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20 Men’s Beard Styles That’ll for Sure Get You Laid

Whether you’re giving out free mustache rides or just channeling your inner lumberjack, here are 20 men’s beard styles that will have every guy swooning.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
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Since the dawn of daddies, men have used facial hair to express themselves, exercise their gender identity, and get moody twinks to go home with them before midnight. There's no shame in leveraging men’s beard styles to get what you want — even if that’s getting your rocks off. 

But like anything in life, there's an art to it. After all, it's essentially sculpture, and don’t you want the beard equivalent of Michaelangelo's David to bring all the boys to your jaw? 

Everyone grows at their own pace

Let's start with some affirmations for all you smooth kings out there: Your body and facial hair grow how they grow. It's some men's lot in life to hack at their jawline with a machete every few days, while others might never grow a full beard or mustache. 

And guess what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. How much hair you grow comes down to genetics, so there's not much you can do to control it.

Contrary to what you may have heard, having a big ol' beard doesn't mean you have higher levels of testosterone running through your veins, and it doesn't make you any more of a man. Regardless of how much hair your face can sprout, you're valid, and we're positive there's something else you can show off to get yourself laid! (Gray sweatpants, for example.)

Beard styles to suit every hirsute hunk

There's more than one way to shave a daddy. In fact, we've come up with 20. Here they are, in no particular order, to help you get the motivation to switch up your facial hair.

1. Stubble

The perfect "I woke up like this" look that's low-maintenance with a high payoff. It's a shorter beard style that presents a more rugged look and doesn't require adept skills with a fancy beard trimmer — perfect for telling other guys you like it rough.

2. Five o'clock shadow

It's five o'clock somewhere, and that somewhere is your face. Much like stubble, a five o'clock shadow sort of just happens to you when you aren't focused on your beard. This one is even shorter and requires a pretty thick growth pattern.

3. Goatee

The goatee is a family favorite; something about it gives serious dad vibes, making it one of the best beard styles for bald men. This beard requires smooth, clean cheeks and a hairy chin and mustache. Bust this one out when you're giving bumpier-than-normal mustache rides.

4. Full beard

Sometimes, it's just what it sounds like. The full beard lets it all hang loose. There's hair on the cheeks, mustache, and chin. You'll still want this to be kept clean and trimmed to present yourself at your best, so bear that in mind. (We always have a bear in mind.)

5. Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard is similar to the goatee, but the mustache is usually the prime feature, and the chin and mustache areas don't necessarily connect. This beard style positively screams mischief, and mischief can definitely be sexy!

6. Circle beard

The circle beard is another variant of the goatee, where the mustache and chin strap make a perfect circle. You'll have clean cheeks here, too — but not for long if you play your cards right.

There's not much difference between this look and a goatee other than shape, so don't worry too much about whether you're rockin' one or the other.

7. Balbo

Here's where the list veers off the bearded path to more unique facial hair choices. A Balbo beard has no sideburns and — like the Van Dyke — a floating mustache. This one climbs up the sides of your jawline, giving you a chiseled look. You'll probably get similar feedback as you would with the Van Dyke beard — a few phone numbers and maybe a drink or two.

8. Anchor beard

The anchor beard features a pointier shape that outlines the jaw and pairs with a mustache. It’s most famously rocked by Tony Stark. It makes the face not only look like an anchor but also an inviting place for your betrothed to drop anchor and stay a while.

9. Garibaldi

There are daddy beards, and then there's the Garibaldi. Not for the faint of heart or dull of clipper, the Garibaldi beard is usually long and bushy in the front, with tight sides and a pointy mustache connecting the hair on either cheek. This beard style for older men is a full-blown mountain man look that’ll surely get you fully blown.

10. Mutton chops

Don't be fooled by the delicious name: Mutton chops are delightfully whimsical and absolutely a unique flavor that will get you far if you can pull it off. Traditional mutton chops involve letting your sideburns grow out to the cheeks and shaving everything in the goatee area. It's distinct, but that's the allure of it!

11. Imperial

The Imperial beard is simple: mutton chops meets mustache. It’s perfect for those who want to turn their biker daddy vibes up to 11. Or maybe you’re going for a 19th-century officer look. Even just the name is enough to elicit a full salute — if you catch our drift.


12. Chinstrap

If we're talking classic hot guy facial hair, the chinstrap is definitely part of that conversation. There are quite a few variations to this look that specifically speak to black men's beard styles. The goal is to line the jaw with hair to make it look more defined. It's best when paired with a mustache, but absolutely live your life and shave the rest off if that's your jam.

13. Horseshoe mustache

You might also recognize this as the handlebar mustache, but men will see it as one thing and one thing only: an indicator they'll need to hang on for dear life. To get this look, grow a goatee and shave off the chin hair, giving the hair around your mouth a horseshoe shape.

14. Ducktail

The ducktail beard is another flex option for those of you who can grow a long beard the way some of us grow back hair. This bushy beard look sticks out from the chin like a pointed duck’s tail and is usually accompanied by a mustache. Despite the cutesy name, it's a sexy, badass way to get men — and soup — trapped in your beard.

15. Corporate beard

When they say they're into clean-cut, but you still want to rock some facial hair, this compromise will likely get you where you need to go — whether that’s up the corporate ladder or into the bed of a hottie. This short beard style for men is usually less than an inch long and features a clean neck and cheeks that say you like to work hard and party harder.

16. Hollywoodian

The Hollywoodian is a fashionable evolution in beard styles for men. It's a goatee with a full mustache and a thick chin strap. The upper cheeks are usually clean-shaven. Picture Leonardo DiCaprio or Christian Bale's facial hair, and you're already halfway there.

17. Soul patch

Here's a shout-out to all the minimalists out there. The soul patch keeps basically every inch of the face clean, save one small tuft of hair below the lower lip. It's an artsy statement that tells people you have something to say. And that something is: "Go home with me."

18. Zappa

The Zappa is aptly named after the man who popularized it: Frank Zappa. It's a bold, bushy upper lip with a slightly overgrown soul patch underneath. This look is top-tier for originality and flattering for nearly every face shape. 

19. Extended goatee

This facial hair style is the director's cut (or uncut) of the traditional goatee. It's what you'd get if you combined the ducktail with the goatee; the chin hair is longer, protruding from the face, but still nicely shaped. This look almost gives supervillain — depending on your features — but aren’t the villains always the most fuckable?

20. Chin curtain

We'll end our list with another selection that's a matter of personal taste: the chin curtain. It's an overgrown chinstrap with a conspicuous lack of mustache. Keep it clean, and you’ll be a hit among the bear hunters. Let it go, and you’ll look more than a little like Abe Lincoln.

It’s always hot and hairy on Grindr

We hope you’re feeling inspired to grow out that stubble. And if you can't grow a beard or choose not to, that's totally okay; the most attractive thing you can be is yourself. 

It’s time to test out that new beard (or find someone else’s to hitch a ride on). Download the Grindr app and get the attention you’ve been looking for — and deserve!

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Table of Contents
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