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Get in, Loser; We’re Going Shopping for Gender-Neutral Clothes

The selection of gender-neutral clothes has come a long way in a short time. Have some fun exploring these trendy non-conforming styles!
Editorial team
January 5, 2024
June 22, 2024
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How do you like to express yourself? Some people like writing poetry. Others paint with watercolors. Then, there’s the preening peacocks among us who use their wardrobe.

Clothes have been about more than utility since the first caveman tied on a zebra-print loincloth. Your outfit purposefully signals things to others about yourself, like “I like blue” or “Leave me alone.”

But like many other things in our society, clothes have become annoyingly gendered, and the rules are completely arbitrary. Certain pieces of clothing “belonged” to one gender before flip-flopping to the other (looking at you, dresses and tights).

Non-binary people have often had to make a choice with their clothing options: either fit themselves into the binary by wearing “gendered” clothing or wear something so inconspicuous that you won’t be perceived as much of anything.

Ready to shake off the silly notion that you can’t wear whatever the hell you please? We’ll help you find some nonbinary outfits that will fit your body and your soul.

Don’t sweat it, babes: All clothes are gender-neutral clothes!

When in doubt, remember: It’s just a piece of fabric.

If you’re questioning whether or not a piece of clothing is for you, the only actual stipulations should be:

  • Do you like it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Do you feel comfortable in it?

The idea that clothes have an assigned gender or sexuality is old hat — much like the saying “old hat.” Clothes should be a representation of the person you are and nothing more. So, as long as you feel validated in these clothes, they’re for you, and no one can tell you differently. 

Fearlessly fashionable: 15 gender-neutral looks

It’s time for the fun part: Shopping for gender-neutral clothing! Here are 15 gender-neutral and nonbinary outfit concepts to spark some ideas next time you’re in the market for a wardrobe update.

1. Daring denim

Denim is the OG in fashion androgyny. It looks fantastic on people of all genders, it’s comfy to wear, and you can easily dress it up or down. Denim isn’t always exciting, though, so go for a full denim shirt and jeans in a darker color.

Instead of a Canadian tuxedo, why not try a Japanese one? This Japanese indigo denim from Ijji — a minimalist L.A. clothing brand specializing in unisex clothing — epitomizes being cool, cozy, and completely yourself.

2. Knits are it

Knitted anything is a must-have in your closet, but going for something with some more personality might be more your brand. 

Consider this striking pistachio sweater vest from I and Me. This U.K. company makes sustainable nonbinary clothing, so they’re really living in the future liberals want (and apparently can buy online for a reasonable price).

3. Say yes to the little black dress

Get back to basics with a little black dress. It might read as obviously feminine, but the proper cut can easily give you an androgynous look.

RICH MNISI is doing it right: This beautiful funnel neck dress with a sexy side slit is perfect for cocktail parties or a fancy night out on the town. RICH MNISI pieces are truly one of a kind, too, so we highly recommend browsing their website if you want something outlandishly exciting. 

4. Bold button-ups

Bear with us for a second here. Yes, we’re aware that flannels might as well be the queer flag at this point. But you’d be surprised how many designers make stunning gender-neutral button-ups that will stand out rather than blend in.

Wildfang is one of those companies. Their corduroy long-sleeve shirt dress combines everything you love about dresses with everything you love about button-ups. And if you’re looking for a gateway outfit to something more gender-fluid, this dress comes in flannels, too! 

5. Sweats: cozy and cunty

We’re tired of constantly dealing with the same-old sweats. After all, activewear isn’t the most exciting frontier of gender exploration. That is unless you know where to look.

Introducing the sweatskirt. It’s another great transition piece to go from more gendered to less gendered clothing options — one you can wear around the house while you pitch TV show pilots to your plants. Telfar has a beautiful oxblood sweatskirt that’s worth a look.


6. Pop with a powerful pattern

Want to completely do away with the hoodies and henleys of yore? Turn some heads with a one-of-a-kind print that’ll turn your body into a walking canvas.

There’s no better way to shop for these items than with Zero Waste Daniel. Androgynous clothing made from unique materials that are entirely original? Sign us up! This pink ‘all-over reroll’ jogger is just a taste of what they’re cooking up over there.

7. Hoodies are happiness

Okay, maybe we’re taking some big swings here. You’re probably just looking for something new to spill soup on. Don’t worry; there are plenty of fantastic gender-neutral hoodies out there that are still unique and allow you to express yourself.

Case and point: This cozy hoodie from Lonely Kids Club asks the fundamental question, “How good is bread?” This brand is ideal for those who love graphic tees and hoodies that look GN without going too over the top.

8. Whimsical swimwear

Probably one of the more challenging pieces to pick up for nonbinary folks is swimwear. But the surge of interest in gender-neutral clothing has introduced another option into the mix: unisuits.

This unisuit from TomboyX is a great example. It’s androgynous with a fun jellyfish print that anyone can be comfortable wearing at the pool or beach.

9. Big, beautiful colors

You deserve to be seen! Fight against your instincts to avoid loud colors and prints — opt for the bubblegum pinks, the sunny yellows, or the fabulous florals. 

Even the most inclusive gender-neutral clothing brands can forget about the fully-figured among us. Big Bud Press aims to rectify that with a wide array of colorful clothing in sizes for every body type so you can feel confident and comfortable in your genderless gear.

10. If the shoe fits

Maybe you want to start small with something that still makes a splash. Begin your gender-neutral journey from the ground up with some stylish footwear. These flex slides from RE-INC are unique, fun, and made for everyone! 

11. Suit up

Gender-neutral dress clothes used to feel like an impossible dream, but they’ve become the specialty of many unisex clothing brands. Pick up a bold yet classic blazer for special events like this one from Kirrin Finch. It comes in dignified colors but has an exciting print in the lining for some extra flair.

12. Back to basics

No wardrobe is complete without the basics. Get your hands on some neutrals you can build on with just about anything else you have.

Start with something like this fishing shirt from OlderBrother. It’s better than your run-of-the-mill white button-down, with just enough panache to help you stand out as the trendsetter you are.

13. Sporty shorts

Who would ever imagine the chokehold that sweatshorts have on utilitarian fashion? You better believe it’s a staple in basically everyone’s closet, no matter how you identify.

Dress it up a bit with these gender-neutral sweatshorts from Industry of All Nations. The vibrant indigo color is striking without being too loud, making them easy to pair with your favorite graphic tee or hoodie.

14. Snag a statement piece

Want your clothes to really say something? Explore your artistic side by adding something to your androgynous arsenal that people will remember you by. This painted jacket from Official Rebrand is the perfect example of something artsy and wearable that’s suitable for every gender expression.

15. Underwear-ables

Gender-neutral underwear takes the cake as one of the more difficult pieces for nonbinary fashion fans to find. TomboyX fixes that with an impressively inclusive line of underwear and bras. They’ve earned a second mention for having such a wide range of unique underwear that enables the theys to slay for days.

Gender? Never met ‘er

With your newfound resource to build nonbinary outfits, you’re free to explore the gender-neutral fashion world and all it has to offer. And remember: Any piece of clothing is gender-affirming if it makes you feel good. So go ahead and put it on!

Feeling particularly fly in your new white tee? Show off that confident new you to hot and available feminine, masculine, and gender-fluid people on your grid with Grindr. Download the Grindr app and get started!

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