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10 Amazing Oral Sex Positions to Wrap Your Head Around

Tired of giving (or getting) the same old BJs? These oral sex positions will spice things up whenever you’re going down.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
min. read
Table of Contents

There's a reason meal prep often winds up feeling like a chore. Putting the same stuff in your mouth every single day can get old. The same goes for oral sex (or any sex, for that matter, whether it involves penetration or not). 

After all, switching things up isn't just fun for whoever has the privilege of examining your tonsils with his power tool. It keeps things fresh and exciting for you, too. 

Whether you've been stuffing your piehole with the same slab of meat for a while or you've got a steady rotation going on, here are 10 oral sex positions to up your fellatio game, Grindr style.

1. Standing up

This one’s arguably an oft-overlooked, underrated classic, and the setup couldn’t be simpler. You’re on your knees, and he’s on his feet. Not only do you both have hot POVs, but he also has more mobility to use his hands to pull you deeper and control the speed. That’s not to say you’re entirely at his mercy. While you’re sucking, try taking the wheel by wrapping your hands around his ass or thighs. Don’t forget to tilt your head up when he’s getting close; we all know eye contact is a major plus when it’s time to make him cum

2. Upside-down

Another vertical variety of BJ, this one takes the standing-up pose a step further, but it requires a bit more core power from you both. Picture the classic Spider-Man kiss but instead of his lips, you’re going after his dick. He picks you up upside down by the waist or thighs with you facing his crotch while you wrap your legs around his neck for added stability (in other words, a standing 69). While you're down there, he’ll have easy access to your dick and ass, too. We bet you can feel those spidey-senses tingling already, can’t you.

3. 69

Speaking of every horndog’s favorite number, how could this list be complete without the one and only 69? Like assless chaps at Folsom or apple pie on the 4th of July, it'll never go out of style. When it comes to making sure everyone’s getting and giving their fair share, it really doesn't get any better (or easier) than this. It’s also the only contender on the list whose name doubles as a visual instruction manual, hence the name. Whether it’s side by side or one on top of the other, there’s really no wrong way to 69.

4. Face-sitting

When it comes to oral sex, the menu of options stretches far beyond all the different blowjob positions in the known universe. But what about the back? That’s right. We’re talking about rim jobs. Much like the importance of supplementing your RPDR consumption with adequate doses of Untucked, if you’re ignoring that ass, you’re (both) probably only having half the fun. 

There are more ways to eat his hole than you can flick your tongue at, but if you really want to send him into overdrive, lie down face up and have him saddle up atop your mouth while you jerk him across the finish line

5. Doggy style

Or, “Rimming Chapter 2.” Doggy style isn’t just for hitting it from the back — it's also carte blanche to the VIP booth at the all-you-can-eat butt buffet. Not only is eating his ass while he’s on all fours a sexy feast for you (or, with a bit of help from a sizable mirror, both of you); oral sex from behind is also practical because it gives you both a say in rhythm, depth, and intensity. As a nod to the importance of a well-balanced diet, be sure to use your mouth to give his dick and balls their fair share of backdoor love, too.

6. The giraffe

You might think you’ve never heard of this one, but we’re willing to bet your PornHub bookmarks would prove otherwise. And, as far as oral sex goes, it’s arguably one of the wilder animalistic approaches. You lie face up on the bed but with your head hanging over the edge while he, standing, fucks your mouth ‘til the cows come home. Or ’til he cums — whatever comes first. Chances are this one will test the limits of your pharyngeal reflex (aka your gag reflex), but if you’re looking to dip your toes in the waters of Dom/sub play, now’s as good a time as any. A word of advice: Breathe through your nose. 

7. Teabagging

Earl Grey, English breakfast, or oolong, who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea, dear? Especially when it includes a lemon meringue facemask. All Mrs. Doubtfirisms aside, teabagging is as simple as it sounds — and often, hopefully, as deliciously sloppy as Mrs. D prepares hers. Your mouth is the mug; his balls are the bags. We like to think of it as an ode to joy that is the sensation of scrotum-tongue play — after all, nutsack skin happens to be some of the softest. Teabagging pairs perfectly with a face-sitting session since you’re already in the neighborhood. Or, if he’s looking to work in an easy set of squats, that’ll do, too.

8. Sit-and-kneel

Backtrack with us to entry #1, where he was standing and you were kneeling. Now he sits. Like its upright counterpart, this position provides ample opportunity for hot, hot eye contact and mutual rhythm control. 

9. Sideways

Two’s never a crowd, but three (or more) is always a party. And when you're having a party, everyone should be in on the fun. That's what sideways sucks are good for — groups. In this position, you're on your side, blowing someone who's also on his side, which allows him to blow someone else, who could, just maybe, be blowing you. Or someone else … who’s blowing you. Long live the circlesuck! 

10. The classic 

We’ll end with an oldie but a goodie, the tried-and-true missionary position of blowjobs. He lies on his back while you and that magical mouth of yours hold court between his legs. Wanna really blow his mind? Give the grapefruit technique a whirl. You can thank us later (maybe over bottomless mimosas at breakfast?).


More than a mouthful

We’ve said just that (if not more). Now it’s your turn. If you’re ready to show off all your suck-and-blow skills, you’ll find plenty of guys looking to get mouthy (and more) on Grindr. Download Grindr and get to it!

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Table of Contents
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