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20 Gay Festival Outfits to Get the Party Started

What’s over the rainbow? Fashion! Here are 20 bits of inspo for gay festival outfits that are sure to net you some adoring fans of your own.
Editorial team
February 2, 2024
June 15, 2024
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Ready or not, festival season is coming at us hard and strong—just like we like it. The time to party nears.

All right, who are we kidding? We’re gay! It's always time to party. 

But the energy is even more electric once the festival season is in full bloom. Be it Pride, Folsom, or even Coachella, if fests catch you off-guard every year and you feel like you don't have the right gay festival outfits, you've come to the right place.

Liberation never looked so good

It’s no news flash, but Pride Month, in particular, is all about celebration. It’s about living comfortably in your own skin as the proud gay, lesbian, trans, or queer person you are! What you put on your skin is an essential part of that.

And truthfully, looking hot is your LGBTQ civic duty. Is it nice that you’ll get some attention from local daddies in that crop top? Duh. But is it kind of important to the cause to wear your crop top and promenade through a Pride parade like the LGBTQ-ueen you are? Also duh. No joke: We've come a long way from the days of Stonewall, and that's worthy of celebration—no matter the time of year! 

Now is the perfect time to support LGBTQ-owned businesses if you want to buy a new Pride outfit. You know they have the cute and aesthetic Pride outfits anyway, so you might as well. 

Serving charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent — “CUNT” in the gay vernacular — is something everyone can do. It’s all about channeling your creativity through fashion! And we're here to help the metaphorical (and perhaps literal) juices flow — and ensure your lewk pairs well with your Pride flag.

Serve ferocity at the festivities with these Pride outfit ideas

If you're tired of making it work and ready to make it werk, it's time to bust out some good ol’ fashioned gay pride by way of fashion. Check out these 20 examples that will blow your wig off (or inspire you to put one on).

1. Colorful romper

Nothing says you’re ready for a day of overpriced canned cocktails and dehydration quite like a colorful romper. Honestly, though, this is the all-weather sport utility vehicle of gay outfits — comfortable, fashionable, and fun all rolled into one neat package that neatly cradles your package.

2. Printed bodysuit

Don't hide all the body-ody-ody with a shirt that'll swallow you whole: Embrace your beautiful body with a tight bodysuit! May we suggest animal print? You're already wearing the body suit; you might as well get wild. 

3. Matching shirt and shorts

The cohesive Pride look is an excellent choice if you know your colors and want to bring out the best in your complexion and features. Oh, and it’s really effin’ easy to wear to a Pride parade.

4. Mesh anything

If you’re going to be gay, you’re going to wear mesh. And if you haven’t worn mesh, your time has come for the greatest queer reckoning of your life.

5. Cargo overalls

Cute and simple — like the colorful romper but with less leg. A fun, colorful set of overalls is the ideal comfy and streetwear-smart Pride outfit idea for the sensible queer. Those exist, right? Right. They're called lesbians.

6. Fanny pack

Fanny packs have made a miraculous comeback. Today, they’re a necessity in festival and gay Pride parade gear. Wallet, keys, condoms, lube, cock ring, butt plug — what can’t you lug around with this thing?

7. Pride tee

Understated is still a statement, and you can’t go wrong with a classic graphic tee. And you’re spoiled for choice! Wear something with a sexy statement, a goofy quip, or a powerful political statement about equality. See also: tie-dye!

8. Crop top

They’re not just for showing off your treasure trail at the gym. Crop tops are a cute, flirty, and cozy choice for any fest. They also frequently feature sassy sayings, if that’s your thing. Our guess is that if you’re stoked about a crop top, it’s definitely your thing. 

9. Bandana

Bandanas are a staple accessory for a gay festival outfit, so it’s no surprise they found their way into this list. You’ll find bandanas that rep the trans, bisexual, aromantic, pansexual, and traditional rainbow flags. And if you’re unfamiliar with a little love language known as the hanky code, do yourself a favor and Google it ASAP.


10. Your birthday suit

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And if you’ve got it, you probably didn’t need us to tell you to take your shirt off. It’s already off, isn’t it? Well, there you go — that’s your Pride outfit done!

11. Printed flowy top

If the romper evokes a desire for a fun summer cocktail, trendy flowy tops are operating on a “higher” vibration. Because if it ain’t green? Huh. You ain’t interested.

12. Anything rainbow

We’re gonna keep it a buck: You won’t be able to avoid rainbow gear, even if you try. So you might as well embrace it. It’s also incredibly accessible; a rainbow outfit is perfect for the last-minute gay panic that ensues when you realize Pride is closer than you think.

13. Big boots

Festivals and Pride parades usually mean lots of walking, so big, comfy boots are a valuable asset. They also have the bonus effect of drawing attention from those of the LGBTQ persuasion who like someone with a heavier step, if you’re smelling what we're stepping on — er, in.

14. A harness

Are we done with harnesses yet? Maybe, but if there’s one time you can still bring them out without feeling tired, corny, and played out, it’s during a parade. Just tell everyone it’s camp. They’ll live (in both senses of the word).

15. Barely-there underwear

When you talk to guys, are you constantly thinking, “Hey, my dick’s down here!” Put yourself in a suggestion of an outfit and throw yourself into the party. Sometimes, an outfit is just a jockstrap, and that’s not only okay; it’s celebrated!

16. Something from left field

Is there a piece you’ve always wanted to put on but haven’t dared to wear out? Whether it’s a strange mustard-colored button-down or going in full drag, this is the opportunity to take fashion chances. Go forth, beat your face, and be bold! 

17. The Pride flag

Honestly, the Pride flag makes a fierce cape. And it’s not disrespectful to wear it, either, as long as you take it off before you get down and dirty at the after-after-party. Not because anything bad will happen; you just don't want it to crease. 

18. Leather

The weather doesn’t always call for leather, but honestly, if you're a gag-loving gay or leather-bound lesbian, you could care less. And if you’ve thought about dabbling in leather, there’s no better opportunity to do so.

19. A suit

Is this the last thing someone would expect to see at a Pride fest? Maybe — but maybe that’s why you should wear it! A pink or rainbow suit with matching shorts is a cute way to celebrate and still dress for the weather.

20. Wings

Look, if you’re going to make a statement at Pride, you might as well go big. Just avoid any Courtney Act-sized appendages so you aren't knocking mojitos out of hands left and right. Otherwise, live your albatross fantasy all day long.

Slay, dance, hydrate, repeat

Whatever or whoever you’re wearing, the outdoor festival scene is all about being seen in your personal version of glam. Even if you aren’t keen on dousing yourself in rainbow-laden gear, representing the LGBTQ community this coming year has never been more fashionable. 

Just don’t forget the glitter. Yes, it gets everywhere. That’s why it’s so fun!

And you can get feedback on your festival ’fits from the most eligible cuties in your area on Grindr

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Table of Contents
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