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Sex Room Ideas for Your Perverted Pleasure Palace

Explore your fantasies with these tips for creating a sultry sanctuary! Dive into our guide for steamy DIY sex room ideas.
Editorial team
January 18, 2024
June 20, 2024
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Sex rooms are a modern way to bring kink and BDSM into the comfort of your own home. But despite what the prudes and zealots want you to believe, kinky sex is a tale as old as time.

The ancient Mesopotamians — as in the people who literally invented the wheel and written language — worshiped the goddess Inanna in sexually charged rituals, including cross-dressing, whips, and men bowing to her in submission. 

That’s right, the Supreme Mother Dominatrix herself ruled millennia ago! Now, we’re blessed with a different sort of sex goddess, courtesy of the new Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room, in the form of Melanie Rose, renowned interior designer and Mary Poppins of adult playpens.

In each episode, she shows us that you don’t need a dedicated BDSM dungeon to build a kinky pleasure palace where you can explore all your dirty desires. Honestly, Christian Grey wishes his Red Room of Pain had a fraction of the elegant luxury of a Melanie Rose original.

Grab your ball gags and butt plugs and don’t forget your safe words, because these are our favorite sex room ideas to do your very own randy renovations!

Erotic architecture: How to design a sex room

Who said DIY can’t be sexy? Have you ever seen a construction worker?

You can subtly increase intimacy by turning your bedroom into a sensual honeymoon suite with textured wallpaper and tantalizing warmth. Or you can fill a hidden room with every sex toy known to man behind a sneaky set of Murphy doors. Hot.

No matter what fantasies you hope to fulfill, you can curate a kinky masterpiece that’s tailored to meet all your needs. Here’s how:

Decide on the space

This could be anything from your everyday bedroom to an unfinished basement or a Sprinter van you take on the road. Whatever floats your boat.

Map out some ideas on paper. Visualize where you see yourself getting tied up, stripped down, flogged, and fucked. Then, probably take a break to bang one out so you can think clearly through the rest of the planning process.

Consider with whom you’ll use the room

There are different factors to consider, depending on whether you’re spicing things up with your long-time partner, a polyamorous family of seven, or rocking it out single with a string of sexy rendezvous.

Each partner’s kinks, fetishes, and curiosities should inform how much space you need and which toys you stock.

Secret or not-so-secret?

You shouldn’t feel any shame around exploring your kinks or building this room (unless, of course, you have a shame kink), but if you have kids or frequent guests, you might want to consider some sneakier options that can tuck away discreetly. 

Maybe you have a punching bag hanger that moonlights as a Shibari hardpoint so you can get your exercise in two ways. There’s also inflatable or collapsible furniture that tucks away easily. You could try to pass your Saint Andrew’s Cross off as a coat rack, but even the most vanilla visitor might have questions.

Time to build

If you know your way around a renovation, get after it, honey! But if you don’t have a butch bone in your body and you swing an ax like Andre in But I’m a Cheerleader, then let us share some basic tips: 

  • Use a stud finder — first to joke about finding yourself, and second for finding studs in the walls.
  • Measure twice; cut once.
  • Check online for videos of other people assembling items when the instructions are inevitably terrible and confusing.
  • If you have a bunch of extra parts after assembly, that’s probably not good.
  • Go back and tighten screws and bolts after a couple of weeks. If things are going as planned, you’ll hopefully have shaken a few things loose.
  • Take before and after pictures, and probably some during, especially if you have a handyman fetish and things got a little harder than you expected.

Strap on your work belt, whip out your tools, and drill into your studs. It’s about to get dirty.

Our top sex room ideas

After you decide on the space and develop a generalized plan, it’s time to fill in the specifics. 

Check out our favorite freaky ideas to spark your inspiration:

1. Satin sheets, feathers, and a thick sheepskin rug

Even if you like it rough, soft surfaces are your friend. They’ll ensure you leave handprints rather than rug burns on each others’ asscheeks.

