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22 LGBTQ Clothing Brands to Shop All Year Round

Outfits from our favorite queer clothing brands that are so good you’ll be tempted to wear more than just a speedo this summer.
Editorial team
June 12, 2023
June 22, 2024
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22 LGBTQ Clothing Brands to Shop for Pride Month + Beyond
Table of Contents

Finding clothes made by and for the LGBTQ community is easier than ever. So easy, in fact, that the hard part is figuring out where to start. To help you do just that, we’ve curated some of our favorite transgender, nonbinary, and gay clothing brands. And hey, even if you’re not in the market to expand your wardrobe, this list will brighten up your day with a little eye candy.


Men’s skirts and sheer shirts? Yes, please. ORTTU stands for “Open Road to the Universe,” the perfect name for a menswear company for “men who think differently, feel deeply, and dress to show the world their individuality.” From the Dandy Vest to the Scorpio Brooch, decking yourself out in this gay men’s clothing brand will let the world know that you’ve got style — and you’re not afraid to flaunt it.

Studio photo of a shirtless, masculine model posing in a jade-green pleated skirt and tall black platform boots.


The founders of Portland-born WILDFANG started their brand with one mission: to squash the outdated gender norms that made it next to impossible to find masculine clothing styles that properly fit people with curves. Boasting boyish styles that fit every type of body, a climate-neutral certification, and a pledge to support LGBTQ and women’s rights, WILDFANG strives to positively impact both the fashion industry and the world. Shop online or in person at their Portland and Los Angeles stores.


For more than 20 years, RUFSKIN founders and partners Douglas and Hubert have worked to redefine the concept of sexiness for gay men. Taking its name from “casca-grossa,” the Brazilian jiu-jitsu word for “tough skin,” RUFSKIN first brought groundbreaking low-waist jeans to the menswear market, later adding leisurewear, sportswear, swimwear, underwear, and accessories to its sizzling lineup.

Studio photo of a masculine torso modeling a matte-black spandex jockstrap-bodysuit combination with both buttcheeks exposed

Stuzo Clothing

Queer-owned? Check. Women-owned? Check. Black- and Latinx-owned? Check, check, check. A favorite of celebs like Ruby Rose, Spike Lee, and Jada Pinkett Smith, Stuzo Clothing makes gender-free tops, bottoms, hats, and accessories that celebrate LGBTQIA humans in whatever shape or form they choose to exist in.

Studio photo of a feminine model wearing ripped jeans and a crop top that reads “box eater.”

Dapper Boi

When they founded Dapper Boi in 2015, married couple Vicky and Charisse Pasch were on a mission to create stylish, affordable, body-inclusive clothing that helped people of every shape and gender identity feel confident and beautiful. From loungewear to joggers to button-up shirts, Dapper Boi makes it easy for people across the full spectrum of sizes and identities to find a gender-neutral fit that works for them.

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is another gender-defying brand that designs size-inclusive, menswear-inspired clothing for female and nonbinary bodies. This luxury clothier is the place to go for blazers, dress pants, and other apparel traditionally reserved for men.

Studio photo of a feminine model wearing an olive-green three-piece suit.

Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig’s origin story is as sexy as its gay clothing line. Founders Frederick Kearney and David Lauterstein fell in love (and lust) over $1 margaritas in Chelsea 30 years ago. When a fashion exec approached them at a party on Fire Island to tell them how good they looked, they decided to make it official by launching an underground apparel brand. Today, Nasty Pig sells swimwear, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories that are hot enough to live up to the name of the gay mecca where the brand was born.

Studio photo of a masculine model wearing red denim shorts and a dark-red bulldog harness.

Pride looks

Gearing up for the big parade? These brands are great year-round, but they’re especially fun when things start to heat up in June.


The Phluid Project

NYC-based The Phluid Project sells gender-free apparel and accessories, partnering exclusively with brands that reject binary gender norms. Their fashionable tees and hoodies spread messages of empathy, equity, and compassion, while their diverse collection of queer and gender-fluid tops offers something stylish for people of every identity and sexuality.

Product image of a raglan baseball T-shirt that reads “Both Teams".


Spanish fashion designer Eduardo Suñer created Addicted to celebrate gay pride with fun, funky underwear, swimwear, harnesses, necklaces, and even padding to give you a little pick-me-up downstairs.

On-model photo of a rainbow-colored harness.

A Tribe Called Queer

What’s better than supporting a good cause? Looking good while doing it. A Tribe Called Queer seeks to empower and cultivate safe spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQ people by selling T-shirts, tote bags, face masks, and more. If you want casual wear that makes your pronouns, pride, and politics clear while benefiting marginalized communities, this Los Angeles-based nonprofit is a great place to drop some dollars on your wardrobe guilt-free.


