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The Male G-Spot: Get Ready to Orgasm Like Never Before

Is the male G-spot a myth? Or is it the secret to unlocking life-altering sex? Learn all there is to know about the spot that can rock your world.
Editorial team
April 29, 2024
May 21, 2024
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The G-spot: the fabled location that fingers and fucks yearn for. The origin of the orgasm and the final frontier of what it means to find pleasure during gay sex or masturbation.

“But wait!” you exclaim. “Do men have G-spots?” We sure do.

Are you ready to take the P-spot plunge? To learn all there is to know about the male prostate gland and how stimulation of this nexus of anal pleasure can take your orgasms from “wow” to “OMG — where am I?”

You’re in good hands. We’ll show you how to use a finger, toy, or a partner’s penis to improve your male G-spot play. Soon, you’ll go from a random button masher to the master of the Konami code (with a bit of training, of course).

What is the male G-spot?

The male G-spot, also known as the P-spot, is a whole new way to activate an orgasm response in your body. Scientifically (and less cutely) called the prostate gland, it’s an essential element of the male reproductive system. This spot isn’t to be confused with the female G-spot; our pals with pussies are working with slightly different hardware.

The male G-spot is, more specifically, the top of your prostate, which you can feel through the wall of your rectum. The prostate is responsible for producing the liquid for your sperm to swim in. Curiously, scientists aren’t clear on why prostate stimulation induces such intense feelings of euphoria. (We volunteer if they need test subjects for any experiments.)

The running theory is that the male G-spot has a lot of nerve endings that can activate during sex, making ejaculation and orgasm go from drab to fab with just a few fun flicks of a finger (or whatever floats your scrotum).

So, where is the male G-spot?

Let’s start by finding it from the outside. Stimulate your G-spot by rubbing your perineum — more commonly known as your taint. Feeling a rumble in the jungle? Yeah, that’s your prostate gland saying, “Daddy likey.”

Now that you’re feeling that sexy butt button, it’s time to butter up a finger and go spelunking for pleasure. Be prepared: Activating your G-spot from the inside is even more intense.

You’ll find the G-spot if you insert a finger and curl it toward the front of your body, almost like you’re making a “c’mere” gesture. The prostate is actually a lot closer to the outside of the rectum than people think, so it’s not hard to access it with a finger. For most people, it’s about two inches deep inside their anus.

How do you know if you’ve found it? Trust us; you’ll know. 

But for good measure, you should feel something slightly firm, roughly the size of a walnut, and currently giving out pulsating pleasure to your body like it’s nothing.

Putting the G in orgasm: How to hit the male G-spot

So, you know where it is. Now, how do you turn this thing on? Here’s how to stimulate your prostate with male G-spot play:

Talk to your partner

If you’re playing with a partner, start by talking to each other about your bodies. It might seem obvious, but you know your body better than anyone, so there’s nobody more qualified to guide him to your buried treasure. This way, you’re spending more time with ejaculation than excavation.


Take it easy

Sex isn’t a race, and more stimulation isn’t always better, so start off slowly before ramping things up. Find what feels good and play around with it, always staying mindful about what’s comfy for both parties. If that means treating your penis like a meat mallet, so be it. But most guys will want a warm-up first — maybe a little analingus?

Use a vibrator

Like many erogenous zones, the male G-spot benefits from the gentle (or firm) touch of sex toys like vibrators. Using a vibrator allows you to explore with a new tool other than your dainty little digits. 

And if you’re a top trying to find out how to activate your partner’s G-spot, a (clean and carefully maintained) vibrator can help. It’s certainly easier to focus when you aren’t balls-deep in a man’s rectum, activating your other P-spot (your penis, if that was unclear).

Experiment with different positions

They say different strokes for different folks, and this pertains to sex positions, too. With a little cooperation, you’ll quickly learn which positions help the top reach the bottom’s G-spot. This will be unique to each partner. Between your inside anatomy and your between-me-down-there, there’s a lot of geometry going on; you’ll have to solve for XXX.

Positions to pump that P-spot

Looking for sex positions to make you and your partner ejaculate like Old Faithful? We’re glad you asked.

Face down

Face down, ass up — that’s the way we like to fuck! This position is probably one of the best for accessing your partner’s pleasure center. Just remember to give them a pillow to bite; they’re gonna need it.

On the side

Let’s talk about fucking on the side for a second because it genuinely doesn’t see enough play in the boudoir. Not only is it one of the comfiest ways to get your freak on, but it also allows you to mack on your partner’s neck and face.

A little romance and relaxation go a long way; it could be the key to unlocking some Earth-shattering orgasms!


Doggy style is a timeless classic. And for a good reason; this is a tried-and-true way to engage in G-spot play. No frills, just chills — exactly the way we like it.

All hail the male prostate (and also sex positions that let you both watch TV).

Grindr: The OG of G-spot stimulation

Gay men are blessed with a million sources of pleasure. Mother Nature has always been an ally; why else would we be blessed with the capacity for a male anal orgasm? 

Ready to meet a man who’ll do X-rated things to your G-spot? Grindr is full of men with P-spots just like yours, and they’re just as hungry and curious as you are. Download the Grindr app now and get started.

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Table of Contents
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