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How to Douche for Anal Sex

Think of it less as a deep clean and more of a tidying up.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
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Here’s one for the Francophiles: ”Douche” is derived from the French word for shower. Don’t let the fancy etymology fool you, though. You can stick as many berets and Breton stripes on it as you like; it still means cleaning out your ass. And there’s no point in being squeamish either — it’s just part and parcel of anal sex.

Many well-practiced bottoms know that the path to expert douching is riddled with difficulties. The learning curve is often accident-prone and, yes, a bit messy. Who among us hasn’t spent hours squatting in the bath, hovering over the toilet, or lying on our backs with our legs in the air like a yoga class gone wrong while fiddling with some squirty, rubbery thing?

Douching 101: What is it?

Douching involves using some kind of device — perhaps a bulb douche or a fleet enema — to give your anal canal a gentle cleanse. More specifically, you’re cleaning out the lower part of the rectum, which holds poop. It can be done for medical reasons, but most gays know it as a time-honored lovemaking ritual.

How to douche safely: A step-by-step guide

For most guys who bottom, anal douching is a normal part of any day where you might expect to have sex — whether it’s before a hook-up, seeing a partner, or a trip to a club. If you’re new to the process (or looking to brush up on your technique), we’ll cover the basics of how to prep for anal.

1. Location, location, location

First things first: Where are you? The bathroom, we hope. It helps to be near a toilet, shower, or tub because if it goes successfully, you’ll need to drain away whatever comes out.

2. Get into position

You’ll need to reach your hole easily, so standing with a raised leg can help. Just imagine you’re a Rockette or a dog with a full bladder. Another technique is to get down on all fours, doggy style. As long as you’re over something with drainage and water on hand, that’s what matters.

3. Here’s the rub

However you’re douching, it helps to grease your fingers with a bit of lube and gently massage your anus and a few centimeters inside your rectum. It will prep your hole for your rubbery little friend.

4. You’re ready to douche

You can read more about the different methods below, but no matter what device you’re using, always use warm water and never force in the nozzle. If you’re ever feeling pain or brute-forcing it in, you need more lube. Words to live by, really.

5. Clean up

That means rinsing your douching kit, your bathroom, and your body. We’re not saying it’s a crime scene — at least, we hope not — but no one needs to find anything lying around after you’ve gone to so much trouble.

After that, you’ll be prepped and primed for mess-free anal play.

Types of anal douching

Opinions are like assholes: Everyone’s got one, and they’re all unique and beautiful. Fortunately, there are a few different types of anal douches you can easily buy online or at the drugstore to suit your particular anus.


Douche bulb

Cheap and simple to use, the douche bulb is the one most bottoms turn to in times of need. First, fill the bulb — usually made from reusable rubber or silicone — with warm water, then screw the nozzle on. Insert it into your hole, gently squeeze the bulb to send some water inside, and hold for about 10 seconds before letting it out. Repeat until the water runs clear.

Water bag douche

Some DIY queens give lessons on how to douche with water bottles as a last-minute hack. Everyone’s so creative! But if you’re not feeling particularly crafty, a pre-made water bag douche — similar to a hot water bottle you can hang on a hook — is a good method. It’s portable and easy to use, but you’ll need to replace the bag regularly to keep things hygienic.

Fleet enemas

These enema kits come with pre-lubricated nozzle tips to ensure comfort and just the right amount of liquid to clean your cornhole. The saline solution is gentler on your tushy than plain-old tap water. They’re a reliable way to get yourself super clean as long as you use the cleanser, not the laxative.

Shower douche

A fixture you can attach to your shower head to give you a multi-stream water jet — just ensure the proper pressure and temperature so you don’t send scalding water into your anus. Shower douches are often discreetly designed, so Mom and Dad won’t be asking any awkward questions when they’re staying over.

Staying healthy while douching

Although douching makes for a smoother trip to pound town, the act itself comes with risks and side effects to keep in mind.  

The rectum is designed to hold poop until your body says it’s time to let it out, so excessive douching may disrupt the equilibrium. Your gut is full of healthy, naturally occurring mucus, bacteria, and other flora, and flushing that out with too much frequency can dry out the colon and the rectum, causing irritation and sometimes infection.

Remember the following tips to ensure your gut remains sickening in the best possible way:

  • Always check in with your sexual partners on their sexual health. Excessive douching can increase your risk for STIs, so it’s extra important.
  • Load up on probiotic supplements, vitamins, and food. These help restore your intestinal flora, replenish your electrolytes, and bring your body back to a healthy balance.
  • Always douche with proper hygiene. Clean and disinfect yourself and your kit as well as possible.
  • Keep an eye on how often you’re douching, and allow your body time to recover.  

Some medical professionals assert it’s better not to douche at all to ensure maximum cleanliness and wellness. Instead, they recommend relying on a fibrous diet and self-cleaning with a bit of water. You can always check that you’re clean with a dildo, butt plug, or other sex toy.

Of course, you might not be into the au naturel approach. There’s only so much grilled fish and spinach one can take. If you don’t want to bet on a healthy bowel movement on the big day, douching offers something more reliable.

The most important rule is not to get too uptight about it. It’s a butt at the end of the day.

Ready to clean up?

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Table of Contents
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