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The Best ABBA Songs, Ranked

Fall in love and party like an animal with the Swedes. This curated list of the best ABBA songs is your new go-to disco playlist.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
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When you think of quintessential disco dance tunes, you think of ABBA.

And why wouldn’t you? Among the girls, gays, and theys, the Swedish supergroup’s staying power rivals other mononymic gay icons, like Cher, Madonna, and Prince.

Many are only familiar with their biggest hits (and the tracks that made it onto Broadway), but ABBA has an expansive catalog of certified bangers that will make you want to slip into some sequin bell-bottoms. Let’s take a closer look at their rise to fame and the best ABBA songs that brought them there.

Do you know ABBA’s origins? “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”

ABBA’s contributions to music span decades, starting all the way back in 1966 when Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, two musicians from Sweden, first began writing songs together. 

It was three years before they met their musical counterparts, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, who became their better halves — both in the band and in marriage. After a few name changes, they settled on ABBA, an acronym of each member’s first initial.

Together, these four would be responsible for some of the most timeless music ever written.

From modest musicians to the Melodifestivalen

By 1974, the group had gained enough momentum to win Melodifestivalen, an annual Swedish song competition, with the song “Waterloo.” This win took them to the Eurovision Song Contest, which they crushed (obviously).

Now on the international stage, ABBA impressed critics and audiences alike, dominating the music industry with hit after hit. At the same time, they were pioneering new frontiers in camp with their over-the-top outfits.

The road to stardom was rocky, however. Both couples ended up divorcing, although the band marched on. Finally, they performed their last concert in 1982, although they never formally announced a breakup.

Still, their legacy lived on. The 1999 ABBA jukebox musical Mamma Mia! reignited their popularity and sparked an incredibly successful 2008 movie adaptation with Meryl Streep, a DILFy Pierce Brosnan (yum!), and future horror movie hunty Amanda Seyfried.

Here they go again

Even now, the world can’t escape the catchy hooks of classic ABBA — nor does it want to. TikTok has highlighted the group’s timeless music, as many of their songs become the soundtrack for viral videos, and ABBA has embraced this virality with open arms.

After a long hiatus, the four musicians came together for a final victory lap with Voyage, their first album in 40 years. As you might expect, they slayed.

Let’s boogie, baby!

With such a storied history and incredible discography, it's gonna be tough to pick only a few tunes to rank. But rank them we shall. Here are 20 of ABBA’s top songs to help guide you on your voyage through this iconic band’s legacy:

20. “When I Kissed The Teacher”

What could be more ’70s than a buoyant tune about having a crush on your teacher? ABBA is always at its best when it goes big; this track is no exception.

19. “Money, Money, Money”

There's something so tense about “Money, Money, Money,” but that’s likely by design. Can’t beat the poetry of a nihilistic sing-songy tune about how money controls the world.

18. “The Day Before You Came”

ABBA went out the same way they came in: bizarrely and with great drama. “The Day Before You Came” is the final song the band recorded together, but it still doesn’t feel even remotely phoned in.

17. “Chiquitita”

“Chiquitita” was written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus as a love letter to Latin pop, fusing it with their other love: disco. Its staying power comes from the memorable lyrics and a beat that will have practically anyone on their feet.

16. “Does Your Mother Know”

In a world riddled with creepy songs about older men ogling underage groupies comes a refreshingly sane change of pace with ABBA’s “Does Your Mother Know?” A younger woman is pursuing the narrator, but he lets her down easy — a novel concept in the ’70s.

15. “Tiger”

“Tiger” gets a spot on the list of ABBA’s best songs because it celebrates ferocious femininity. Complete with some unnerving screaming from Agnetha and Anni-Frid at the end, this is an ideal anthem to jam out to when dismantling the patriarchy.

14. “One of Us”

ABBA’s melodrama is well-documented, but nothing highlights it quite like “One Of Us.” It’s just like them to create something that sounds both bubbly and despondent, but this single hit a bit different, as it was the first they released after both couples divorced. Talk about a breakup anthem!

13. “Hole In Your Soul”

ABBA isn’t not rock and roll; they spend most of their time flipping between genres while staying steadily in their own unique lane. That said, “Hole In Your Soul” is an absolute headbanger, and we’re here for it.

12. “Fernando”

“Fernando” is another beautiful ballad concocted by the Swedish group. Like many of their other hits, it goes so much deeper than you’d expect, painting a vivid picture with its melancholy lyrics.

11. “The Winner Takes It All”

Agnetha Fältskog shines in this gut-wrenching breakup ballad. The song’s drama makes for a pivotal, emotional moment from Meryl Streep in the Hollywood adaptation of Mamma Mia. It will go down in history as one of the most iconic ABBA movie songs.

10. “Super Trouper”

Yet another entry that proves ABBA is as much of a hit factory as they are an emotional powerhouse, "Super Trouper," was a number one single from 1980 full of introspection about handling superstardom.

9. “Mamma Mia”

No surprises here: “Mamma Mia” is one of the top ABBA songs because it’s a stroke of sonic genius. Although it took a while for U.S. audiences to catch on to the more Euro-pop vibe, it’s now easily one of the band’s most beloved hits.

8. “Knowing Me, Knowing You”

“Knowing Me, Knowing You” is another entry on this ABBA songs list that seems to effortlessly lilt between an absolute bop and a somber expression of humanity.

7. “The Name Of The Game”

This groovy track is a reminder that sometimes, more is more. The storyline is classic ABBA, but the combo of organ, flugelhorns, and a terrifying choir in the background is…well, frankly, maybe still a little classic ABBA.

6. “The Visitors”

“The Visitors” is more experimental for ABBA while still showing off their trademark synth-pop goodness. The track is a bit weird — and maybe even a little spooky — but that’s what makes it such a fascinating and lovable entry.

5. “Dancing Queen”

“Dancing Queen” is inarguably ABBA’s most famous song. There isn’t a single demographic to which this song doesn’t appeal; it brings every music lover under the same banner to revel in pop music mastery.

4. “Waterloo”

“Waterloo” catapulted ABBA to stardom, and the moment you hear it, it’s easy to see why. Everything about this song is infectious, daring you not to at least bounce your knee and smile along to the band’s endearingly saccharine charm.

3. “Voulez-Vous”

The title track of their 1979 album “Voulez-Vous” showcases this disco tour de force at its best and sexiest. It’s another timeless nightclub hit that just exudes cool — a battle cry for those in the crowd who love some no-strings-attached fun.

2. “Take a Chance On Me”

“Take a Chance On Me” deserves the number two spot among the most iconic ABBA songs thanks to its unbelievably catchy ostinato; we all love to break out our burliest bass voice for  “take-a-chance, take-a-chance, take-a-take-a-chance-chance.” It constantly feels like it’s pushing you forward to something better, probably because the inspiration came to Björn when he was going for runs.

1. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”

The other 19 hits on this list are still absolute bangers, but frankly, it’s not even close. This timeless disco hit will probably outlive every person reading this. And it kinda doesn’t matter when you’re reading this. It’s a nightlife earworm that’s just as fun to sweat to in the club as it is to sing on karaoke night.

We’re the souls out there that heard your prayer

Ranking ABBA’s best songs is kind of like picking your favorite Gaga hit: It’s both fun and challenging because you just wish everything could be number one! You can’t go wrong with any of these mega-hits, so consider this list the starting point for your newfound ABBA obsession. You can thank us later.

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Table of Contents
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