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Show, Don’t Tell: Up Your Game with Sexting Emojis

From suggestive eggplants to lollipops, we’ve compiled a list of sexting emojis you can use to level up your digital dirty talk.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
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Next time you’re getting steamy on the go, remember that a picture’s worth a thousand words.

There’s no denying sexting emojis have become a gay man's secret weapon for spicing up digital romance, whether they’re describing what you’ve got or what you want. Some of the saucier emojis have evolved into a universal language that adds layers of nuance and intrigue to text-based communication.

Whether you're using sexy emojis to spice up your first flirtations or downright dirty emojis while you describe your wildest fantasies, these digital icons offer a creative way to express desires and build intimacy.

A brief history of emojis

Emojis originated in the late '90s on Japanese cell phones and pagers, laying the foundation for today's rich vocabulary of symbols. We’ll never know if they anticipated today’s kinky emoji combos.

From there, emojis quickly transcended their Japanese origins, becoming a staple in digital communication worldwide. They serve as digital body language, adding depth and personality to plain text, from a simple smile 🙂 to a playful dancer 💃.

Within the LGBTQ+ sphere, emojis like the rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈 symbolize pride, while the eggplant 🍆 and peach 🍑 have become unexpectedly sexy emojis thanks to their suggestive shapes. Others, such as nail polish 💅, have taken on situational meanings within the queer community, acting as pictographic slang.

How to use sexting emojis

“Inappropriate” emojis have revolutionized sexting in the gay community, offering a discreet yet expressive language for sexual exploration. Next time you're feeling frisky during work hours and want to sneak a text to your boo, try employing some emojis in place of anything NSFW, so your boss doesn’t say “WTF” and FYHA (fire your horny ass).

This guide will delve into the most popular emoji meanings in today's gay dating scene, teaching you how to use them for a more expressively explicit (or explicitly expressive?) digital sex life.

Masculine emojis: The bold and the beautiful

In gay sexting, certain emojis have become synonymous with masculinity and desire. These symbols, from the bold eggplant to the slithering snake, help domineering tops insert some suggestive meaning into their texts.

The eggplant 🍆

The eggplant emoji is the go-to symbol for a penis. Its firm, elongated shape makes it a versatile icon of desire, whether you're hinting at size or adding a cheeky touch to your messages.

  • Usage: "Thinking about your 🍆"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with water droplets for a more explicit touch. "Can't wait for tonight 🍆💦💦"

The hot dog 🌭

Another playful representation of the male organ, the hot dog emoji adds a touch of whimsy to your sexts. It's a fun and less direct way to talk about blowjobs or penetration.

  • Usage: "How about some fun tonight? 🌭😉"
  • Creative combinations: Add a tongue to tell him you want the Joey Chestnut treatment. "I'm craving this: 🌭👅"

The banana 🍌

The banana emoji is another classic symbol of male sexuality. Its curved shape and bright yellow color make it a fun and eye-catching choice for flirty conversations.

  • Usage: "Feeling frisky 🍌"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with a heart for a loving yet lustful message. "Tonight's going to be wild 🍌❤️"

The snake 🐍

The snake emoji is a more mysterious and seductive phallic symbol. Its coiled form and sinuous movement can represent a more subtle and teasing form of desire.

  • Usage: "You’re a real charmer 🐍"
  • Creative combinations: Combine it with fire for a hot and passionate flair. "I’m still thinking about last weekend 🐍🔥"

Rear-end emojis: Peachy keen

Ask any ass man and he’ll surely agree: The allure of the proverbial dumptruck has cemented its special place in gay sexting, and emojis provide a delightful way to celebrate this aspect of male sexuality. From the juicy peach to the kicking donkey, these symbols allow for a range of expressions that can be both tender and tantalizing.

The peach 🍑

The peach emoji is the ultimate symbol of the buttocks. Its plump and inviting appearance makes it a favorite for expressing admiration or a desire to knock on someone's back door.

  • Usage: "Missing your perfect 🍑"
  • Creative combinations: Add some eyes for a playful peek. "Can't stop looking at your 🍑👀"

The donkey 🫏

The donkey emoji can be a bolder choice. It might represent a "donkey dick" or a more robust and masculine ass. It's a way to express admiration for size and strength.

