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Benefits of Oral Sex That’ll Make You Crave His Candy Cane

There are as many benefits of oral sex as there are dicks to suck. We’ll give you a mouthful! Here are 10 BJ boons to share with your besties.
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February 8, 2024
June 20, 2024
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Actions speak louder than words. And sometimes, a mouthful of your partner’s cock is the best way to let them know you care.

Like all of life’s fine things, blow jobs hardly need a PowerPoint presentation with a cost-benefit analysis. There’s something primal about letting someone gobble you and swallow you until you drip down the side of them. Simply put, pleasure is the only reason you need to put your head in your partner’s lap.

But if you’re searching for extra encouragement to become a blow job queen, oral sex provides plenty of benefits for both parties. Regular oral sex burns calories and promotes weight loss, relieves aches and pains, and might even double as mouthwash. What’s a blow job if not a wellness routine? 

Need more reasons to get down? We’ll uncover the art and science of giving (and receiving) head. 

Is oral sex healthy or not? 10 health benefits

Looking for an excuse to head to the candy shop and lick that lollipop? Here are 10 health benefits of choking on your partner’s penis (and/or providing a penis for your partner’s choking needs).

1. Sex burns calories

What’s fellatio got to do with your waistline? According to experts, sex is an effective way to increase your heart rate and send blood flow to the skin, giving you that post-workout glow. 

Likewise, several publications claim that 30 minutes of oral sex burns up to 100 calories — a fun alternative to 10 minutes of jogging. And if you’re a side, teasing out 30 minutes of oral is like a good topping session without the intercourse.

Creative positions offer even more opportunities for sexercise. Learn how to give a BJ in downward dog or spice up your next blow job with some coach-athlete role-play. 

Still, you shouldn’t bank on blow jobs alone as your meal ticket to weight loss. Vigorous intercourse and marathon handjobs are other sexual exercises that burn fat and help you lose weight. 

2. Boosts your metabolism 

You don’t just burn calories while you exercise. Increased blood flow boosts your metabolism, which burns calories long after the last stroke. Although a quick BJ isn’t as effective as daily strength training and cardio, regular sexual activity doesn’t hurt either. 

3. My neck, my back, etc.

There’s no need to download that face yoga app to work out your jawline. Regular oral action keeps your tongue, neck, and jaw engaged. All that licking and slurping can make your face look more youthful. 

But blow jobs aren’t all vanity. An out-of-shape tongue, throat, and jaw can lead to muscle stiffness, snoring, and headaches — or make it difficult to (ahem) swallow. 

4. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away

There’s a reason your desire to get it on feels insatiable. Every time you cum, your brain gets blasted with oxytocin and dopamine. These “love hormones” are your body’s natural chill pills. They counteract the stress hormone cortisol, reducing stress and anxiety. 

Your body releases higher doses during ejaculation, but studies suggest that sexual desire, arousal, and foreplay are important triggers, too. Even if it’s just casual sex, taking the time to set the mood with music and fully enjoy your partner’s member can make that post-sex feel-good vibe even more intense. 

5. Helps you get a good night’s rest

Have you ever had a partner who cums, rolls over, and immediately falls asleep? We don’t blame him. (Okay, maybe we blame him a little bit.)

Post-nut narcolepsy isn’t just from the bedroom workout; that aforementioned burst of oxytocin helps you snooze. Orgasm and a nap? Sounds like wellness to us. 

6. A cure for the common cold

Okay, slight exaggeration. A small study of university students found that students who engaged in frequent sexual activity tested higher for immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that is the first line of defense against colds and influenza.

Whether higher antibodies were the cause or effect of an increased sex drive needs more study, so don’t forget to grab your annual flu shot before cuffing season. 


7. Live longer

What’s the secret to a long life? Sex, of course. Like other forms of cardiovascular exercise, sex requires your heart and lungs to work harder. Over time, they become stronger, improving the flow of blood and oxygen in your body. Although oral sex can’t substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet, it’s one way to lower your risk for heart attacks, stroke, and other heart diseases. 

8. Deeper intimacy with your partner

We’re all looking for ways to connect more deeply with our partners. What better way than to connect the tip of their dick with the deepest reaches of your throat?

Studies show receiving oral sex is important to men’s sense of masculinity. If you or your partner is a masc daddy, going dick to cheek can boost his confidence and self-esteem. Likewise, the privacy and intimacy of oral sex can enhance your perception of the quality of your relationship, regardless of how you finish. 

9. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

The more often you cum between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely you are to develop prostate cancer. Men in their 20s should aim to ejaculate once a day. After that, you can cut down to at least 5 times a week — not that you’d want to. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need five blow jobs per week, but there are worse ways to get your rocks off.

10. BJs improve bladder control

Kegel exercises don’t just help you hold onto your load. Regularly exercising your pelvic floor helps improve your bladder control, which comes in handy as you age.

Overblown blow job myths

Is oral sex good for you? Sure. But it isn’t a remedy for all your problems. Here are three misnomers about slobbing the knob:

1. Ejaculate whitens your teeth

Go look at your toothpaste and check out the common ingredients. Zinc, calcium, and phosphorus are often advertised as the key to healthy, white teeth.

Sperm is full of the same minerals and enzymes, but that doesn’t mean you should ask your partner to unload on your toothbrush. Although it isn’t bad for your oral health, there’s just not enough of these ingredients in sperm to make a dent in your dental care.

2. It’s good for your skin

Baby batter facials are another old wives’ tale. (Those were some crafty old wives, though.)

It’s true that cum is full of protein — about 5 grams per every 100 milliliters. It may sound like a lot until you consider that the average ejaculate is closer to 1.5 milliliters, and you need around 55 grams of protein each day.

That’s a lot of splooge. Like, a lot a lot. You’d need a daily bukkake from hundreds of your closest hookups to get that Maybelline skin. Rather than rubbing your partner’s cum into your face, stick to Sephora for your skincare needs.

3. Oral can replace other healthy habits

Variety is the spice of life. When it comes to staying healthy, a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and attention to mental wellness are all integral.

Although oral sex can reduce the risk of heart disease and deepen intimacy with your partner, it’s not enough on its own. Enjoy oral sex for what it is: a fun experience that (hopefully) leads to a toe-curling orgasm. 

Lick that lollipop

There are as many benefits of oral sex as there are dicks to suck. And now that you know BJs can increase longevity, boost your mood, and help you sleep, it’s time to get out there and put that mouth to work.

If you’re looking for a new partner to give head to, you’ll find him on Grindr. Download the Grindr app and start searching.

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