. 

Kick up the kink with BDSM supplies

Good kink is about cultivating a vibe that makes penetrative sex even more exhilarating. Vibrators, strokers, and other male masturbators focus on your penis, anus, and other erogenous zones, but what about toys that stimulate your mind?

Whether you’re a dominant daddy or a submissive slut, here are some of our favorite accessories to set the tone.  

11. Spreader bar by CalExotics

Spread ’em, boy! Whether you want to dominate or be dominated, a spreader bar by CalExotics will cut that cake wide open. 

12. Anal spreader by Sissy Supplies

Insertable anal spreaders are built to take the widest loads. These stainless steel spreaders are great for prepping your anus for fisting. Just be sure to take it slow, have plenty of long-lasting lube (we prefer silicone over water-based lube), and properly douche beforehand. 

13. Over-the-bed restraint by CalExotics

Bed restraints are a great way to turn up the heat on foreplay and intercourse. Look for a bed restraint that’s soft and adjustable so you can focus entirely on your orgasm. Whether your partner uses a stimulator on your prostate, plays with your nipples, or massages your butt, your attention won’t be divided by itchy restraints. 

14. Ball gag

Ball gags aren’t everyone’s bag. They stretch your mouth wide, don’t let you speak, and make you drool everywhere. But if that description sounds hot as hell, it’s worth a try. Just be sure to have a safe signal, like clapping your hands. You can find several options from Lovehoney and Fun Factory. 

15. O-ring gag

An O-ring isn’t focused directly on giving you an orgasm like a wand or stroker. But it will help you receive your partner’s orgasm with your lips wide open. An O-ring spreads open your mouth, helping you deep-throat your man or letting him face fuck you. You can find several models on Fun Factory and Lovehoney. 

16. Wartenberg pinwheel

No, it’s not a pizza cutter. Despite the odd aesthetic, Wartenberg pinwheels are sensorial tools many use to deliver tingles during foreplay. Give it as a sexy gift, and you’ll be the talk of brunch. You can find several models on Lovehoney and Chaingang.

17. Floggers, whips, and ticklers

Other erotic sensory tools that help you slow down foreplay and warm up for intercourse are floggers, whips, ticklers, paddles, and — we could go on and on. Lovehoney has a dedicated section of spankers and ticklers if you prefer shopping online. 

18. Sex swings

We don’t all have the core strength to deadlift our partner during sex. But that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up as Tarzan for extra wild birthday sex. If you can’t put a hole in your wall or ceiling, some can hang from the door. 

19. Sex cushions

Sex cushions are a dream come true for pillow princesses. Lay back, enjoy the soft fabric, and let your man hit all the right angles. 

20. Sexy dice by As You Like It

No matter how creative you are in the bedroom, we don’t think you can compete with the 720 possible outcomes of these sex dice. Let the sex games begin!

Who’s a naughty boy? 

When it comes to sex gear, we’ve only stroked the tip of the iceberg. Download Grindr now and find a man who can share their sexy stock, too.

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