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30 of the Best Halloween Songs to Turn the Spook On

Whether you want to vibe as a sexy firefighter or dance the night away in a cape and fangs, here are the best Halloween songs to get the party going.
Editorial team
October 16, 2023
June 22, 2024
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There's never been a better excuse for a party than Halloween. You get to have fun dressing up with your bestie or partner and head out to a themed party pretending to be someone — or something — else for an evening. What’s not to love?

If you're hosting a Halloween house party yourself, you’ll need the best Halloween songs to construct a playlist of proper graveyard smashes.

30 thrilling Halloween bangers

To achieve those immaculate Halloween vibes for your upcoming party (or to jam out in the shower when the spooky spirit compels you), you'll want to add these 30 songs to your Halloween playlist.

1. “She Wolf” — Shakira

Shakira stays doing the most, but that's what we love about her. And if anyone can make a mid-chorus howl sexy, of course it would be her. This lycanthropic pop hit is easily one of the best Halloween dance songs out there.

2. “This Is Halloween” — Danny Elfman

Although significantly less sexy than Shakira's entry, this classic Halloween song from The Nightmare Before Christmas will get you into the spirit like no other. 

3. “Disturbia” — Rihanna

This banger by Ri-Ri is another top-tier submission for the best Halloween party songs. It's an instant hit that only gets better the more visits you've had to the punch bowl. Just try not to disturb-ya neighbors when this track gets everyone amped up. Words are fun!

4. “Monster Mash” — Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt Kickers

We've already referenced it, so you know it had to be here. Don't even think about having a Halloween party without this smash hit from 1962. It’s the OG graveyard smash — fun for the whole family of ghouls and goblins.

5. “Season of the Witch” — Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey already gives witch vibes, so her cover of this psychedelic pop piece just makes sense. Put it on your playlist to impress the boys with mustaches at your party.

Note: Some mustaches will be costumes. Results may vary.

6. “Spiderwebs” — No Doubt

No playlist is complete without some variety, so how about we spice up the dancefloor with a ’90s hit from a veritable queen of ska? Gwen Stefani is welcome on any playlist, but this peppy track is perfect for the hallowed holidays.

7. “Zombie” — The Cranberries

It's not just because it has the word "Zombie" in the title; this chilling protest song is a bold, brash rock anthem that dares you not to bang your head along. Remember to secure your wig first!

8. “Hungry Like The Wolf” — Duran Duran

You can't get enough songs about wolves during Halloween, can you? So why not add this one to the mix? It's an on-theme party hit that's sure to hit different when the moon is full.

9. “Heads Will Roll” — The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is a slam dunk on any list of the best Halloween songs for a high-energy party. It's got everything: visceral lyrics, divas in their element, and the danciest of dance beats.

10. “I Put a Spell On You” — Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler's rendition of this song from Hocus Pocus is probably THE gay Halloween anthem. It deserves to be the crowning jewel in your party playlist during the spooky season.

11. “Monster” — Lady Gaga

Okay, maybe we spoke too soon; if any other song could give Midler's masterpiece a run for its money as the gay song of Halloween, it's this one. Mother Monster delivers yet another dance hit perfect for parties year round. But putting your paws up on a day when your friends LITERALLY have paws? That's gay culture.

12. “Unholy” — Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras

This is how you know this post is being written in real-time — this one could also arguably be the gay song of Halloween now. This queer-AF song has creepy choir elements and a bussy-bouncing beat that basically begs you to tear up the dance floor. 

13. “Psycho Killer” — Talking Heads

You saw the song title, right? Yeah, that alone pretty much screams Halloween. It's a mid-tempo ’80s crowd-pleaser perfectly on brand for an evening of fun and fright!

14. “Seven Devils” — Florence and the Machine

Flo's second album, Ceremonials, is an enormous departure from the "Dog Days" vibes, and this bone-chillingly beautiful track is a perfect example of that. It's not exactly one for the dance floor, but it's a must-have for Halloween vibes.

15. “Bring Me to Life” — Evanescence

Before we all said things give us life, we begged Evanescence's Amy Lee to bring us to life. There's no way hearing this won't elicit an enthusiastic reaction and gravelly hollers of “WAKE ME UP!” It's a must-play among a sea of spooky songs.

16. “Get Ur Freak On” — Missy Elliot

Halloween is the best time to celebrate your inner freak in an outward way. Do it for Missy; put this on your party playlist and watch everyone from sexy Ash Ketchum to the sexy Babadook bring the house down.


17. “There Will Be Blood” — Kim Petras

Hello again, Kim! Virtually every song on this creepy album could be added to this list, but this one in particular seems like an ideal candidate for an up-tempo Halloween party.

18. “no body, no crime” — Taylor Swift feat. HAIM

This mid-tempo entry from Tay and the Haim sisters is perfect if you're looking for a palate cleanser after so much dancing. It gives everyone a chance to grab another drink or reapply that fake mustache. Yep, you were right; it was fake.

19. “Glory and Gore” — Lorde

Lorde's entire vibe is haunt-tastic, but the title alone makes this a shoo-in for a Halloween playlist. It's catchy and dancy without being too intense — great for the end of the list if you're wrapping things up.

20. “Thriller” — Michael Jackson

When you think of a Halloween song, you think of “Thriller.” So here's your warning: Nobody will leave your party happy if this doesn’t play. We don’t make the rules.

21. “Haunted” — Beyoncé

Including Beyoncé on a "best of" list is almost too easy. The reality is that any party is just a get-together without some Queen Bey. Stay on the holiday theme with this spooky, sultry song.

22. “E.T.” — Katy Perry

Aliens can absolutely be spooky, but you know what else is scary? How good this beat is after all these years. Put some supernatural spice in your playlist with this 2010 radio hit.

23. “Somebody's Watching Me” — Rockwell

Nothing is more on-brand for Halloween than a dash of paranoia at your party! This tune has some seriously spooky undertones, making it a welcome addition to our list.

24. “Bloody Mary” — Lady Gaga

That's right; she's on here twice. But it should come as no surprise since she's an expert in crafting a haunting narrative with her music — and also because of the website you're reading this on. 

25. “Demons” — Doja Cat

You might want to reserve this track for when the party really starts; Doja Cat's trademark phenomenal beats are the base for some borderline uncomfortable musical layers.

Want a real scare? Imagine being Doja’s publicist right now. 

26. “Time Warp” — The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There's no context where this song doesn't kick ass, but it's incredibly potent when you play it at a Halloween party. Everyone's already dressed up and dancing; now they just need to jump to the left, step to the right, put their hands on their hips, etc.

But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. Isn't it always?

27. “Red Right Hand” — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

The horror emanating from this singular song echoes across time. Why? It's literally in all three Scream movies. If that doesn't lend an adequate spook factor for your playlist, we don't know what will.

28. “Vampire” — Olivia Rodrigo

This song has a different vibe than many others on this list, but it's a perfect fit for a fun and freaky Friday evening. Plus, it's got plenty of costume ideas right in the lyrics; you could always go as a bloodsucker or a fame fucker this year.

29. “bury a friend” — Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish's discography isn't usually spooky, but this track is certainly eerie. It's chilling from start to finish and has a great beat to boot.

30. “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” — Andrew Gold

Skeletons: They're spooky, they're scary, and they've got a timeless classic dedicated to them, thanks to Andrew Gold's monstrous masterpiece. Once again, the only reason to keep this off your playlist is if you're hoping to disappoint everyone and, inevitably, yourself.

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