GC2B is a trans-owned company that creates high-quality, comfortable binders for trans and nonbinary people. GC2B makes gender-affirming products that manage chest dysphoria safely, comfortably, and effectively, even offering tank-style binders in Pride-worthy styles to help you strut your stuff with confidence.

Studio photo of a masculine-presenting model wearing a binder decorated in the colors of the trans pride flag.


Queer-identified and woman-owned Otherwild is a gender-neutral clothing and lifestyle brand that offers a range of clothing, from tank tops to sweatshirts, with plenty of sassy options for Pride. The brand also sells products from other LGBTQ-owned brands like Hirsuit, which specializes in swimwear.

Show some skin

It doesn’t take much fabric to wrap your body in gay glory. Shake what your mama gave you in these LGBTQ swimwear and underwear brands.

Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake Swimwear launched in 2015 on a mission to bring the full coverage of 1920s bathing suits to a 21st-century LGBTQ audience. Using high-performance fabric fashioned from recycled fishing nets, Beefcake Swimwear creates bold, masculine swimsuits for all body types, with a focus on celebrating queer identity.

Photo of three feminine people dressed in vintage-inspired swimwear holding up a rainbow-flag beach towel in front of a mountainous landscape.


Chromat is a body-positive swim and activewear brand that focuses on inclusivity and diversity. Designed for “girls who don’t tuck,” their pieces often feature bold, geometric designs and come in a range of sizes to fit all body types.

Studio photo of a nonbinary model wearing a red bikini top and matching swim skirt.


Bruno Alcantara, one of Drag Race’s drool-worthy pit crew members, once modeled a pair of signature logo underwear from Garçon, Canada’s premier LGBTQ underwear brand. Not surprisingly, the label knows its way around sexy swimwear too. Even if you’re not in the market for swim briefs, we promise a visit to Garçon’s online store will satisfy an aching need.

Photo of a masculine model sitting on the edge of a pool in a pair of yellow graffiti-printed swim shorts.


Outplay is a nontraditional sportswear and swimwear brand that offers a variety of cuts and compression levels to ensure the label’s styles are comfortable for every type of body. A self-described judgment-free shop, Outplay’s size-inclusive product line makes it easy to find a fit that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Andrew Christian

Like Garçon, Andrew Christian’s designs have been prominently featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The designer behind the eponymous menswear label creates underwear, swimwear, sportswear, and lingerie crafted from breathable materials like bamboo fiber and sports mesh. Your package deserves VIP treatment, and Andrew Christian is it.

Photo of a masculine model sitting on a sofa in a pair of floral mesh briefs.

Play Out

Play Out, a queer-, lesbian-, gay-, trans-, and nonbinary-owned underwear and streetwear brand, is on a mission to elevate and celebrate queer visibility. The company donates 20% of its net profits to LGBTQ and BLM organizations and bills itself as gender-, race-, age-, sexuality-, size-, and ability-inclusive. TL;DR: You can lounge around in your silky-soft Play Out boxer briefs with a clear conscience knowing your purchase puts a little bit of good back into the world.

Studio photo of a masculine person modeling matching underwear set.


Who says you have to identify as a woman to rock some sexy lingerie? At Mexico City-based Proteo, men’s bodies get the lace treatment — and they look damn good doing it. Proteo crafts each piece of luxury lingerie, underwear, and swimwear by hand, ensuring every customer feels like the queen they are.

The finishing touch

No wardrobe is complete without jewelry, hats, and shoes. Our favorite queer accessory brands are here to add a little polish to your look.

Automic Gold

Founded by genderqueer jeweler Al Sandimirova, Automic Gold hires size-inclusive, non-cis, non-white people to model its gender-free jewelry. Describing its products as radically ethical and radically wearable, Automic Gold is a great place to find pieces that add a little bling to your new look.


Want to flaunt your pronouns while shielding your eyes from the sun? Queerencia’s identity-inclusive hats have you covered. The company takes its name from “querencia,” a Spanish word describing a place where you can feel safe and be your most authentic self. This Black- and LGBTQ-owned creates apparel, accessories, and custom products for Pride.

Tomboy Toes

Trans founder Benjamin Craig started Tomboy Toes to answer one simple question: “Where can I buy men’s dress shoes that fit small feet?” The brand’s solid selection of vegan- and genuine-leather menswear-inspired footwear ensures women, trans men, nonbinary people, and anyone with small feet can rock a masculine look from top to bottom.

Show off your style

With an LGBTQ community that’s more than 10 million monthly active users strong, Grindr is the perfect place to meet people who will appreciate your flawless sense of style on a first date.

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