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The Best Men’s Underwear Brands to Wrap Your Package

It’s high time your undercarriage got some attention. These men’s underwear brands feel just as good to buy as they do to wear.
Editorial team
January 24, 2024
June 15, 2024
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Even though we call it junk, our precious privates are anything but. They deserve nothing but the best — to be supported, cared for, and swaddled by only the finest fabrics. 

If you’re in the market for some comfy undies, you’re in the right place. No one knows what makes your twig and plums feel safe and secure quite like we do. These cozy and cute skivvies will complement any fashionable man’s wardrobe.

10 men’s underwear brands we love

This year, you’re done wearing underwear that’s wack for your sack. Here are our picks for the best men’s underwear you should nab for the sake of your nads:

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein can talk dirty to us anytime. This brand just knows how to make men’s underwear. It’s the leading name in men’s designer underwear that still remains relatively affordable. The cotton blend is perfect for breathability and stretch, but they also carry 100% cotton choices that feel just as luxurious.

2. Hanes

The workhorse of the underwear game, Hanes is iconic and popular because it always provides solid comfort and support. The company has made high-quality undies for over a century, so you know your bangers and mash are in good hands with them.

3. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is another classic underwear brand that makes a vast array of undergarments, including men’s boxers and modal-infused briefs that are super soft and silky. Whichever you buy, this brand is a household name for a reason; you can’t go wrong stocking your drawers with their drawers.

4. Lululemon

The name Lululemon is synonymous with comfort and performance. So why wouldn’t they make a fantastic pair of men’s underwear? While this brand is better known for leggings and yoga apparel, it has some impressively cozy items for your underwear drawer that are just as phenomenal to wear to the gym. 

5. Uniqlo

Uniqlo makes our list because its affordable, practical underwear can pretty much do it all. For the price, Uniqlo makes some of the comfiest and best men’s underwear you’ll find. The company is heralded for producing impressive basics, and its underwear line is no exception.

6. Sunspel

Sunspel falls squarely on the opposite end of the spectrum. These are high-society bloomers from a British brand that’s been supporting bollocks for ages now. And once you don a pair for yourself, you’ll understand why they’re so special. The material is luxurious, and the fit is befitting of any king’s family jewels.

7. J. Crew

J. Crew gets a spot on the list for providing an excellent midpoint between affordability and luxury. The boxers, in particular, are at a fantastic price point and are some of the coziest things you can sleep in, aside from the buff. Pure cotton in multiple colors and patterns makes these men’s undies even more appealing.

8. Tommy John

Things are serious when the brand is a guy with two first names. Tommy John goes above and beyond in the average Joe’s underwear drawer due to superior comfort and fit. These briefs will play nice with your between-me-down-there.

9. MeUndies

You’ve probably seen the name MeUndies before and been intrigued by the brand’s exciting colors and patterns. If you’re the kind of guy who likes his underwear drawer to show off some of his personality, MeUndies is definitely up your alley. And it’s a subscription service, so you’ll always have a fresh pair with cute little watermelons, silly monkeys, or whatever else floats your scrote.

10. Mack Weldon

A newer face on the scene, Mack Weldon is rounding out the selection. This is underwear that has thought of everything. They’re comfortable, quick-drying, fight back against odors, and are perfect for every occasion in the everyman’s life.

The top 5 men’s panties

We’ve covered the typical coverings, like boxer briefs and cotton underwear, but what about fellas looking for something silky and sultry? You’re still in the right place! Here are our favorite five men’s panties to add to your boudoir wardrobe (or show off on your Grindr profile).


1. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is touted as a fantastic men’s panty because it doesn’t read too masculine or feminine. So, if you want undies to cover a non-biney hiney, these are the ones.

2. Bali

Bali has some great panties, including the Skimp Skamp brief. Although they’re marketed for women, they have excellent coverage and a high-rise design, making them ideal for men’s comfort.

3. Calvin Klein

Yep, it’s your old buddy Calvin again! This brand is a superb pick if you want something cooling that lets you go cheeks out. 

4. Carnival

Carnival falls more into the sexy, feminine category with their lacey options, like the high-cut tux bikini panty. But if that’s what you’re after, you’ve found it with Carnival.

5. Hanky Panky

Not to be outdone by Carnival, Hanky Panky has entered the chat with its signature lace and vibrant, sexy colors. And as a nice bonus, they’re still soft and comfy enough for everyday wear.

And 5 options for jockstraps, just for good measure

We’re spoiling you for choice! Every gay man needs a pair of easy-access undies, so here are some of the best jockstraps on the market to wear everywhere, from the office to the circuit party.


ASOS is an excellent pick for undies because they don’t break the bank but might break your beau’s brain when he sees them. The signature jockstrap has mesh panels, perfect for letting someone know you’re gay right before you have gay sex.

2. Calvin Klein

What can we say about Calvin Klein that hasn’t already been said (by us)? Well, they make stellar jockstraps that are both sexy and simple — a delicious combo for the jockstrap chap. Calvin Klein also has a pride collection because they absolutely understand their target audience — and it’s you.

3. Topman

Who doesn’t like a good top? Topman jockstraps are simplicity incarnate. Their black jockstrap three-pack is the homoerotic equivalent of the little black dress. And everyone needs a few of those in their closet, right?

4. Adidas

If you want a jock to actually use for sports instead of just role-playing as the star player, you can absolutely trust Adidas’s well-constructed jocks. They feature moisture-wicking technology to keep your boys dry.

5. Emporio Armani

The name says it all, so you should wear these higher up so everyone can see the logo on your waistband. Armani’s luxurious approach to clothing extends to their jockstraps, justifying the price. They’re timeless, well-made, and usually don’t stay on very long in our experience.

Grindr’s picks for best male underwear

So, who’s on top for the comfiest of bottoms? More importantly, who will make your profile pics pop? Here are our three favorites from the list that should be in every dude’s rotation.

Calvin Klein

Shocking absolutely no one, Calvin Klein makes it to the top of Grindr’s faves for men’s underwear and virtually anything else you wanna wear between your pants and your birthday suit.


MeUndies makes it on the premier list because — unlike other common brands like Hanro, Hanes, and CDLP — these designs are made to express individuality. They manage to be some of the best men’s underwear available while also giving your partner a giggle.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon takes the third spot since this company has thought of everything. No matter what your undie needs are, there’s a good chance these will fulfill them.

The best men’s underwear for the cosmopolitan individual

Whether you prefer the humble boxer brief or some sensual silky panties, we’re here to support you — just as much as these luxurious underwear will. Use our guide to purchase the best cotton underwear and boxer shorts your dangly bits will ever have the pleasure of swinging in.

Do you know where that underwear would look best? On the floor of the next hot guyfriend who’s waiting for you on Grindr!

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