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Achieve the Bad Boy Look and Make Jockstraps Drop

There’s no harm in having a bad boy inside of you. Why not be the bad boy inside someone else? Here are nine bad boy looks to unleash your inner mischief.
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March 18, 2024
April 16, 2024
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The first rule of being a bad boy is not telling everyone you’re a bad boy. OG rebels like James Dean and Marlon Brando simply walked into a room with a pair of hip-hugging denim jeans, a leather jacket, and a “fuck around and find out” attitude, and the panties dropped. 

Achieving a bad boy look isn’t just about copying your favorite bad boy’s style and stuffing your closet with white tees, distressed biker jackets, and leather boots. Smart sartorial choices are essential, but the real baddies are vibes first and clothes second.

Imagine Bad Bunny and Hans Solo. (Imagining them kissing is optional.) They’re both quintessential bad boys with wildly different fashion aesthetics. Their rebellious looks are elevated by their charisma, confidence, and a sultry sex appeal that lets you know you’re in for a (good) bad time.

When choosing your bad boy look, find pieces that make you feel like a genuine badass, not somebody dressing up as one. With a well-curated aesthetic and a whole lot of attitude, you’ll have dicks throbbing in no time. And if you’re not sure where to begin, Grindr is here to make you runway-ready. Be prepared to build your Pinterest board, practice your smolder, and fill that online shopping cart with leather ’til the cows come home.

How to be a bad boy: It’s pretty black and white

Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby, Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, and even John Travolta singing show tunes in Grease all share one thing. We’ll give you several minutes to Google Brando in a tank top — for science, of course.

It’s not the slicked-back hair. And it’s not the bulging pecs and biceps, either. It’s not even those naughty eyes that immediately make your bussy bust.

It’s their monochromatic black and white outfits. Like all the baddest boys, they just don’t give a fuck. And there isn’t an outfit that screams carefree quite like a simple white shirt with black accents. If a white tank top and black denim aren’t your thing, here are five more black and white men’s outfits to try: 

1. The bad boy from the streets

Despite its popularity, the definition of streetwear style changes depending on who you ask. It began as a bi-coastal trend that fused East Coast hip-hop with West Coast skate and surf subcultures, with a flair for vintage finds and wide silhouettes.

Streetwear continues to evolve today, but you can’t beat the basics. Grab a pair of wide-leg slacks, an oversized graphic tee, and chunky sneakers for a fire look. To transition into a fall look, a black bomber jacket or denim jacket will complete the outfit. 

2. The bad boy on the field

Even if you aren’t athletically inclined, you can still show off that stiff baseball bat. Casual is key to pulling off the sporty look.

Always prioritize the bulge, whether it’s your dump truck in black track pants or that generous package in some off-white sweats that makes us forget about our favorite sex toy. A baggy white shirt, sunglasses, and a baseball hat will sell the Sporty Spice realness. Alternatively, a crop top shows off your happy trail and hard-earned Adonis belt, leaving even less to the imagination. 

3. The bad boy who’s murder on the dancefloor

The old-money bad boy is one of the most challenging looks to pull off. Your first instinct may be to go for bicep-bearing button-ups and tight-tailored slacks, but that’s a quick way to give Jersey Shore cosplay.

Subtle styling with bad boy accessories from your favorite LGBTQ brand will show you’re ready to blow through the family fortune. Grab a tailored black suit jacket and dress pants and accessorize with Oxford leather shoes, a sheer shirt, and metallic bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Everyone will imagine you dancing around your manor with your big ding-dong swinging every which way.


4. The bad boy at the Salvation Army

When done right, the vintage soft boy aesthetic can give “meet me behind the bleachers” instead of “see you at math league practice.” Think Josh Hartnett in The Virgin Suicides going down on you on the 50-yard line after the winter ball.

A white button-down tucked into black trousers and loafers is all you need. Skip the pocket square and opt for a multi-use leather belt. Don’t forget to complete the look with a carefully tousled hairdo.

5. The Old Hollywood bad boy

They just don’t make them like they used to. There’s a reason old movie stars like Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, and the favorite Hollywood gay, Montgomery Clift, were so hot. Sure, they were all hunks. But, they embraced simple looks that gave off major big dick top energy.

To emulate that old-school bad boy vibe, fill your closet with simple staples, including high-waisted tailored dress pants, stacks of white shirts, and leather jackets. For something extra casual, a pair of denim jeans, a white tank top, and stiff outerwear are never (repeat: never) sore on the eyes. 

4 more looks for the bad boy who likes an aesthetic

The beauty of fashion is you don’t have to choose a single look. You can play around with all the fashion aesthetics you want, from an anime star with a big sword to a modern rocker with a sex playlist that hits as hard as he does. Bonus: Playing around with different looks can also attract extra matches to your dating profile.

Here are four ideas for looking bad to the bone: 

1. The modern rocker

There’s nothing effortless about the effortlessly cool rock star. Fill your closet with a few leather essentials, including a crisp jacket, hat, and a pair of Doc Martens.

The trick to an “effortless” look is not going overboard with pick-me energy. Avoid the Y2K overly ripped-up vibe or mid-2000s aviators and fedoras. Instead, pair your look with tastefully distressed denim or washed-out jeans and a graphic shirt or tank top. 

2. The contemporary punk

To capture contemporary punk, think Berlin techno meets Matrix-core. Basically, all black everything, a whole lot of leather, and a buzzcut. Deck your armoire with a few statement pieces, like a villainous floor-skimming leather coat, straight-cut trousers, black-heeled boots, and blacked-out sunglasses.

For pops of color, grab some tasteful prints, like a midriff-baring halter top, leopard pants, or peek-a-boo sweaters to channel some ’80s punk androgyny. Basically, copy anything Franz Rogowski wears in Passages.

3. Fresh anti-fit

While the anti-fit aesthetic might get confused with American oversized streetwear, it shares more in common with Japanese tastes for structure and silhouette. Think of a boss-ass anime character in free-flowing, wide-legged pants, baggy shirts, and garments that emphasize freedom of form rather than the contours of your body. Choose pieces that are gender fluid and buck the latest trends — the true mark of a bad boy. 

4. Modern greaser

The modern greaser is a step up from the vintage soft boy aesthetic, with more attention to detail and perfectly styled hair. Add a burst of color to your wardrobe with colored loafers, loose Cuban collared shirts, and biker jackets that crop just below the waist. 

Bad boys will be bad boys

Sometimes, you have to break the rules to have a little fun. And if that includes dressing up in a hot bad boy look, we’re ready to be clad in leather. 

Whether you’re looking for the boy next door or a rebel without a cause, you’ll find him on Grindr. Get the Grindr app and show how bad you can be.

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Table of Contents
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