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Sexting in Spanish Phrases for Seducing Plenty of Papis

Sexting in Spanish phrases can quickly spice up your DMs. We’ve got dozens of phrases and words to add to your dictionary.
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July 22, 2024
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When you want to turn up the heat in your DMs, nothing sizzles quite like sprinkling your sexting with a dash of flavor en español.

Who doesn’t want to embrace a little Latino culture, with its irresistible reggaeton beats and pop culture heartthrobs? And let’s be real — there’s something about tongue-rolling Spanish that makes texting extra caliente

If the thought of sexting in Spanish phrases has you biting your lip with nerves instead of passion, no hay problema. This is your opportunity to let loose and revel in the thrill of something nuevo. There’s no pressure to perfect your grammar; it’s all about adding a little teasing and temptation to set the stage. 

Whether you want to understand that Latino daddy at the bar or do some seducing yourself, here are our favorite Spanish phrases to turn up the heat — one spicy message at a time. 

Mastering the basics of flirting in Spanish

Before you dive headfirst into advanced sexting, let’s break down some basic vocabulary and short phrases. Here are a few words to add to your sexting glossary:

  1. Papi: A term of endearment similar to “Daddy” in English, which can be playful or flirty. Drop it in conversation to let someone know you like them, or shout out an ay, Papi (ooh, Daddy) or sí, Papi (yes, Daddy).
  2. Guapo, lindo, or hermoso: Let someone know you find them “handsome,” “attractive,” “beautiful,” or “cute.” Eres muy guapo (you’re really handsome) or qué lindo que eres (you’re so cute) are great compliments to start with. When flirting with a femme, you can switch to the feminine guapa, linda, or hermosa
  3. Estoy caliente or me excitas: When things are getting picante, these phrases let someone know that “I’m horny” or “You turn me on.” 
  4. ¿Tienes novio?: This translates to “Do you have a boyfriend?” It’s an easy question to gauge someone’s availability, relationship status, or interest in you. 
  5. Me gustas: A simple and sweet way to say “I like you.” In more intense encounters, me gustas can also convey a deep attraction or interest in someone. To flip the script and find out if someone likes you, ask them ¿te gusto? Be careful when using the similar sentiment te amo (I love you), which comes off as strongly in Spanish as it does in English. Likewise, although te quiero literally translates to “I want you,” it’s a blurry notch down from “I love you.” 
  6. ¿Quieres salir?: When you’re ready to take things offline and go out together, ask him, “Do you want to go out?”
  7. Verga/pito/pija: Every Spanish-speaking country has its own way of saying “dick,” but these will be universally understood. You can throw out me gusta tu verga (I like your dick), qué grande tu pito (your dick is so big), or qué linda tu pija (Your dick is so beautiful) to let your partner know you like their member.
  8. Me encanta/qué rico: Me encanta means “I love it.” It’s perfect for showing enthusiasm and interest. Slip it into conversation when they share something you like, such as a picture, personal interest, or proposition. Qué rico is similar, literally meaning “How delicious.” It’s the perfect way to show your excitement about a sexy nude. 
  9. ¿Te gusta?: It literally means, “Do you like it?” Depending on the context, it’s a great way to check in. It can also mean, “Does that feel good?” or “Is that okay?”

And here are some more clarifying words:

  1. ¿Estás libre de drogas y de enfermedades?: Are you DDF?
  2. Pasivo: Bottom
  3. Activo: Top
  4. Spanish Grindr tribes: Oso (bear), lobo (wolf), nutria (otter), cachorro (cub), jovencito (masculine twink), jovencita (feminine twink), daddy (daddy), geek (geek), musculoso (athletic), cazador (chaser)
  5. VIH+: HIV positive

Spice it up: Spanish phrases to turn up the heat

Now that you’re ready to add some dirty talk in Spanish, let’s give you some go to palabras. Whether you’re sizing up a potential lover or spelling out your desires, these phrases are your secret weapons to sext in Spanish. 

Here are 15 of our favorite Spanish phrases to make him melt:

1. Venga ‘pa acá mor que sí es ‘pa eso

Translation: “Come here,” or “Let’s do it.”

When to use it: In Colombian slang, this is a casual but straightforward summons to invite someone over to spend the night. When you’re ready to go beyond suggestive sexting emojis and nudes, this is your line. It’s a bold move that signals you’re not just playing games — you’re all in for a night of passion.

2. Quiero cogerte (Latin America) or quiero follarte (Spain)

Translation: “I want to fuck you.” 

When to use it: When the vibes are right and you want to be clear about your intentions, this phrase explains that you are DTF. 

3. Quiero que me cojas (Latin America) or quiero que me folles (Spain)

Translation: “I want you to fuck me.”

When to use it: When you’re ready to move out of DMs, this lets Papi know you want him to lay some pipe. 

4. Quiero que me la chupes or quiero chupártela

Translations: “I want you to suck my dick,” or “I want to suck your dick.”

