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Birthday Sex Ideas That’ll Bring the Party to the Bedroom

This year, it’s more than candles getting blown. Let’s talk about birthday sex ideas that will make your partner wish every day was his birthday.
Editorial team
October 30, 2023
June 20, 2024
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Birthdays are very special, so it only makes sense that birthday sex would be very special sex. But while he enjoys a frosted birthday cake, you’ve gotta figure out an unforgettable way he can frost yours.

Truthfully, birthday sex should be whimsical and exciting, but it can also be a source of pressure for the dutiful partner — “Is my idea good enough? Is he really going to like this? How long can I leave my Invisalign out again?”

Don’t worry; we’ve got some birthday sex ideas up our sleeves that, with any luck, neither of you will soon forget.

15 birthday sex ideas that will blow out his candle

Fret not, because we have a list of sexy surprises for your inspiration and sensation! Hopefully, with some of these in your back pocket, you'll have the courage to explore a new frontier of pleasure as a gift for the birthday boy and yourself! You know what they say: It's the thot that counts.

1. Carve out some time

Quickies and rushed sex are common in any relationship. It's not necessarily a bad thing when you have to hit it and quit it; there's something hot about a fast fuck before your morning commute to opposite sides of the apartment.

That said, if you want to give him the best birthday sex experience, you need time to make it happen. Even if neither of you is a "drive all night" kind of guy, the last thing you want is for his special day to feel rushed.

2. The blindfold

Two words: sensory deprivation. Two more words: birthday sex. That's four hot words that’ll make your man squirm with excitement.

Cover his eyes with a blindfold and go to town on his body. With his sense of sight hindered, his other senses will be heightened, so don't hesitate to whisper in his ears or perform some extra-thorough oral sex.

3. Hungry hungry hunks

Food play isn't for everyone, but hear us out. It can be surprisingly sensual — provided you aren't trying to defrost a chicken pot pie between your cheeks or something. Stick with the classics: chocolates, berries, or whipped cream.

You can always keep things above the belt for less sticky results — unless the mess is part of the fun. In that case, the pantry's your oyster. Just don’t involve any oysters.

4. THAT thing

Think back to all the times you've had sex with your partner. What is it that gets them hotter than anything else? Whatever it is, that's the thesis statement for your birthday sex master plan.

Curate a new experience around his most desired act — bonus points if it's something the two of you haven't done in a while. He'll appreciate the deep understanding of his sexual desires, and even better, he'll cum buckets.

5. The sensual massage

Full body massages are underrated because they seem corny and played out — a cop-out compared to other birthday sex ideas. But with even the slightest creativity and effort, an erotic massage can be an experience that catapults your partner into the sexual stratosphere.

Just ensure you’re equipped for the job. Look up techniques beforehand, set the right ambiance, and pick up some quality massage oil.

6. Game on

Gamifying sex is extremely fun but not something everyone has in their day-to-day repertoire. Sure, there's the tried and true strip poker and truth or dare to get you going. But this is birthday sex: Think outside the bussy! 

Video game enthusiasts can play a few rounds of Super Smash Bros, where the winner can smash the loser. Or go old school and change everything on a Yahtzee sheet to mean something else (Full Mouth, Feet of a Kind, etc.). We could do this all day.


7. Suspend reality, embrace fantasy

Prop-heavy roleplay? A threesome? Skydiving? Some fantasies are unrealistic to play out every time you have sex. That's what makes birthday sex such a fantastic opportunity for sexual exploration. If you feel comfortable trying out his deepest fantasies, make some moves toward making them happen.

8. Sext-ual feeling

As adults, birthdays sometimes require us to be at work or running errands. These tasks can sometimes take all day and suck the energy out of us before we've had the chance to suck anything out of anyone else.

Fortunately, birthday sex is as much about the events leading up to it as it is about the slippery, sloppy ending. Sexting throughout the day is like all-day foreplay that builds some healthy sexual tension. 

9. Cure his morning wood

Another way to counteract your and your partner's hectic schedules on this special day is to have morning sex. Nothing says “Happy birthday” like breakfast in bed, so offer up your sausage and pancakes! 

10. Hot hotel sex

Getting filthy in your home is fun — but in a hotel? That's the American wet dream right there. A getaway where the two of you spend time in each other's arms and avoid the tempting $20 mixed nuts in the mini bar is the perfect romantic sex idea for his birthday.

11. Dress the part

As far as birthday sex ideas for your man go, sexy underwear or lingerie is one of the simplest, but that doesn't make it any less enticing. Pick his brain to figure out what will make him pitch a tent in his pants and plan to wear it on his special day. Plus, this way, you're both technically getting a gift, and how fun is that?

12. Time for sex toys

Sex toys and birthday sex go together like cake and ice cream. So break out some beads or a vibrator, get a value pack of batteries, and crack open a fresh bottle of lube. You could even give him a wrapped sex toy as a birthday gift!

13. Explore kink

Any kind of sex on his birthday will surely be welcome, but if you've both been toying with kink for a while, this is the perfect time to act on it. Some BDSM could be a left-field play from you that opens up new sexual avenues (and even a chakra or two if you do it right).

14. Switch hit

Reeeeeemix! If the two of you are comfortable with role reversal, birthday sex is an ideal opportunity to try topping if you're a bottom or bottoming if you're a top. Switching sex positions is a relatively easy way to hit his G-spot (the G stands for “gift”).

15. Just ask

You know what's really hot? Getting exactly what you ask for. If you aren't sure what he wants, just talk to him. Convince him to be candid about what turns him on and really listen. You can do this beforehand and plan any birthday sex ideas for your boyfriend around his answer.

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There are a million ways to treat your man on his special day. If any of your ideas involve a third party (or fourth, or fifth, or…), Grindr is a great place to look.

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Table of Contents
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