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The Men’s Body Grooming Guide for a Fresh Cut Down South

Time to trim the shrubs! Discover the art of men’s body grooming and dive into our manscaping guide for a smooth journey below the belt and beyond.
Editorial team
February 7, 2024
June 15, 2024
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Table of Contents

Are you as smooth as a dolphin, or could you run a comb through your grizzly chest hair? Either way, you know we love all of Mother Nature’s sexy beasts. But one thing we don’t love is leaving a hookup feeling like we got worked over by a Brillo pad because our guy was rocking sandpaper stubble.

Personal grooming is as much about attracting sexy studs as it is about feeling comfortable, clean, and confident in your body. In the wild world of bush-taming, you have endless options, from occasional maintenance to an everyday beauty routine — and more manscaping products than you could possibly test on your own. That’s why we did it for you!

We’re out here spreading the good news with only the best tips, tricks, trimmers, and tools to keep you groomed for the gods. Whether you’re serving up grizzly bear realness, otter on the dance floor, or sleek twink hairlessness, we’ve got you covered with tips for every vibe. 

From the top of your head to the bottom of your balls, if you can grow it, you can groom it. Check out these men’s body grooming tips and tricks to get out there and shake your groom thang! 

Manscaping 101

Trial and error with body grooming is often a bumpy ride (which is why we don’t shave with manual razors anymore), but we have some rules to live by, so you don’t have to risk a rash to get that cash.

  • Manual razors are busted: The days of ingrown hairs and razor burns are over. Trust us, body trimmers and depilatory creams are the way today.
  • Avoid shaving your pubic hair, armpits, or ass: We repeat, DO NOT SHAVE YOUR ASS. Not the cheeks, not the crack, nothing. Use depilatory cream or strategic trimming to avoid turning your bussy into a razor-burned disaster.
  • Use cream anywhere that you want smooth, hairless skin: Cream your chest. Cream your pubes. Hell, you can even cream your own balls — if you’re into that. 
  • No tea, no shade, no ballsack Band-Aid: If you aren’t afraid to go near your nuts with a razor, that’s between you and your god. But in the House of Grindr, we don’t risk the family jewels.
  • If you prefer to keep some hair: Use a trimmer for your chest, back, pits, and pubic hair. Use different groomer guards depending on your length preference, and apply even pressure with each pass. All you bears out there will probably need more than one; dense chest hair can easily wind up uneven if you aren’t paying attention.
  • Your beard trimmer works best for your beard: And your body hair trimmer works best for your body. That way, your face won’t have to share gear with your pits and balls.
  • When you trim up that beard, don’t forget to shave your neck: We love to see your Adam’s apple, and a crisp neckline really cleans up the whole look.
  • Avoid going old-school: Waxing and shaving your body with traditional manual razors carries a lot more risk for skin irritation, so your best bet is to avoid them. But if you’re into the wax, have a professional take care of that business and prepare for your wax properly.

Polish your family jewels with these men’s grooming products

Get ready to snap some nudes when you’re done here because these hair clippers, trimmers, and creams will have you photo-ready in no time.

Philips Norelco Exclusive Bodygroom Series 7000

This double-sided electric razor lets you trim to five different lengths on one end, flip it around, and use the foil shaver to trim your stubble down to nothing. The Bodygroom is cordless and rechargeable, and it works great wet or dry, so you can use it anywhere.

This is the loudest trimmer on the list, but it’s also the best body groomer for trimming pubic hair.

You can buy it here.

Its predecessor, the Bodygroom Series 5000, is basically tied for the top spot for many of the same reasons. Although it isn’t quite as effective in the groin, the 5000 still holds its own. Plus, it has an extension accessory you can use to shave your back.

You can buy it here.

Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 7000

And now for the quietest and most versatile groomer option. The Multigroomer comes with 19 different attachments for grooming, trimming, shearing, and shaving facial hair, ear hair, head hair, and body hair. It has adjustable beard trimmer attachments and separate head attachments for a foil shaver and nose hair trimmer.

The Multigroomer might be the best beard trimmer on the list, but it’s not the gentlest option for your pubes and balls.

You can buy it here.


Panasonic Slim Line Body Groomer

The vertical blade orientation makes this a great shoulder and back shaver. This body groomer uses skin-protective technology, so you can also use it in sensitive spots like your armpits and groin. It comes with two different comb attachments for grooming in any direction.

It’s strong yet sensitive, with a long battery life and an ergonomic grip. If we saw that in someone’s dating bio, we’d slide into his DMs.

You can buy it here.

Braun Series XT5

One of the better groomers for traveling, this compact Braun electric shaver is like an all-in-one men’s body grooming kit to take with you on the road. Just don’t forget to pack the charger because the compact design doesn’t leave room for a very big battery.

You can buy it here.

Gillette Styler

Gillette dipped their toe into the electric shaver realm with the Styler. It’s waterproof and comes with three different comb attachments, but its standout feature is that you can pop on the classic ProGlide razor head to shave your face after you groom everything else. 

You can buy it here.

Andis Profoil Foil Shaver 17200

Foil shavers are great for finishing the job after another hair trimmer has done the bulk of the shaving process. Keep your neckbeard at bay and get rid of stubble with this cordless powerhouse.

You can buy it here.

Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

This depilatory cream works quickly for painless coarse hair removal. The results last longer than shaving, and the hair grows back without the sharp, blunt edge you get with an electric razor. 

Plus, it works on all skin types, from your pits to your groin and booty, so you’ll be clean enough to eat off of. Go Nad’s on your gonads and never serve sandpaper balls again.

You can buy it here.

Honorable mentions

  • The Philips OneBlade is an alternative to the Braun XT5 for compact groomers. The OneBlade is less expensive, but it also has fewer accessories. Both are great for on-the-go hair removal.
  • The baKblade and Mangroomer both feature extended handle trimmers that make grooming your back way easier than a typical handheld electric shaver. 
  • The Manscaped Lawn Mower is plenty versatile, but you can get better options for better prices. Kudos to the Manscaped branding, though. There’s nothing wrong with wacking your weeds with this electric pubic hair trimmer.

Get your groom on

You guys know how to lube up a tool, right? Don’t forget to keep your blades greased with Wahl Clipper Oil and replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. No one wants a dull trimmer.

From time-tested brands like Philips, Panasonic, Wahl, Braun, and Remington to innovative newer brands like Bakblade and Mangroomer, you have options for every body part and every occasion. Be kind to your skin and go groom something.

Then pop over to Grindr and show off your freshly groomed manscape. Download the Grindr app now and get started.

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Table of Contents
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