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26 Sex Tips That’ll Leave Your Man Begging for More

You’ve been waiting for these gay sex tips your whole life. Now, it’s time to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Just remember to bring the lube.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
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What's your post-coital intrusive thought? "Did I remember to text my friend back to cancel tomorrow?" "Why is Lisa Kudrow so criminally underrated?" Or maybe the classic, "How do I get out of here without being rude?"

It's common to have a wave of emotions after a rousing bit of man-on-man action. But truthfully, if your first thought isn't,”God, it's good to be gay,” then maybe it's time to kick things up several notches.

There's nothing quite as mind-blowing as the post-nut clarity that comes from steaming hot sex. But how do you get to that point? What does it take to turn your run-of-the-mill orgasm into a sensual experience for the ages? Sounds like you could use some sex tips for men, by men — because nobody knows what turns us on more than we do.

26 world-shattering sex tips

The time has come to cum: Here are 26 gay sex tips that’ll send your sperm spigot into overdrive. 

1. Say what you want

Sex is primarily about pleasure. Speak up if you aren't having a good time because you could probably be having a better time with a few adjustments. A good partner will want to make your sexual fantasy come true. Who knows? It could make for some enticing dirty talk.

This tip also applies to consent. If you aren't comfortable with something, you should always feel safe saying no.

2. Lube is your friend

For most of us, lube will be an absolute necessity. There's no such thing as too much, so don't hesitate to slather that ish on. Oh, and remember to invest in a lubricant that's specifically designed for anal sex. Lube alternatives can work in a pinch, but the real deal will make everything from intercourse to masturbation a lot more enjoyable.

3. Sex is a rimside job

Many gay men already enjoy analingus, also known as rimming. If you have yet to try it, it's a fantastic form of foreplay that could enhance your bedroom repertoire. It also helps the anus relax, so it’s a helpful trick for a dedicated top. Just remember to keep things clean since rimming does come with health risks.

4. Your "role" doesn't define you

Having a sexual preference is great and all, but it doesn't have to be your personality. Plenty of men have diverse sexual experiences, shifting between dominant, submissive, top, vers, and bottom energies at the drop of a hat.

Don't put constraints on your arousal! Unless you're into that, then go crazy.

5. Pubic hair, don't care

Everyone has a preference when it comes to pubic hair. Some like a lot; others prefer none at all. But what do you like? Do that. It's your body; the only preference that matters is yours. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the freer you are in bed, and the hotter the sex!

6. You can (and should) ask someone their status

Of all the first-time sex tips we can give you, this might be the most important. Too many people fear asking because they think it would make things awkward, but it’s not so bad if you approach the conversation tactfully. You should protect your sexual health first, even if it does make things uncomfortable. 

7. Build your core

Need an excuse to work out? A lot of wild sexual positions get easier with a little core strength. Unleash your beast at the gym and bring it home to the bedroom; you'll be glad you did. Strength and flexibility couldn't be more beneficial for sexy time.

8. The P-spot is real

A guy's prostate (aka P-spot) is an actual thing. It’s why anal sex can feel so intense. Prostate orgasms envelop your entire body, so if you're looking for a mind-blowing experience, the answer might have been behind you all along.

9. Mirror, mirror, on the…ceiling?

You're already indulging, so why not throw in some vanity? Sex in front of a mirror is an enormous confidence booster that can unlock the latent sex machine vibes lying dormant within.

10. Practice makes perfect

Just like anything else, sex gets better the more you do it. You’ll learn what brings you pleasure and what doesn't work quite as well. Who knows? Maybe there's a kinky side within you just dying to get out.

11. Turn your focus outward

Don't focus on yourself during sex. Yes, you want to have fun, but let your partner worry about you. If both of you are trying your best to please each other, there's no way you won't have a mind-blowing orgasm.

12. Let's talk about size

Like pubic hair, men often have a preference when it comes to penis size. But you don’t need much to make anal sex work. Rock your penis with confidence. Let the size queens find what works for them, and don’t take it personally if it isn’t you. 


13. Sex bites

Teeth — when employed artfully — can be a sexy tool in the bedroom. A little nibble on the neck or nipple can really send a jolt of sexual electricity through the body. Give it a try, but be gentle — unless you’ve agreed to get rough.

14. Cut back on porn if you struggle getting erections

This isn't necessarily a cure-all, but you might be overstimulating your brain with excessive porn consumption. Try cutting back (or switching to more realistic content) and see if you can get your needs met through hot and (more importantly) real sex.

15. Laugh it off

Sex is wild. Funny, ridiculous, and awkward things will happen, so lighten up and enjoy yourself. You'll feel relaxed and have a much better time.

16. Let's get loud

This is your encouragement to moan and grunt more. Let your partner know you're having a good time. Even if you can’t form words, the volume of your moans will tell the story for you.

17. More foreplay

Foreplay is underrated. The occasional quickie can be a good time, but some of the best sex is sustained through foreplay that builds suspense and excitement rather than only intercourse.

18. More role-play

It's time to bust out those acting chops. Creating a new dynamic through role-play is a fantastic way to up the erotic ante in the bedroom. There are infinite scenarios you can play out, so get creative!

19. Don't let bad sex deter you

Everyone has terrible sex a few (or many) times in their life. But don't let that hold you back. Use it as a learning experience to discover how you can improve it next time.

20. Sealed with a kiss

Ever considered kissing as foreplay? Sometimes, we’re so excited for the grand finale that we forget. Kissing more is a great way to introduce intimacy and closeness, which always makes sex better.

21. Sexting exists

Can't get it in at this very moment? Build sexual tension and arousal from a distance with sexting. It can be intimidating at first, but it's very gratifying and can make sex a lot hotter when you finally do have it. If you’re unsure where to start, try sending an eggplant and peach.

22. Introduce sex toys

One of the hottest gay sex tips is to bring a saucy sex toy, like a cock ring or vibrator, into the mix. There are so many out there, it’s mind-boggling. One is bound to bring you more joy than you'd imagine.

23. Vary your movements

This tip for anal sex is more for tops (but don't tune out quite yet, bottoms). If you're inside and thrusting, don't just start hammering away. Good intercourse has a varied tempo. Remember to start slow at the beginning to keep things pleasurable. And bottoms: A little preparation goes a long way.

24. Take breaks

Want this feeling to last? Don't hesitate to take a break and come back to it. Tops can even rest once they’re inside to slow things down and let their partner acclimate to their penis.

25. Clip those fingernails

If fingers get involved, ensure your nails are adequately trimmed. Sharp fingernails inside a hole are extremely painful and can ruin the mood in an instant.

26. Explore power dynamics

Here's some advice for those of you leaning dominant or submissive: Lean into it even more. Satisfying these urges is sexually gratifying, sure. But it can also reverberate in ways you wouldn't expect outside the bedroom.

Be on top, bottom, or side of your game

Use these tips to turn your partner on and become the sexual powerhouse you always knew you could be! And don't forget to keep experimenting. Sex is a collaborative act of passion and arousal, so get out there and start your hot slut era!

Don't believe that these sex tips will change your sex life for the better? Well, guess you better do some field research! And what better way to find a volunteer than with Grindr? Download the Grindr app today and get started!

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