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What’s a DILF? The Hottest Examples of a Real Daddy!

Like a fine wine, daddies just get better with age. If you really need a refresher on what a DILF is, here are 28 reminders.
Editorial team
January 3, 2024
June 15, 2024
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You're walking down the street when suddenly you spot him. New Balances with white socks. A tuft of chest hair poking out of his slightly too-tight tee. Handsome but not pretty; more rugged-looking. Maybe his belly’s a bit round, but his biceps can definitely split firewood. And there’s no doubt those thighs could break your ass in two. 

We've all seen them walking around in the wild — shopping at Whole Foods, tossing their kids into the hotel pool, or cutting the lawn on a hot summer day. It's a DILF. A dad you (really) want to fuck. Or — more likely — want to fuck you. But what is a DILF, exactly? We’re glad you asked, son.

Defining a daddy: What does DILF stand for? 

In the Merriam-Webster sense, DILF is an acronym for “Dad I'd Like to Fuck.”

But what makes one dad fuckable and another just your accountant? Like any other gay archetype or fetishized physique, dads you want to fuck cultivate a specific vibe. 

A DILF shares some similarities with a run-of-the-mill daddy, bringing that domineering soccer dad vibe from the field to the bedroom. But he’s more than just a giant dad dick tucked into a well-loved pair of Fruit of the Looms. Fully embracing fatherhood gives DILFs a distinctly soft side (and often a soft belly). 

He doesn't fret over a little vomit on his North Face jacket. He cleans up without being asked. He knows every Tangled song by heart. And under all that tough love, emotional maturity, and responsibility, he's still smoking hot. He grooms his beard, his ass and chest are perky, and his confidence can make even socks with sandals look hot. If sex with a DILF is your deal, we can't blame you.

28 of our favorite celebrity DILFs

Still don’t understand the meaning of DILF? Lucky for you, we learn by example, too. 

1. Chris Meloni

The man, the melons, the legend. His dumper deserves its own Emmy. When Meloni learned he was a “zaddy,” he responded, "Once it's bestowed upon you, you have to just ride that horse as long as you can." Can we be said horse? 

2. Mahershala Ali

Ali’s got a silky-smooth voice, a killer smile, and an irresistibly sophisticated vibe. Plus, his Oscar-winning turn as a gangster and father figure to a young gay boy in 2016’s Moonlight (one of our all-time favorite LGBTQ movies) is DILF perfection. 

3. LeBron James

A king on the court, a philanthropist, and a faithful family man. Sploosh. 

4. Mads Mikkelsen

In gay slang, Mikkelsen is what we call a wolf: an older man who's lean and muscular with plenty of gray in all the right places. He’s played a porn star, a Bond villain, and Hannibal Lecter. He can eat us anytime. 

5. Dwyane Wade

He’s a fashionable daddy who loudly supports his children. That confidence implies something sizable is hiding under those basketball shorts. Wade’s our first draft pick for some one-on-one play. 

6. Channing Tatum

A bonafide himbo, children's book author, and walking thirst trap, Tatum could put our bussy six feet under by just looking at it. Do yourself a favor and google "Channing Tatum walking for Sean Jean 2003.” You won’t be sorry, trust us.

7. Matt Bomer 

We stan an openly gay king who also happens to play some of our favorite gay men on the big screen. And, lucky for everyone, he has no problem showing off his ass-ets. 

8. Idris Elba

Elba has been making everyone drool since his star-making turn on The Wire. His perfect mix of sweet and smoldering makes him everyone’s international hunk of choice. 

9. Henry Golding

“Attractive” doesn't even begin to describe Henry Golding. Although he hit it big with Crazy Rich Asians, he’s a whole snacc in a three-piece suit as Mr. Elliot on Persuasion

10. Hugh Jackman

He can act, sing, and dance; plus, he has crazy abs. We wouldn't mind if Wolverine clawed our backsides.

