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37 Fall Outfits for Men

Hot gay summer is coming to a close, but that means it’s time for new clothes! Here are some inspiring fall outfits for men to transition between seasons.
Editorial team
October 25, 2023
June 20, 2024
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It doesn't matter if you're a pumpkin spice apologist, a couple’s costume aficionado, or a fan of cozy evenings in; the fall season has something for everyone. But if there's one group of people that stays winning when the leaves start changing, it's the fashionable. 

Autumn outfits run the gamut, offering everything from stellar streetwear to formal duds that all scream “CUFF ME!” It's a time when you can start playing with layers again without worrying about summer heat. (Trust us, no outfit is fashionable after you’ve sweat through it.)

Best of all, it's the perfect time to start supporting your favorite gay-owned clothing brands and shop your way out of those last few drops of summertime sadness (Lana is no stranger to retail therapy herself).

But what about fall outfits for men really speaks to the divas and hunties alike? It's the ability to serve a completely unique kind of cunt — one that swaps crop tops out for turtlenecks.

37 autumnal outfit ideas for fall fabulousness

These fall outfit examples will have even the straights finger waving at you as you crunch your way down the leafy catwalk that is your local grocery store parking lot.

1. Change your colors with a daring suit

Who says trees should get to have all the fun? Autumn is the season of change, so now's the perfect time to update your wardrobe with something fun, stylish, and unique! In a sea of gray and black, be gay — suit up in color!

2. Pop on a knit polo

Nature loves playing hard to get; first, she’s hot — then, she’s cold. Outsmart her with a sexy knit polo. It's a laid-back look that you can layer and dress up or down as you see fit.

3. Get the shoes, baby, get the shoes

Many fall clothes for men are pretty muted, but there's an excellent way to breathe new life into an outfit and turn drab into fab: by donning a unique pair of shoes! Pick a bright color or bold pattern to add a unique flair to the everyday fall ensemble.

4. Fabulous in flannel

Our lesbian sisters might have been cooking with this one; if there was ever a time of year that you could get away with flannel every day, it's fall. 

5. Hard again for cardigans

Although a cardigan doesn't exactly scream “fierce,” many of us are more interested in something cozier when fall hits. Besides, granny-core is in these days. Who can resist a man who looks like he makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies?

6. Daring denim

Denim will never go out of style, but it's also never more in style than when incorporated into men's fall fashion. And this is the moment to go full Canadian, with denim jackets, shirts, chaps — you get the idea.

7. Big jeans

Speaking of denim, here's an acceptable way to unleash your inner size queen: big, wide, chunky pants! Form-fitted jeans are still a charming look, but there's nothing quite like the enticing allure of wearing something that makes the size of your legs a complete mystery.

8. Back in Birkenstocks

Could shoes get any gayer than this? Yes, and we'll get to them. But Birkenstocks are the ideal way to fall into the true Pumpkin Spice Fantasy.

9. Cozy beanies

Another clothing item that emerges the moment the weather drops below 70, beanies are quintessential men's fall style. Don't deny their seductive siren song any longer; embrace your inner bean head.

10. Track jackets

Track jackets are one of the best fall clothes for men. They're stylish and make the perfect layering piece. They aren’t too warm, so staying comfy is easy when the weather pulls an Uno reverse card on you in the middle of the day.

11. Textured thermals

Textured thermals are a staple of warm and snuggly fall fashion trends. These surprisingly stylish and cost-effective garments are easy to dress up or down with everything from your big jeans to a colorful sport coat.

12. Chunky clogs

We promised gayer shoes. You're getting gayer shoes. Get the crispiest crunches out of your local leaves with sensational clogs. A chunky platform instantly gives you enough height to put you in the running with another 25% of your Grindr grid.

13. Classy corduroy

Corduroy is incredible for fall and extremely underrated; corduroy chino pants fit in just as easily with a casual day at the office as it would for a night out on the town. A corduroy suit? Now you’re caramelizing some apples.

14. Trench coats

The trench coat is surprisingly versatile — a staple of watch sales associates and children stacked on top of one another to get into R-rated movies. Wear it right, and you’ll look like a sexy Hollywood detective (everyone loves a private dick). They instantly make any autumn outfit more classy. 

