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11 Shower Sex Positions to Get Dirty While You Get Clean

Finding a creative shower sex position is a great way to explore uncharted waters. Grab the silicone lube and try these 11 positions.
Editorial team
December 20, 2023
June 22, 2024
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Seeing a hot man lather up in the shower is enough to make anyone feel wet. Sex in the shower has all the ambiance, after all. It’s steamy, your partner’s naked body glistens under the showerhead, and it plays into naughty locker room fantasies. 

Finding the right shower sex position to get your partner squeaky clean isn’t as easy as it looks in porn, unfortunately. It requires a good bath mat, a little core strength, and sturdy moves. Here’s our list of the best positions for when your man is soaking wet and you want to explore him like a deep sea diver. 

4 safety tips to stay upright and excited

The obvious appeal of shower sex is that it turns that booty into a slip-and-slide. But, if you aren't careful, you might dive head first into your charming mid-century tile. Finding the proper position is only half the battle; the rest is equipping your bathroom and prepping for the steamy main event. 

Here are a few quick tips to ensure that the only body part you smash is those cheeks: 

1. Get a non-slip mat on your next Target run

Setting the scene isn't just about choosing your favorite sexy tunes. It's also about having sex safely. You aren't likely to lose your grip during a basic standing doggy. But, if you prefer wild sex positions, a shower mat with suction cups can keep you both firmly planted.

And remember, even though shower sex is great for a quickie, you shouldn’t make any sudden moves. Switch positions slowly to avoid slipping. 

2. Don't aim the water directly at your junk

You need a slightly slippery surface when you have sex. But when you have the shower head aimed straight at the dick and ass, things will start feeling paradoxically sticky. To avoid chafing, position yourself so the water flows down your or your partner's back.

3. Don't forget the toys

If you aren't stocking your bedside table with waterproof vibrators, dildos, and cock rings, what are you even doing? After a few minutes of penetration, water, and friction chafe the skin, and too much steam and sex might make you a little light-headed. To extend the pleasure, a vibrating prostate massager can loosen your hole and heighten the experience of soaping each other up.

4. Soap, shampoo, and silicone lube

As we said before, water is not an excellent lubricant. Likewise, water-based lube washes away almost immediately, and oil-based lubricants grease up the shower floor. Silicone lubricants are thick and waterproof, making them ideal for intense, uninterrupted shower sex.

Now that we have the disclaimers out of the way, let’s discuss those steamy shower positions!


Foreplay fantasies

If you want to save the big moves for the bedroom, the shower is a great place to scrub each other's junk first. And if the bedroom is too far, you can finish in the sink and enjoy the view in the mirror. 

  • Standing Oral: One partner stands facing away from the shower head while the other kneels and gives them an oral scrubbing. Bonus points if you reach around and give your partner's backside an erotic massage or loosen them up with some fingering
  • The Shower Rim: If you're wary about the cleanliness of rimming, the shower is the perfect place to overcome your fear. One partner sits down on the shower floor and shoves their face in the other's ass. Just try not to waterboard them between your cheeks. To get extra clean, prep with a quick douche
  • The Bullseye: One partner sits down on the floor, ready to suck, while the other stands over them with their legs on either side. Since the receiving partner stands relatively upright, they can control the motion with their hips.

Standing sailors

If you worry that the motion of the ocean is too much for acrobatics, these positions will keep you cumming on solid ground. For casual sex partners, these are the best shower sex positions to try before moving on to Olympic moves.

  • Standing Doggy: Facing away from the showerhead, one partner grips onto the shower wall while the other penetrates them from behind. For extra grip, the bottom can press their palms against the wall and push back. Likewise, the top can pin them against the wall or hold onto their hips. This position is fun for hair-pulling or reaching around and jerking the bottom off.
  • Stand and Deliver: A variation on Standing Doggy, the receiving partner bends toward the ground. They can rest their hands on the floor, or the top can hold their arms from behind. This position helps tops with a downward curving penis hit the P-spot so you can both orgasm before turning into prunes.
  • The Ballet Dancer: Both partners stand facing one another while the receiving partner rests one foot on a shower bench or the tub’s edge. For standard showers, the receiving partner can wrap a leg around their partner’s torso. This is a great position to hit the prostate for tops that curve upwards. 

All asses on deck

Why not take a load off before you take a load on (your face)? After all, there's no risk of slipping if you're already on the floor.

  • The Reverse Chairboy: This one’s for the fancy bitches with a shower seat. One partner sits on the bench with their feet on the shower floor. Facing away, the other partner straddles their lap, bouncing up and down.
  • Face-Off: One partner sits on a shower bench or the side of a tub (with some cushy towels) while the other straddles them, facing each other.
  • Slippery Seesaw: If you don't have a shower bench, the classic face-to-face seated move works on the shower floor, too. One partner kneels back while their partner straddles, lowering onto his cock. The bottom can kneel for a position that’s steamy and intimate or plant their feet on the floor and ride the wave. 

Synchronized sexing 

Shower sex isn't an everyday occurrence for most couples. If you want to rent a hotel room for a sexy birthday celebration or spice it up with a sex game, these moves will make your shower golden. These are angles where a sturdy bath mat comes in handy.

  • Hydro Hold: This suspended congress position requires a top with lots of core, leg, and arm strength — now that's steamy. The top stands upright and holds the bottom in the air, pressing their back against the shower wall. The top can interlock their fingers under their partner's ass or lift them by the knees, while the bottom hangs onto the top’s shoulders for dear life. The receiving partner can plant their feet on the opposite wall for extra grip if the shower walls are sturdy.
  • Wet Wheelbarrow: This is another move that requires strength from both partners. The bottom bends over and plants their palms on the shower floor while the top picks them up by the waist. The bottom then wraps their thighs around the top. This position is great for deep penetration combined with the feeling of warm water hitting your back. 

Get wet and wild on Grindr

Seeing your man naked, wet, and glistening is enough to make any shower sex position exciting. Just remember to buy the right lube and grab a strong mat. 

And if you're looking for a bathhouse buddy, you'll find him on Grindr. Download the Grindr app now and hit the showers!

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Table of Contents
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