11. James Marsden

On the topic of X-Men, can we have a moment for Cyclops? He first seduced us with his five o'clock shadow and leather outfits, but his goofy charm in Jury Duty made us fall in love.

12. Tyrese Gibson

If there are any doubts Gibson always was that DILF, go watch Taraji Henson scream how much she loves his daddy dick in Baby Boy. Case closed.


13. Neil Patrick Harris

NPH played Hedwig on Broadway, sang on Glee, and recently showed his dong on Uncoupled. A true icon. He may have used a dick double, but hey, we can still dream of daddified Doogie Howser slipping into our DMs, stat.

14. Ryan Gosling

Despite his hand in unraveling democracy in Barbieland, Gosling has always been more than Kenough for us. And unlike his plastic plaything counterpart, we’ve never doubted that he has all his equipment. We’ll visit the Mojo Dojo Casa House anytime. 

15. Mark Consuelos

Consuelos played one on All My Children, but he’s an ultimate DILF in real life, too. He has a killer smile and gushes over his family. Plus, the guy looks better and better with each passing year. 

16. Orlando Bloom

Bloom didn't have to dress up as Dr. DILF this Halloween for us to want a poke from his needle. He prioritizes parenthood over acting, which is equally hot and frustrating. But we'll be ready when he returns in steamy, older male roles.

17. Ryan Reynolds

He has the best dad jokes, he’s wholesome, he’s married to the Queen of the Met, and he owns a pro soccer club. What's not to fuck? Plus, he’s no stranger to NSFW photoshoots showing off his killer abs.

18. Sterling K. Brown

On This Is Us, Brown plays a dad who's not only emotionally available and successful but also has a massive bubble butt. Drooling over his skinny-dipping scene almost makes us feel guilty that he's someone's father. 

19. Ken Watanabe

He's a mega action star in the United States and his native Japan, with plenty of roles showing off his grizzled yet sophisticated older man energy. His role in The Last Samurai makes us want to play swords.

20. Russell Wilson

Talk about thicc with two C’s. The pro quarterback doesn't just make us want to watch football; we'd suit up and be his tight end. 

21. Skeet Ulrich

It’s hard to believe that the ’90s heartthrob is in his 50s, especially if you scan through all the thirst traps on his Instagram account. He’s still rocking that long, messy hair — now with a little gray and some sexy crow’s feet. 

22. Steven Yeun

He's not a regular dad; he's a cool dad. Nope saw him serving slutty cowboy realness in that iconic red suit. We have the assless chaps and are ready to saddle up. 

23. Jamie Dornan

A leather daddy with a fetish for knots and a secret sex dungeon? Sign us up — especially when it's Jamie Dornan holding the whip. And if you didn't know, Dornan modeled underwear for Calvin Klein in his pre-paternal days. You can thank us later. 

24. James Van Der Beek

This Scream star knows his way around DILF khakis. We’ll leave our window open so he can climb through, rear end first. 

25. Taye Diggs

Who doesn’t love a musical theater nerd? In addition to his stage roles, Diggs has been the love interest in basically every Black rom-com since the 1990s, and he still hasn’t lost his groove. 

26. Javier Bardem

We’ve been a stan since Bardem graced the screen as gay Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas in Before Night Falls. But honestly, we'll take him in that bowl-cut wig, too — just as long as we get to hear his steamy Spanish accent. 

27. Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut is fine. Model in a catalog you hid under the bed fine. Take you to the mall and bang you in the parking lot fine. Go ahead and name a sexier bald man. We dare you. 

28. Stanley Tucci

Every episode of Searching for Italy is a masterclass in DILFing. Tucci can cook and find a perfect wine pairing, all while wearing a sweater that accentuates his perfect pair of tits. 

Cum to Papa!

You don’t have to head to Disneyland, Safeway, or a business convention center to find a hot dad. Just sit back, relax, and look out for a big bulge in gray sweats. 

And if you’re ready to find a dirty daddy of your own, download the Grindr app and get ready for all the quality family time you can handle, kiddo.

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Table of Contents
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