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Slay the Streets With These 20 Queer Haircuts

We’re here, we’re queer, and it’s time to pull out the shears! Check out our list of 20 queer haircuts that will have you duck-walking to the barber.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
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Prince Alberts and strap-ons notwithstanding, few things on our body define our identity quite as much as our hairdo. Hair is one of the oldest mediums for self-expression, after all.

And that goes double for LGBTQ folks. Haircuts and clothing are an essential part of how we show our pride (and catch the attention of that stylish twink across the bar). The only part that should give you pause is picking out your new ’do. You need the sort of hair that will snatch wigs. Fortunately, we can offer some inspiration.

Buzzing off the gender binary

We’re tired of taking a little off the top when it comes to the idea of gendered style; we’re going in with the clippers! There’s no such thing as gendered hair anymore. People should feel empowered to wear their hair in whatever way makes them feel beautiful.  

Worried you won’t pull it off? Androgynous hairstyles are for everyone; their inherent queerness is just a bonus. So, let’s lift each other up and encourage our LGBTQ siblings to do what makes them happy — not what makes everyone else comfortable. 

In short? Let your nonbinary bowl cut serve — boots.

Turn heads with these 20 iconic queer haircuts

Gays, theys, and nonbinary slays — we’ve got the inspo for your fresh new cut. Take one of these 20 iconic queer hairstyles to your stylist and walk out of that appointment more yourself than you’ve ever been.

1. Buzz cut

Lorde be damned: It’s always buzz cut season when you’re giving androgynous angst. It’s the lowest of low-maintenance hairstyles for those who want to take simple to the extreme. You could even save some cash by going full Britney and DIY-ing it.

2. Mullet

Time for basically the exact opposite of the buzz cut: the mullet. Forever known as the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle, the traditionally masc mullet has made a triumphant return as an excellent hairstyle option for LGBTQ beauties everywhere.

3. Bowl cut

The reputation of bowl cuts has seen a similar arc to the mullet. This once-maligned style is proving to be much more versatile than people gave it credit for. If you want a hairstyle that can transform your entire face, this one might be for you.

4. Colors!

Is there anything gayer than a rainbow? Queers of all stripes can agree that we’re not afraid of adding a pop of color to amplify our hairstyle.

5. Undercut

The undercut’s versatility as a butch or androgynous hairstyle has made it one of the top gender-neutral haircuts of this day and age. The style works with short or long hair and makes a particularly bold statement — namely, “I fall somewhere on or around the LGBTQ spectrum.”

6. Pixie

The pixie cut is another short, sweet, impressively gay haircut that works well for all hair textures. It’s traditionally a favorite of those seeking sapphic companionship, meaning it’s got some queerness already built in. It’s also a versatile style that works well whether you lean butch, femme, or none of the above.

7. Shag

Shag hairstyles combine the benefits of other similar androgynous haircuts. They’re low maintenance, versatile, and flatter most face shapes. But will this cut get you laid? It’s right there in the name, baby.

8. Locs or braids

Those with long, kinky hair who want a more gender-neutral style should consider locs or braids. If you’re struggling to grow your hair to the length you desire, store-bought is fine. In fact, it lets you get even more creative with the color.

9. Classic bob

You might have heard about the “bisexual bob,” but this hairstyle is beloved by every letter in the LGBTQ community. It’s iconic, simple, and an excellent way to subtly express your proclivity for people of all genders.


10. Blunt fringe

The bi bob doesn’t traditionally come with bangs, but a blunt fringe style complements edgy streetwear sensibilities. This piece-y haircut is perfect for sassy stunners who want hair as blunt as their attitude.

11. Jellyfish hair

It’s a fun name for a fun haircut! Jellyfish hair is like the baby of a bob and a mullet. A short, blunt cut up top produces the bouncy body, while longer strands streak out from underneath like wispy tentacles.

12. Wolf cut

The wolf cut combines the mullet and the shag to make something unique. It’s more flexible, too, letting you keep your hair longer or shorter as you see fit.

13. Slickback

This is more of a styling choice, but if you’re aiming for a ferociously androgynous look, why not dip your hands in a vat of hair gel and present the Tilda Swinton fantasy you feel inside? When you walk out, you won’t be the only one who’s gooped.

14. Graphic designs

Much like with color, cutting designs into tightly trimmed hair is very much the bread and butter of the queer community. 

15. Modern mullet

A mullet with shaved sides is a pretty good indicator that you don’t like to play by society’s rules, whether that be the gender binary or returning your library books on time (gasp!).

16. Asymmetric bob

A riff on the classic bob, an asymmetric bob is a butch fave in the lesbian community that’s now finding a new, welcoming home within the arms of the enbies. 

17. Shaggy lob

Another cut that plays with texture is the shaggy lob. It’s longer than your average bob, with a soft, wavy, downright luxurious look.

18. Homemade bangs

When life has put you through the wringer, custom bangs are the only way forward. In these instances, you know what to do. (Grindr cannot be held liable for your ensuing emotional distress or smash-hit pop-punk record.)

19. Pompadour

Here’s the key to the king of masc haircuts, a sky-high pompadour: Keep the sides razor-short and use pomade or clay products to ensure your hair brushes up against the ceiling. 

20. Faux hawk

The faux hawk and mohawk are both iconic queer hairstyles, but the faux hawk is generally more trendy. Complete the look with an eyebrow piercing and a bratty attitude.

Here’s to the scissor sisters, misters, and gender twisters

Self-expression is an expression of self-love. If all it takes is a pair of scissors to make yourself seen when you look in the mirror, then it’s time to treat yourself. Happiness and affirmation are only a hair appointment away.

Ready to meet someone who will want to run their fingers through your hair? First, you’ll want to go easy on the gel. Second, you’ll find them on Grindr. Download the Grindr app now and get started!

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Table of Contents
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