2. Leather and chains

Soft is a fine place to start, but nothing sets off sensations quite like contrast. Fast and slow, hard and soft, hot and cold.

Leather and metal are the perfect nod to the vintage leather daddy of your Folsom Street dreams — an undeniable aesthetic appeal for anyone chasing a traditional BDSM vibe.

3. The right music for the mood

A solid sound system can help you keep tempo. Hit the slow jams if you’re feeling sensual, or light things up with rock and trance beats fit for a dungeon.

4. Scented oils and candles

These MacGyver multitools of sensory exploration smell amazing and set the mood with flickering lights before they transform into an erotic massage lubricant, and… well, the hot candle wax speaks for itself.


5. Flavored lube and fresh fruits

Don’t neglect the taste buds in your aphrodisiac arsenal. You’re bound to use lube anyway, so zhuzh it up with a flavorful twist. It certainly beats impromptu olive oil. And fruit doubles as a sexy snack to keep you fueled up no matter how long Daddy says you’re not allowed to cum.

6. Soft, low lighting and sexy artwork

Visual appeal is an essential first impression when you walk in the room, so turn those lights down low and get some pornographic pics up on the walls to give your partner a sense of what’s in store.

7. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere!

They don’t have to be on the ceiling, but they certainly can be. At least one strategically placed full-length mirror is a must in a sex room. Watch yourself, watch your partner, and thank us later. You’re welcome.

8. Butt plugs

Build your treasure chest from the bottom up. Butt plugs are a perfect introductory sex toy because — lucky us — literally everyone has a hole to put them in!

9. Vibrators

In all varieties! Vibrating dildos, external massagers, and Bluetooth-controlled toys are just the beginning.

10. Handcuffs

Whether they’re furry, leather, metal, satin ribbon, or the tie you wore to work today, ensure there are plenty of restraint options.

11. Rope

A restraint category all its own. The intricate and sensual art of Shibari requires time and attention, control and surrender. 

12. Floggers

A foundational piece in any good bag of tricks. Even if you don’t love the sensation, they make for excellent sex room decor, so everyone who walks in that room knows exactly what it’s built for.

13. Riding crop

We got to watch Melanie Rose slap a lot of palms with her trusty riding crop — a mainstay in her bag of tricks. Great for a little slap and sting or as a prop in pony play. 

14. Role-play costume selection

Admit it; you’ve fantasized about an orgy with the entirety of the Village People ever since the first time you watched them perform “Macho Man.” Nothing is stopping you from stocking a little bit of everything in your sex room!

15. Games

Not sure where to start? Maybe you both want to relinquish a little control. Sex games offer variety and new ideas.

16. Sex swing

Hung from a ceiling joist or a bondage-friendly bed frame, the sex swing offers 360 degrees of angles and opportunities.

17. Saint Andrew’s cross

This one is a showpiece — as much an art sculpture as it is a sex device. It’ll have you strung up in a standing spread eagle at the mercy of your dom.

18. Sex chaise

Also known as a yoga chaise or Tantra chair, the ergonomic design makes it an accessibility king to get you into tricky positions, nullify height differences, and hit all the angles.

19. Spanking bench

This can be overt sex furniture in the form of a pony bench or bondage barrel. Or, you can keep it sly and subtle in the form of a multi-functional coffee table or ottoman. Hardpoints and restraints are crucial here, but everything else is up to you.

20. Wedge pillow

A simple, minimalistic way to give you some new angles to work with on the bed or the floor. This one won’t turn many heads and is a great way to dip a toe into expansive new sex horizons.

Get tied up in a new project

Renovations are never easy, but there’s no better inspiration to revamp an underutilized space in your home than imagining all the freaky fun you’ll have once you’re done! And Grindr is the perfect place to find all the hunks, hotties, Doms, or subs you need to fulfill your list of fantasies. 

Get the Grindr app today and get started.

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Table of Contents
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