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The Gaga Glossary: The 42 Best Lady Gaga Songs

There are a million reasons to love Mother Monster. Here’s a roundup of the 42 best Lady Gaga songs to leave you starstruck.
Editorial team
July 27, 2023
June 15, 2024
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best Lady Gaga Songs
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Lady Gaga is the gift that keeps on giving. But with such a lengthy song library, how can you keep track? 

We’ve made embracing your inner Little Monster a little easier with The Gaga Glossary, a roundup of the 42 best Lady Gaga songs — in alphabetical order, because that’s how the hot librarian we met last week told us glossaries work.


Bob Fosse inspired the choreography in the “Alejandro” music video, which is all about Gaga’s gay besties. We’re here for the shoutout, but we can’t say we’d fight off a trio of Latin lovers like she does in the song.


A little bit old Gaga, a little bit new. You won’t be able to resist dancing to this one.

“Always Remember Us This Way”

You know that feeling of a fresh love that you know will fade over time? Gaga does too.


The first single of 2013’s ARTPOP, the title of this one refers to Mother Monster’s addiction: the adoration of her fans. We’ll put our hands together for that.


And then there’s “ARTPOP,” the song. This dark synth tune is criminally underrated.


The grimy, gritty opening track of ARTPOP shows a bit of Gaga’s seedy side, and we’re so here for it.


It’s not just Gaga’s allyship that makes her a gay icon. It’s her campiness. And that vibe is on full display in “Babylon.”

“Bad Romance”

The video for “Bad Romance,” the lead single from The Fame Monster, won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. But it’s the lyrics that really get us. “I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand.” Girl, same. 

“Bloody Mary”

2011’s “Bloody Mary” really took off in 2023, when TikTok fans superimposed the song over a clip of a dancing Jenna Ortega.

“Born This Way”

It’s only right that one of our favorite queer anthems comes from one of our favorite queer icons. She loves us just the way we are.

“The Cure”

Sometimes you just need a feel-good song about unconditional love.

“Dance in the Dark”

People have a lot of different kinks for a lot of different reasons. This song is for those who are only comfortable having sex in a dark room. No matter what your kink is, Mother Monster sees you.

“Diamond Heart”

Did you know Lady Gaga was a go-go dancer before she made it big? We see a glimpse of that experience in the protagonist of “Diamond Heart.” And while the story isn’t without its share of pain, the message is one of perseverance: When you make your heart unbreakable, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

“Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera)”

In light of co-songwriter R. Kelly’s sexual abuse allegations and eventual conviction, Gaga pulled the original duet from streaming services. But don’t worry — you can still listen to the Christina Aguilera version without the guilt of giving royalties to an actual monster.

“The Edge of Glory”

With lyrics inspired by Rocky Balboa and a music video with Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson vibes, “The Edge of Glory” can only be described as one thing: a winner.


In case you’d forgotten that Lady Gaga has some pipes, she taps into their full potential on this Davie Bowie-inspired track.

“Fashion of His Love”

Deeply affected by the loss of the late great Alexander McQueen, Gaga paid tribute to the fashion designer with “Fashion of His Love,” even performing at the 2010 Brit Awards in a garment he created.


Co-written and co-produced with Zedd, “G.U.Y.” (which stands for “girl under you”) didn’t get the critical reception many of Gaga’s songs do. But this EDM track makes for a fun listen, and any lyrics that tackle gender roles and BDSM are quick to make our ears perk up.


Gaga wore a mustache for her first live performance of “Gypsy” in Berlin. Dragalicious.


Anyone who’s ever dabbled in drag or zhuzhed up their locks with Toppik Spray understands hair’s power to serve as a form of self-expression. And Gaga does too.

“I Get a Kick Out of You (with Tony Bennett)”

Many iconic musicians have covered Cole Porter’s “I Get a Kick Out of You.” But Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett still managed to create a duet version good enough for three Grammy nominations. 

“I’ll Never Love Again”

If hearing this at the end of A Star is Born didn’t make you cry, are you even human?


The third official single from the album of the same name, Joanne references the death of Lady Gaga’s Aunt Joanne. But it’s meant to bring you up, not down — Gaga wrote this one with healing in mind.


This one’s for anyone who couldn’t resist a man who’d betrayed them. (All of us. It’s for all of us.)

“Just Dance (feat. Colby O’Donis)”

It took only 10 minutes for a hungover Gaga to write this dance-pop club anthem for her debut album. The song went on to spend three weeks in the number-one spot of the Billboard Hot 100. Hangovers hit differently when you’re a pop genius.


A song that refers to a penis as a “disco stick.” Need we say more?

“Marry The Night”

This Whitney Houston-inspired dance track is an ode to New York City nightlife, and there’s nothing there that we can’t get behind.

“Million Reasons”

A pop hit with sweet country vibes, “Million Reasons” sees Gaga’s soaring vocals reign supreme once again.


This track has zombie vibes, making it a perfect addition to your Halloween playlist.


This iconic pop hit is still one of Gaga’s best-known songs, and for good reason. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it gives regular Joes like us a glimpse of what life is like in the limelight.

“Perfect Illusion”

On a quest for authenticity, Gaga scrapped choreography for the “Perfect Illusion” music video, aiming (and achieving) something pure and raw instead.

“Poker Face”

Lady Gaga told Rolling Stone that “bluffin’ with my muffin” was a lyric about her pussy’s poker face, inspired by her own experiences with bisexuality. Queen.

“Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)”

Gaga teams up with another queer icon for this danceable hit, our favorite from the Chromatica album.


“Scheiße” may be the German word for shit, but this song isn’t about scatophilia. It’s about feminism, or that’s what Gaga claims. Whatever the song really means, one thing’s for certain — it’s fun.


Want to know what failure feels like? Try sitting in silence when this Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga duet comes on at karaoke night. (It’s impossible.)

“Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK)”

Lady Gaga loved BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK loved Lady Gaga. So Mother Monster’s eventual collaboration with the K-pop darlings should have come as no surprise, and the hypnotic song more than lives up to its sweet-sour name.

“Stupid Love”

Gaga has done her share of experimenting, but critics praised her for returning to her disco-inspired dance roots with “Stupid Love.” 


This rock power ballad is about not knowing what to say when faced with your parents’ mortality. Sure, it’s a little dark. But Gaga’s dad eventually got the open-heart surgery he so desperately needed, and Mother Monster was speechless no more.


Power, desire, and sadomasochistic sexual liberation. What’s not to love?

“Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)”

Gaga originally wrote “Telephone” for Britney Spears, who turned it down. When Brit also passed on the opportunity to join the song as a guest vocalist, Gaga had to settle for Beyoncé. We hope she’s recovered from such a traumatic experience.


In case it wasn’t obvious, Lady Gaga has a thing for sex. And hey! We do too. “Venus” is named for both the Roman goddess of love and the hottest planet in our solar system, and we think it’s far out.

“Yoü and I”

When Mother Monster sings, “Something about my cool Nebraska guy,” we have to agree. It’s hard to resist a corn-fed Midwestern man. In “Yoü and I,” Lady Gaga samples the classic Queen song “We Will Rock You” and features Queen’s Brian May on electric guitar. 

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