15. Hoodie season

Your favorite hoodie: now no longer for jogs or lending to your latest hookup. Hoodies are a reliable layer that always makes simple and casual look fantastic.

16. Ferocious fleece

Fleece menswear is another example of utility-made fashion you shouldn’t sleep on this season. Well, metaphorically, anyway — they’re probably quite comfy to literally sleep on.

17. Statement jacket

It's the same concept as a pop of color or pattern on your shoes. Add a unique jacket to a more basic look to combine timeless elements with something fresh and exciting.

18. In-vogue vintage tees

You'll want something equally fashionable underneath your jacket when you inevitably have to peel off some of those layers. Band tees or even vintage pocket tees are excellent for this.

19. Fawning over fall colors

It might seem obvious, but there's a reason fall colors are trendy in fall. Now's the time to break out your oranges, olives, browns, dark blues, and burgundies — your environment basically demands it!


20. Casual Friday every day

Athleisure is officially fashionable, so don't hesitate to try a little less and head out into the world in some joggers and a T-shirt.

21. The tried and true turtleneck

Thanks to the revolutionary gays of the big and small screens (see: Sean Hayes on Will and Grace), the turtleneck sweater is primarily reserved for us. And why not? It’s scientifically proven to be the sluttiest garment that doesn’t show any skin.

22. Layer accessories

Accessories are a must year-round, but they're much more fun when the weather isn't scorching hot. Bust out those blanket scarves!

23. Double the shirt, double the fun

Turn yourself into a flirty Russian nesting doll by wearing an overshirt as a jacket. Nothing says fall quite like a layer that lets you prepare for any temperature and look good doing it.

24. Chambray you slay

This vintage classic isn't going anywhere — except on your body — because it's fall, and you're looking for a comfy, cozy shirt that's still an absolute serve.

25. Party in the front

Another excellent way to put some fun in your day is with an interesting necktie. Reach for fun patterns — even borderline silly ones if you’re feeling that brisk fall friskiness.

26. Suede jackets

Want to put a little extra skin in the game? Turn heads in a bold yet classic suede jacket. It's an excellent alternative to a blazer, provided the weather permits you to don some sexy suede.

27. The A to B boots

Hard-wearing chelsea boots are the opposite of your messy friend you only go to brunch with, because you can take them anywhere. And frankly, you should.

28. Skip the tie

We just mentioned how a fun tie can be great for fall, but so can going without. Dress down a suit by putting something unorthodox underneath, like a henley or hoodie.

29. Summer, continued

There's no telling what fall weather will bring. So many summer outfits overlap with men's fall fashion. Lean into it; if Mother Nature says booty shorts, who are you to deny Mother?

30. Black and brown

It's time to set the record gay: Wearing black and brown together is not always a fashion faux-pas. In fact, it can look incredibly sophisticated, so give it a try!

31. Bold anything

Are you the proud owner of some highlighter yellow or electric blue clothes? Do you have no clue when to wear them? Now's the time to inject brightness and fun into a gloomier time of year.

32. Thicc socks

Girth queens, rise up: This one's for you. Warm, comfy socks are back on the menu, and it's even better when you wear them in crazy, fun colors or patterns.

33. Bag hag

Where else are you supposed to put your layers when the sun comes out? Swap out your fanny pack for a big, fashionable tote bag to haul around everything you need.

34. Whimsical in wool

Fall is about staying in as much as it’s about going out. And how are you supposed to nest correctly if you don't have an enormous piece of wool menswear? Sweaters are where hygge meets hunty, and we're here for it.

35. The comfy classic crewneck

Rounding out this sudden sweats obsession is the crewneck sweater. It's a no-nonsense wardrobe piece that pairs well with almost anything else on this list.

36. Loafin' around

Loafers are considerably more versatile than you think: They work just as well with that fancy dinner party outfit as they do for a stylish shuffle down to the neighborhood bodega.

37. Fuzzy anything

Bright colors aren't for you? Well, fuzz is for everyone. It doesn't matter what it's made of — a fuzzy sweater, be it a cashmere or a poly blend, is a must for your fall wardrobe.

The best fall accessory? A new boo

Speaking of things that are stylish and fuzzy, why not pick up a cozy new boyfriend this fall? With bears preparing for hibernation, time is of the essence.

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Table of Contents
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