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Spill the Juice: Is the BJ Grapefruit Technique Worth the Hype?

Looking to add some variety to your oral sex arsenal? Learn everything you need to know about the tantalizing grapefruit technique.
Editorial team
May 3, 2024
May 21, 2024
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Ready to put something on your grocery list that’ll make your man grunt with glee? No, we’re not talking about his favorite food — although it might quickly become that if you use it right.

We’re talking about grapefruit.

Nature has been producing bountiful, bussy-like fruits since the dawn of time; we all know what that peach do, right? But if you’ve ever been on the internet before, you may have heard about the grapefruit technique being used to give a whole new meaning to breakfast in bed.

So, what is the grapefruit technique, and how can you turn your produce into a pleasure power tool? Let’s discuss this revolutionary way to give a BJ.

What is the grapefruit technique?

The grapefruit technique or “grapefruiting” is a tasty oral sex act where you hollow out a grapefruit to aid you in giving a blowjob. The idea is to run the fruit up and down the shaft while you’re fellating as a two-for-one sexy special. 

And no, we’re not making this up. The grapefruit technique trend is a cornerstone of modern meme mythology. Legend has it that sexpert Auntie Angel first demonstrated the technique at a bridal party in 2002. Whether that’s the exact origin or not, she eventually released a demo video in 2012 that took the internet by storm, gaining several million views. (That was a lot of views back then, OK?)

How to grapefruit your man

Let’s talk about how to get a juicier orgasm out of your main squeeze using the delicious, nut-tritious grapefruit technique:

Allergy alert

Citrus allergies aren’t common, but they do exist. Check with your resident penis-haver to see if they have issues with fruit before you buss down with produce of any kind.

The flavor is (mostly) irrelevant

For those curious about which specific citrus works best for this, it doesn’t matter if you use a ruby red grapefruit or a pomelo; you could probably even get away with using an orange if you prefer sweet over sour. The flavor is more for you than it is for the blowjob, so don’t worry about it too much (ruby red grapefruit is apparently the sweetest if you aren’t a navel orange fan).

Meal prep

Like most wild sex ideas, you’ll need to do some prep to ensure it’s the best experience possible. A good grapefruiting grapefruit should stay unpeeled and left at room temperature. You could also get it slightly warm because that’s kinda fun. (Warm water will do the trick; just don’t stick it in the microwave.)

Here’s a play-by-play for prepping your grapefruit:

  1. Rinse your grapefruit thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Gently roll the citrus around on a hard surface. This will help get the juices flowing, which will help get his juices flowing.
  3. Use a knife to cut off small slices on either end of the grapefruit.
  4. Cut a hole through the center of the fruit, accounting for the girth of the blowjob recipient’s penis.

And with that, you’re ready to engage in fruit-enhanced fellatio!


Slurp’s up

You’ve got the grapefruit, your partner’s got the boner, and it’s time to turn memes into magic. Start by sliding the grapefruit over the head of their cock. Twist the fruit up and down the shaft while you focus most of your oral energy on the head. Make good use of the juice and really go to town. We might even recommend a bib.

Clean up

Cleaning up is very important, especially if the sex is transitioning into good old-fashioned anal. Citrus is the last thing you want anywhere near your anus. Gently but thoroughly clean the area to remove any juice left on the penis or balls. You can use wet wipes or take a sexy shower together. 

Is the grapefruit method safe?

Wondering whether giving someone a grapefruit blowjob is safe? It’s a valid concern; citrus fruit isn’t exactly known for its gentle juice. But that doesn’t make it inherently dangerous, either. You can still incorporate grapefruiting into your foreplay without causing a medical emergency if you employ some understanding and planning.

Use a condom

Covering your penis-wielding partner with a condom creates a barrier between their skin and the grapefruit that significantly reduces the chances of irritation. Just remember that if you’re going to pick a flavored lube or condom, it shouldn’t clash with the grapefruit flavor — for the sake of your palate, mainly.

If something feels wrong, it probably is

The moment anyone feels a strange tingling or burning sensation, it’s time to put the fruit down and assess the situation. If the blowjob giver is getting citrus in or around his eyes, you can rinse them with cold water to flush any juice out.

Any mild redness or irritation will likely clear up within a few days, but you should consult your doctor if it doesn’t. Consistent pain or stinging in the eyes or penis will likely require a trip to the doctor. Relax; you won’t be the first person in there with a produce-related sex injury, although we’re doing our best to help you avoid that.

If someone starts exhibiting symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, they need emergency medical care. Symptoms may include hives, trouble breathing, nausea, vomiting, and weakness. A medical professional should assess any reaction immediately, just to be certain.

Get that transcendent sweet and sour suckage

It might sound slightly silly to give your partner a blowjob with a grapefruit. That’s because it is. But who wants to have a sex life devoid of flavor? Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all you need to have some extra fun in the bedroom. Whether you’re a berrylicious bottom or a crop top, we could all do with a sexy side of something different to shake things up.

Looking to perfect your technique but have yet to find a willing participant? Find fruit enthusiasts of all kinds on Grindr. Download the Grindr app now and get started!

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Table of Contents
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