Try These Gay Couple Costume Ideas and Run the Floor This Halloween

Halloween is quite possibly the gayest time of the year. And now, you and your partner can come correct with these creative gay couple costume ideas.
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October 16, 2023
February 27, 2024
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It's the most wonderful time of the year. That's right: Halloween!

It's the holiday where our community's bold, wacky, and brash antics are celebrated out loud and proud. It's the season when sexy costumes fly off the shelves. And the time of year when you can flaunt your body and your sense of humor with something hot and silly.

As gays everywhere experience the crispy crackle of dry leaves in the pumpkin-spice-scented air, the excitement for this year's Halloween is palpable — and we can just tell it's gonna be a big one!

But what fun is a Halloween event without a creative — and maybe even sexy — costume?

14 gay couple costume ideas that are guaranteed to slay

Couples rejoice: We've done the heavy lifting for you and compiled this list of fourteen cute gay couple costumes that will show off your personality (and all your best ass-ets).

1. Adam and Steve — The genesis of man

Eve who? We don't know her. This throwback twist on God's perfect garden makes for a super sultry and seductive gay couple costume. And one of the best things about this combo is that it's likely to be instantly recognizable.

Grab yourself an apple, a snake, some leaves and vines, and voila, it's the past liberals want. It's also the ultimate Uno reverse card because, yes, it actually is Adam and Steve tonight. 

2. Lil Nas X and the Devil — The “Montero” music video

You know we had to keep up the biblical theme. This power couple debuted a few years ago, yet its impact continues to shake pearl-clutching conservatives to their core. And what good is Halloween if you don't make a few people gasp?

Plus, it's another opportunity to be sexy in a way that feels disruptive — and what is queer culture if not pushing the boundaries, just like Lil Nas X did?

3. Statler and Waldorf — The Muppets 

We're taking a hard left here to offer something out of the box. Remember those two gentlemen Muppets laughing maniacally from the balcony? Yep — this is them!

Bert and Ernie costumes are always a cute classic if you want to go Muppet-adjacent, but this? This gem is a gay couple's Halloween costume idea that will take people a second before their faces erupt in a big smile. Bonus points for realism if you're the kind of couple to sit in the corner and exchange catty comments with each other.

4. Ken and Allen — Barbie

Let's swing back over to sexy and talk about what it would be like if our Barbie fanfics came to life. You can bring them to life as Ken and Allen for the evening.

Barbie might feel a bit on the nose for some after the Barbenheimer craze trending a few months back, but throwing Allen into the mix gives this costume idea a twist. Doesn't every couple consist of at least one Ken and one Allen?

5. The Ambiguously Gay Duo — Saturday Night Live

The synapses of every millennial reader just fired off reading at once. Yes, the cartoon spoof of Batman and Robin called "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" might be one of the best gay couple’s costumes out there. You can easily find this costume at many stores.

Feel free to release yourselves of the ambiguity and grind on each other like you're trying to make a baby. After all, that's pretty much what the entire comedy sketch was about.

6. Roy and Silo, the gay penguins from the Central Park Zoo

A controversial couple, thanks to their mainstream media coverage, Roy and Silo are famous for three things: being penguins, being gay, and doing both of those things with each other.

This idea fits more into the cute gay couple costumes category; it's silly, adorable, and warm (in case that matters in your climate). It's a goofy way to show your pride as a couple while reminding everyone else that nature can most certainly be gay. 


7. Pitcher and catcher — Sexy baseball players

You knew this was coming. Is it low-hanging fruit compared to these other gay couple costume ideas? Yes. Is it practical, customizable, and pretty darn perfect for the last minute or lazy? Also yes.

And if you’re asking yourself, "Well, what about other sexual position identities?" Well, we’re glad you asked because you'll love the next entry on our list of gay couple’s costumes.

8. "Side" dishes — Dinner

Who doesn't love a good side? This NSFW slang word for those who lean morally orally lets you dress how you like. Be a sex-crazed mashed potato ready for a drizzle of gravy. Be a side salad who wants to get dressed and then undressed. Or just be a hot dinner roll begging to get slathered in warm butter.

Okay, we aren’t sure whether we’re trying to make people hungry or horny here. But hey, isn't it nice that some gay male Halloween costume ideas can do both? 

9. Trixie Mattel and Katya — Drag queens

If you're up for the artistic undertaking of dressing as the "pink one so terrify" and "the only surefire way to disengage your temporomandibular joint," you'll surely be the life of any LGBTQ Halloween party — even with the straight allies.

Of all the gay couple costume ideas on this list, this one is easily the most labor-intensive. But if you're a makeup maven and want to feel your oats, there’s no better way to express yourselves than by going as two of the most iconic drag queens ever to grace Drag Race’s mainstage. 

10. The chicken and the egg — Philosophy (it’s giving head)

It's time to settle the score once and for all: Who came first? It might be a long way to go for a joke, but dressing as a sexy chicken and a flirty egg is the kind of goofiness that gay couple’s costumes need. Just be ready with an answer when people start asking you the question.

Or you could always show them, if that's your kink (and they're down to find out, of course).  

11. Fred and Shaggy — Scooby Doo

Not to be outdone by the iconic sapphic vibes we get from Velma and Daphne, Fred and Shaggy make up the other side of the queer coin driving around in the Mystery Machine. Go from "zoinks" to boinks with a steamy take on this unlikely crime-fighting duo. It's an easy, last-minute costume that's still iconic enough to stand out.

Remember how wide Shaggy could open his mouth when he ate a sandwich? You could always consider that when assigning roles between the two of you.

12. Li Shang and Mulan — Mulan

Ready to get down to business this Halloween? Our bisexual king Li Shang and the masc4masc alter ego of Mulan make an unexpected pairing that will cut deep for those who love this Disney classic.

Quick note: Remember to keep your costumes culturally respectful; if any part of you thinks this costume might not be for you and your partner, it probably isn't.

13. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith — The Great British Baking Show

It's time to prove the "no one likes a soggy bottom" myth wrong with these costumes. We all know that The Great British Baking Show was created so the introverted LGBTQ divas could get their own version of football. So why not celebrate that by going as the iconic judges from the show?

But be warned: If one of you looks even remotely like Paul, be ready to start giving out Hollywood Handjobs as needed.

14. Hormone monsters — Big Mouth

Could he eat you out through a tennis racket? If you got that reference, you're probably already excited to assemble your hormone monster costumes.

This is another one of those gay couple Halloween costume ideas that you can take as far as you want. The more debaucherous you go with it, the more believable it is. It's also an excellent opportunity to go spookier or more grotesque if that's more your vibe. Just remember to really pop those B's when you say "bubble bath." 

Have a spooky, sexy, and silly Halloween this year with Grindr

No matter how you dress, Halloween is an opportunity to transform yourself into someone else, to play dress-up, and maybe to lick on something more than Halloween candy. These gay couple costume ideas run the gamut of self-expression, so there's something for every kind of queer! 

Plus, no one's stopping you from making these ideas your own: Maybe it makes more sense to do two Kens. Maybe one of you is a catcher, and the other considers himself a shortstop (what’s baseball-speak for verse?).

Hopefully, this list has inspired you and your partner to dress up for another Halloween full of high-energy T-Swift bops, across-the-room-glances, and free drinks, courtesy of Mario and Luigi at the other end of the bar.

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