  • Usage: "You really know how to throw it back 🫏"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with a cowboy to show him you’re ready to wrangle. "Take me for a ride? 🫏🤠"

Sporty emojis: Time to break a sweat

For sporty and athletic gay men, emojis offer a way to express their passion for both games and pleasure. These symbols add a competitive and energetic flair to sexting, ensuring you get your meaning across to that gym rat twunk you’ve been hawk-eyeing on the squat rat. You know, the one who has you wishing every day was leg day (at least for him).


Soccer balls ⚽️⚽️

Representing the world's most popular sport, the soccer ball emojis can symbolize stamina, agility, and a love for the game. They're perfect for jocks who enjoy a playful, sporty approach to sex. Also, they’re balls — duh.

  • Usage: "Ready for a rematch? ⚽️⚽️"
  • Creative combinations: Add a goal for a scoring metaphor. "Think you’ll score with me tonight? ⚽️🥅"

Basketballs 🏀🏀

The basketball emoji is all about scoring big and having a slam dunk time. It conveys confidence, skill, and a readiness to take on any challenge.

  • Usage: "Let's have a slam dunk night 🏀🏀"
  • Creative combinations: Pair them with a hand gesture as a preview of how you’ll be dribbling tonight. "I know just how to handle you 🫴🏀🏀"

Emojis for flirting: Playful teasers

Flirting is an art, and emojis provide a playful palette for teasing, enticing, and engaging with potential partners. These symbols, ranging from winking faces to suggestive fruits, allow men to flirt with style and subtlety. Here are some coy and flirtatious emojis that can add a touch of charm to your sexting.

The winking face 😉

The winking face emoji is a classic symbol of flirtation. It adds a playful and cheeky tone to any message, making it ideal for casual flirting.

  • Usage: "How about a date tonight? 😉"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with a cocktail for a fun invitation that implies he’ll be receiving a nightcap after the bar. "Drinks on me 😉🍸"

Cherries 🍒

The cherry emoji can represent something sweet and desirable. It's a subtle way to express interest and attraction.

  • Usage: "You're the cherry on top 🍒"
  • Creative combinations: Add a drooling face to tell him his dangling fruit makes your mouth water. "You look so delicious in that picture 🍒🤤"

The lollipop 🍭

The lollipop emoji is a fun and colorful way to suggest something sweet and enjoyable that you’re aching to put in your mouth. It can be a playful hint at oral pleasure or a way to express a craving.

  • Usage: "I've got something sweet for you 🍭"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with a winking face for a flirty offer. "Want a taste? 🍭😉"

Climax emojis: Adding a big bang to your texts

The climax of any sexual encounter is a moment of intense pleasure and release. Fortunately, there are plenty of explosive emojis to build anticipation before your next hook up and express the ecstasy of the grand finale. From a burning flame to a satisfying splash, these symbols encapsulate the thrill of sexual fulfillment.

Fire 🔥

The fire emoji symbolizes intense passion and burning desire. It's perfect for expressing a hot and heavy moment or the fiery connection between lovers.

  • Usage: "You make me burn with desire 🔥"
  • Creative combinations: Add an ecstatic face to give him a preview of your expression during the big moment. "Ready for a hot night 😩🔥"

The explosion 💥

The explosion emoji captures the moment of climax, representing a powerful and unforgettable release. It's the perfect way to describe an orgasm that shakes you to your core.

  • Usage: "Can't wait for that big bang 💥"
  • Creative combinations: Pair it with a party popper for the complete experience. "Get ready for a blast 💥🎉"

Water droplets 💦

The water droplets emoji is a versatile symbol for expressing various signs of arousal, from the sticky wetness of anticipation to full-on ejaculation.

  • Usage: "Thinking about you makes me 💦"
  • Creative combinations: Add a tongue for a tantalizing tease: "I want to taste you 💦👅"

Fresh combinations: Mix and match

Emoji combinations are nearly limitless, so don’t be afraid to assemble new pairings that take on a whole new meaning. Soon, you’ll have an emoji code for every dirty deed you could ever want.

  • Shaking face + fire: "Your dance moves last night had me 😵‍💫🔥"
  • Eggplant + peach: "Ready for some fun? 🍆🍑"
  • Pink heart + bed: "Can't wait for our romantic night 🩷🛏️"

These combinations allow for a rich and nuanced expression of desire. Whether it's the intensity of a dance floor connection or the anticipation of a steamy night in, mixing and matching emojis can create personalized and engaging sexting experiences.

Unleash your emoji game with Grindr

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Download the Grindr app now! Your next unforgettable romance is just an emoji away. Get frisky, get expressive, and make those emojis work for you!

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