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7 Chair Sex Positions to Take a Load Off Like Never Before

Tired of bouncing on your boyfriend in a boring old bed? Try one of these chair sex positions and transcend the mundanity of horizontal happy endings
Editorial team
April 15, 2024
May 21, 2024
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Beds set the scene for many things: sleeping, crying, tearing through that bag of Doritos you swore you’d never let between the sheets because what kind of animal does that? (Us. We do that.)

And sure, beds are absolutely for having sex, too. In fact, historically, they’ve been our go-to spot for fucking — not counting the ground, that is, depending on how historic we’re talking. 

But what about your thirst for adventure? Your desire for variety? Those carnal urges that remind you humans are indeed animals (exhibit A: empty Dorito bag), and animals get off with each other whenever and wherever (like the ground)? 

OK, hone it back in, Tarzan. But not too far. Just to the living room — for now, at least — where we’ll show you how to use a sex chair (or any chair, for that matter) in ways that’ll have you feeling like king of the jungle.

Saddle up! 7 chair sex positions to lose your seat over

First things first: What, pray tell, is a sex chair? Intentionally marketed versions exist (often in the shape of a giant plush stiletto), but the truth is most chairs can be sex chairs, regardless of their design. Think of it this way: A chair is essentially anything you can sit on. And if you can sit on it, you can probably fuck on it. And if you can sit and fuck on it, why not call it what it is? A sex chair. 

Whether he’s pulling your hair on a Wayfair or blowing out your BACKSÄLEN on a questionably assembled piece of IKEA, kudos to you both for unlocking one of life’s greatest hacks: Furniture is multi-purpose! 

Whether you’re a veteran sit-and-spinner or just assuming the throne, here are seven exciting sex chair positions that’ll have you both holding on by the seat of your pants:

1. The lap dance

Imagine if Magic Mike were set in Amsterdam (oh, if only). This sitting sex position is best with an armless chair, perfect for those who love to get hot and horny from hardcore eye contact. 

The top sits on the chair as he typically would while the bottom straddles him face-to-face. The bottom stabilizes himself by putting his hands on the top’s shoulders, while the top holds on to his partner’s hips for added stability. 

Just be ready to go deep — possibly way deeper than you might imagine. Stretch those hips and get ready for a dance so dastardly delicious you’re bound to blow that wad of singles in no time.

2. The hot seat

This one’s arguably the simplest — it’s literally just you and him sitting one on top of the other. But that approachability is also its appeal. Well, that and the fact that the riding partner can easily ground himself with his feet. This gives him more control, keeps him comfortable, and lets him get off without feeling like he barely survived a Barry’s glute workout.

Have the top sit down just like the lap dance. The bottom sits on top, just like the lap dance, but facing away. Pro tip: Try different angles to see what hits best where. Into bondage? You’re in luck. The hot seat is an excellent option for getting penal with your penetrative sex.

3. The lotus

The Kama Sutra might not have made it into Oprah’s book club (yet), but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most-read tantric sex manuals ever. And you better believe it refers to more than a few positions you can try in a chair, including the lotus.

Like the lap dance, the lotus is incredible for those who want a more intimate connection. It’s slightly more challenging to execute — basically chair yoga — but at the risk of sounding too literal, we think the squeeze is worth the juice.

Guess what, penetrator? You’re sitting down again! Penetratee, this is your moment to let all those yoga classes shine. Climb on top of your partner and wrap your legs around his back as if you were sitting cross-legged. A word to the wise: Not every chair is built for a position like this. But that’s why God invented Amazon Prime.


4. Standing doggy-style

This one’s not exactly a chair position but rather a position that uses a chair to facilitate penetration. Standing doggy is much kinder to both parties’ knees, making it easier to buck and bark without worrying about your tender cartilage. It’s a fantastic variant for those who swear by doggy style — similar enough to be familiar and different enough to feel like you’re trying something new.

Both partners stand, with the bottom bent over, holding onto the back of a chair, and the top behind him. The bottom can switch things up by raising one of his legs, and the top can grab his hips for more thrusting leverage.

5. The bowstring

Now we’re delving into the real ergonomics of advanced erotic chair sex. The bowstring just goes to show why sex outside the bedroom is often more conducive to rekindling a relationship than getting a second dog (not to mention way cheaper). 

The bottom sits in the chair while the top gets down on one knee before him. (You might want to make sure your bottom isn’t expecting a proposal … unless that’s your actual plan, of course.) The bottom lifts one leg and rests it on the top’s shoulder, exposing his hole.

Your results with this position will vary depending on the make and model of chair you’re using, so aim for something that makes this “pretzelish” sex position comfortable for both of you.

6. The XXX

What could possibly be more fitting for a list like this than a contender called the XXX? This is arguably one of the hottest positions on this list — and it’s particularly effective if you’re looking for gravity-assisted thrusting.

The bottom lays on his back across an armchair or chaise lounge, with the back of his neck resting on one of the arms and his ass propped up on the other. He lifts his legs up to his chest to give the top easy access. The top then supports himself using the chair to get the leverage he needs to take you both to Pound Town. Pillow princes, get ready to let those eyeballs roll. 

7. Oral (now with 100% more sitting)

Maybe all those suited daddies in under-the-desk-in-the-office porn scenes are to blame, but there’s something to be said for getting your dick sucked while you’re sitting. If anything, blowing your load while taking a load off is all the more relaxing. And on that note, the bigger the chair, the better the opportunities you have to riff on this position. 

Are you in an executive office swivel seat or a cushy conference room chair? Take turns having one of you sit while the other kneels. Or looking for a sexy take on a trust fall? Go with a giant egg chair or a bean bag, hold him upside down, and dive into a reclined 69. 

Sit on it!

Just because it’s called a La-Z-Boy doesn’t mean you can’t get a sexy workout on it. These seven positions are just the tip of the bottom of the bar stool; the ways to have sex on a chair are endless. So, break out of bed, and with any luck, you’ll soon be eating something other than dinner at the dining room table.

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Table of Contents
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