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Wake Up, Babe: New Gender-Neutral Haircuts Just Dropped!

From pixie cuts to wolf cuts and the almighty mullet, it’s high time you play around with these gender-neutral haircuts!
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
min. read
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There are countless ways to express yourself, but hairstyles still come out on top as one of the best (and not just because your head is on top of your body). Sure, loud, vibrant clothing can speak volumes, but nothing breaks the social sound barrier quite like a unique haircut.

Cutting your hair in a “weird” or different way can feel daunting, especially when we are often told to hide our true selves. But truthfully, your hair is an extension of you. That’s not a metaphor, doll; it’s growing from your head — the exact place where you think about the kind of person you are!

So, it’s only natural for your hair to reflect or represent your inner self. And wouldn't you know it: There are countless gender-neutral haircuts that will shake the suits on your daily commute and make your grandparents quake with the urge to mutter, “Back in my day…”

In all seriousness, you should feel free to be your most authentic and androgynous self. That fully realized version of you wears and cuts their hair however they want, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Beyond the binary: Checking judgment at the door

Check your calendars; we’re well into the 21st century, which means it’s time to give up the prehistoric notion that people can't wear their hair however they want. 

Perceived gender, sexuality, or fuck-ass bob be damned — it’s time we let people have autonomy over their bodies, and that includes their hairstyles! If you’ve avoided experimenting with your hair for fear of reprisal from people who still get horny for gender reveal parties, consider this your sign to book a salon appointment. Who needs their approval?

Conversely, if you’ve judged others for sporting a cut that’s too “masculine” or “feminine” for their gender, then — with respect — it's probably time to do some soul-searching and ask yourself why you care. Focus on your own wig before you start snatching someone else’s!

Finally, we’re focused on haircuts today, but don’t forget about the wonderful, colorful world of dyes. You’re the creative director of the runway show that is your life, so by all means — color outside the lines whenever possible.

Cue the makeover montage music!

Now that we’re clear on the magic and beauty of androgyny, let’s explore some gender-neutral haircuts you can get today to look your nonbinary nicest! Choose one of these 20 cuts to boost your confidence, knowing that you're portraying the you-est you there is!

1. Pixie cut

A short, cropped cut that usually has some nice texture, its versatility lets you roll out of bed and into the world, still looking like you came straight from the set of a quirky 2000s romance movie. It's a must-have if you wanna become someone’s manic pixie dream person.

2. Bob cut

This stylish classic falls between your chin and shoulders; it's up to you how long you keep it or whether you texture it with waves or curls for extra spice. Choppy, textured bobs are fantastic if you want to go more modern.

3. Undercut

The undercut features shaved or trimmed sides with longer hair on top. It's another classic hairstyle with some edge to remind people you're not just any queer; you're THAT queer. You know, the one who looks like a yassified extra from Peaky Blinders. (That's not a read; that's a compliment.)

4. Shag cut

Shag cuts have the same appeal as the rugs that inspired them: They’re effortlessly cozy and cool (although it’s notoriously difficult to remove sticky stains). The cut is easy to customize for long or short hair. It also, fortunately, looks great with every face shape, though shorter shags are more flattering if you have a rounder face.

5. Crew cut

Although crew cuts used to be relegated to the milquetoast masculine types who name their dogs after their favorite firearms, it's coming back in a big way for the nonbinary people out there. “Reclaiming my fine, reclaiming my fine!”

6. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is your most practical option; all you need is a trimmer and the fortitude to remove all your hair. But it can honestly be a stunning look. Example: the androgynous awakening that was Natalie Portman's bodacious buzz cut in V for Vendetta.

7. One-sided buzz cut

Business on the side, party everywhere else — that’s the power of the one-sided buzz. It’s the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants a haircut but only has five minutes left on their lunch break.


8. Mullet

The mullet is such a wonderfully versatile haircut. It looks fantastic with all hair textures, helps keep the hair out of your face, and reminds everyone that you're the best of both worlds. This once-maligned hairstyle has truly reached iconic heights, making it ideal for the nonbinary icon that is you.

9. Pompadour

Embrace your inner and outer poof with the pompadour — one of the gender-neutral haircuts with fluffy bravado that will have everyone turning their heads, wishing they could pull one off. Just remember to stop by Costco for a bulk size of pomade.

10. Bowl cut

The bowl cut is another hairdo that doesn’t get enough time in the limelight. Sure, Trixie Mattel’s mushroom-inspired bowl isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for this look, but that doesn't mean you can’t be! It's also a DIY-friendly cut, if that's your thing. Plop a bowl on your head, follow the rim, and you're serving.

11. Wolf cut

With this flattering hairstyle, you'll have every hottie on your block howling at the moon. Or at least howling at your online dating profile, which is probably preferable anyway. This haircut is a shaggy-mullety hybrid popularized by renowned avocado enthusiast Billie Eilish that’s ideal for the savvy nonbinary person.

12. Disheveled mushroom cut

This hairdo might sound like a Super Mario powerup, and we aren't really gonna argue. It’s a powerful cousin of the bowl cut that looks beautiful and has many styling options, so you'll never feel bored with your hair.

13. Bixie cut

That's not a typo — the bixie is everything you love about the bob combined with everything you love about the pixie. It's among the best short, gender-neutral haircuts for those who hate making decisions. And who doesn't want a little bit of everything?

14. Fade

Fades don't inherently read masculine anymore. And while yes, these might be more flattering with a giant, sexy beard, there's something to be said about the genderless energy and self-expression this style brings to the table.

15. Pixie cut with shaved sides

Now we're really starting to mix things up! Edgy, easy, and exceptionally flattering for many genderless and trans beauties, this is an eye-catching cut to show your stylist the next time you're in the chair.

16. Asymmetric bob

Dispel any inkling of Karen-ness from the bob with an asymmetric bob haircut featuring buzzed sides. Bonus points for doing some lines or designs on the sides. Halle Berry, who?

17. Middle part

This throwback style is one of the most in-vogue nonbinary haircuts out there. Live your Nick Carter fantasy and start smoldering between blunt-cut bleach-blond locks; you know your middle school self wants you to.

18. Mullet with undercuts

Immortalized by the icons in gender experimentation, like David Bowie and Miley Cyrus, this medium-length gender-neutral haircut has a little bit of everything: shaved sides, a short top, and long, flowy hair in the back. It’s business in the front, party in the back, and domme top on the sides.

19. Mohawk

Not to be outdone by its punk-rock compatriots, the mullet and pixie cut, there’s also the classic mohawk you always wanted as a kid. But guess who's paying for the hairstylist appointments now? That's right; it’s you — the nonbinary person about to get a mohawk.

20. Curtain bangs

It's only fitting we’d close the curtains on our list with this final nonbinary-friendly hairstyle. This look features long, flowing bangs that cascade like curtains from a middle part. And the best part is you can go short, long, shaved sides, long sides, throw your hair back in a bun — no matter what, you still look great.

Gender-neutral cuts? We're hair for it

Sometimes, slaying down the house of self-expression is just about following your heart. Face shape and social context might play a role for some, but the ultimate goal is to feel validated in your own skin. 

And hey — if that means you dye your hair emerald green and rock a low ponytail with shaved sides, then you better set that trend, you nonbinary gem among stones!

Want to find someone else who appreciates the truest you in a sexy hairstyle? They’re waiting for you on Grindr. There are available hotties in your area just itching to run their fingers through your hair (or lack thereof).

Download the Grindr app now and get started.

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Table of Contents
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