When to use it: Every country has a preferred penile slang, but the verb “chupar” spans various dialects. Quiero que me la chupes (I want you to suck me off) or Quiero chupártela (I want to suck your dick) are the easiest phrases for blowjobs. 

Remember, context is everything. ¡Chúpamela! or ¡Chúpame la verga! can sound aggressive, like you’re telling someone to “fuck off.”

5. Métemela or quiero metértela

Translations: “Put it in me,” or “I want to put it in you.”

When to use it: This one sounds a little crude when translated literally, but in Spanish, it’s a straightforward way to spice up the chat and let someone know it’s time to get dicks wet. 

6. ¿Echamos un polvo?

Translation: “Do you want to fuck?” or “Do you want to have sex?”

When to use it: Slightly less graphic than the more direct quiero cogerte, this phrase gets to the point without coming off as vulgar. 


7. Duro or fuerte 

Translations: “Hard,” “strong,” or “rough”

When to use it: Both duro and fuerte can add intensity to your conversation. Whether you’re into some playful roughhousing or setting the tone for a hardcore pounding, these kinky Spanish words have you covered. A simple me gusta fuerte (I like it rough) sends a clear message. On the flip side, dame duro (give it to me hard) conveys your desire to be dominated. 

8. Suave

Translation: “Soft”

When to use it: Suave can be inserted into romantic Spanish phrases when the mood calls for tenderness. To guide your partner toward a delicate approach, me gusta suave communicates your preference for a lighter, more sensual experience. During an in-person meet-up, más suavecito or más lento (slower) lets your partner know to take it slow and savor the moment. 

9. Estás bien rico

Translation: “You’re hot.” 

When to use it: This phrase is a fiery compliment, suggesting the person turns you on. Use it to make a bold statement about someone’s physical appearance, either in a casual or intimate situation. To turn up the temperature more, estás riquísimo (you’re fucking hot) lets someone know they drive you wild. 

10. Te quiero comer a besos

Translation: “I want to cover you in kisses.”

When to use it: Depending on the context, this phrase can be a cutesy compliment or a passionate expression of desire. Regardless, it shows you’re overwhelmed with affection and want to kiss every inch of your partner’s body. 

11. Quiero ser tuyo or quiero que me hagas tuyo

Translation: “I want to be yours,” or “I want you to make me yours.”

When to use it: This is a handy phrase when you’re caught up in the moment and want to tell someone to take charge. Be careful with context. Quiero ser tuyo may sound too relationship-y for some, whereas quiero que me hagas tuyo has a clear sexual connotation. In any case, it’s not a phrase to use straight out of the gate.

12. Quiero que me hagas perder el control

Translation: “I want you to make me lose control.”

When to use it: Ideal for moments when you want to surrender to the other person’s touch. It’s a signal of trust and a request that your partner take the reins. 

13. Tienes unos ojos preciosos

Translation: “You have beautiful eyes.”

When to use it: This is a classic and sincere compliment that can be used in any conversation stage. If you want romantic and sexy things to say in Spanish, tienes unos ojos preciosos is the perfect opening line. If you want to be more suggestive, qué linda boca tienes (you have a pretty mouth) or qué bonitos labios (what beautiful lips) are not-so-subtle hints to tell someone you want a kiss or to see their lips wrapped around something else. 

14. Me encanta tu cuerpo 

Translation: “I love your body.”

When to use it: This is another perfect phrase to compliment your partner’s physical form. It’s a straightforward way to make someone feel hermoso or guapa. It can be used when you receive a photo or to comment on their profile pics

15. Mojar el churro

Translation: “Wet the churro.”

When to use it: This is a light-hearted, flirty innuendo to let someone know you want to get your dick wet or the other way around. Me gustaría mojarte el churro (I’d like to get your dick wet) or mójame el churro, for the other way around, are fun phrases to add some laughter to a sexy chat. 

Bonus tracks

Music is a great way to immerse yourself in a culture. When it comes to improving your Spanish sexting skills, tuning into these sexy tracks can be educational and arousing. Let’s face it — nothing sets the mood like a sexy playlist with the right rhythms to get your body moving. 

Here are some of our favorite Spanish-language songs: 

  1. "Classy 101" — Young Miko
  2. "Yonaguni" — Bad Bunny
  3. "Pa Mi" — Dalex
  4. "Chorrito pa las ánimas" — Feid
  5. "Punto G Remix" — Brytiago

Turn on those English subtitles, and learn something new to add to your sexting. 

Slide into his mensajes directos (aka his DMs)

Step up your game by sexting in Spanish phrases to take your messages from lukewarm to scorching hot. With some of our favorite phrases, you’ll make a lasting impression that will leave your partner saying, quiero más.

Need an opportunity to try out your new lines? Try Grindr! Get the Grindr app, or browse hands-free with Grindr Web — the same Grindr you know and love, now available on your laptop or PC with no download required.

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