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10 Standing Sex Positions to Give Him a Standing O

Don’t take life lying down. Here are 10 standing sex positions that will guarantee you aren’t the only thing standing at attention.
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February 16, 2024
April 16, 2024
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When the mood strikes, it doesn’t exactly send a calendar invite. The need often feels urgent — like there’s barely enough time to grab the lube (please do). Sex standing up isn’t just a way to spice up the bedroom; sometimes, it’s a necessity. 

Perhaps you glimpse your man in the shower, water cascading down his backside. Maybe you find yourself watching him cooking your favorite meal from behind and immediately want to toss his salad. Or you lock eyes at a party in such a piggy way that it leads to a quickie in the bathroom. When the urge suddenly feels insatiable, the only option is to get down while standing up. 

Forget setting the mood with a sexy playlist and a room full of candles. Standing sex is about raw, unscripted banging. And with our favorite standing sex positions, you’ll be ready to stand your ground and pound whenever the mood strikes. 

Rise to the occasion: The 10 best standing sex positions

Your glute routine isn’t just for aesthetics. Standing sex lets you put all those thrusts, squats, and stretches to good use. Let’s explore some positions that will keep you both on your toes.

1. Standing Oral

Standing oral takes slutty eye contact to new heights, a move so hot it can jeopardize any planned penetrative sex. The intense stare of your partner’s eyes while they take your cock is enough to make you cum on their face before you get to the intercourse. But hey — why not go for round two?

How to do it: It’s pretty self-explanatory. While one partner is standing, the other kneels on his knees and sucks, licks, and masturbates his partner’s Peter. Standing allows the receiver to thrust, pull hair, or turkey slap his penis on his partner’s face and tongue. Likewise, the giver has more freedom with his hands, exploring his partner’s thighs, hips, or hole until everything tingles.

2. Afternoon Delight 

Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms don’t let you splay out and spread ’em wide like your bed. To compensate, this hot standing missionary position gives you lots of sexy face-to-face action and deep upward thrusting. 

How to do it: The bottom sits on the edge of a sturdy surface (like a table, desk, or countertop) with his ass near the edge. The top stands facing him and penetrates, lifting the bottom’s legs to control the angle and thrusting. For double the pleasure, either partner can jerk off the bottom. 

3. Deep Stick

Bottoms getting plowed on a table in the Afternoon Delight position can easily transition into this position to really fill that hole. It allows for hard thrusts, deep penetration, and potential P-spot stimulation. Have a diva moment and throw all his stuff off his desk. Make him punish you like the naughty secretary you are.

How to do it: The bottom lays on his back on a solid surface with his butt over the edge. The top stands facing them and penetrates. For deeper impact, the bottom can raise his legs above his head or let his partner wear them like shoulder pads. 

4. Stand and Deliver

Be forewarned: This fun sex position is a full-body workout reserved for the daddies with enough strength to pick up and fuck their partner. The top will work up a sweat, using his glutes, core, legs, and arms to balance while ramming away. If you need motivation to hit the gym, the Stand and Deliver sex position will help you keep that New Year’s resolution. 

How to do it: The partners stand facing each other, and the top lifts the bottom up, interlocking his fingers under the bottom’s ass or supporting him from below the knees. The bottom hangs on like a koala, with his arms around the top’s neck. For extra sturdiness, the top can ram his partner against the wall or lean back against it himself.

5. Reverse Wheelbarrow 

If “sweet and tender” doesn’t do it for you, try this wild sex position. You’ll feel the blood rushing to both heads when you perform this acrobatic feat.

How to do it: The bottom does a headstand while the top penetrates from behind. The top supports the bottom by holding underneath his thighs and pulling him in. For an easier transition into the Reverse Wheelbarrow position, the top can start out seated, letting the bottom find his grip before standing up and lifting him.


6. The Bodyguard

This is a go-to for your standing sex position starter pack. It’s a standard doggy position that provides the intimacy of spooning. If you have performance anxiety about standing sex positions, The Bodyguard will make you feel more supported than a pair of compression shorts.

How to do it: Both partners stand upright, facing the same direction. The top penetrates from behind, thrusting or letting the bottom push back as deep as he wants. For lots of manual stimulation, the bottom can wrap his arms backward, grabbing onto his partner’s ass to control the rhythm. Meanwhile, the top can feel up his partner or jerk him off.

7. Three-Legged Dog

While doing The Bodyguard, you can easily transition into the Three-Legged Dog by propping a leg up on a chair or table. If you want to get extra freaky (and open wide) for your partner, you can even pull your ankle above your shoulder. Just be sure to stretch (or do a full yoga session) before assuming this challenging position. 

How to do it: The bottom stands next to a wall or against a sturdy piece of furniture, like a dresser or counter. He leans forward, supporting himself with his forearms. One leg stays firm on the floor while he raises the other. The penetrating partner can support his partner’s raised leg from underneath, or it can rest on the furniture.

8. Prison Guard

If the penetrating partner’s penis curves down, this kinky take on traditional doggy style will hit every single spot. The Prison Guard is extra hot for dominant tops, only letting go of the bottom’s arms to receive a standing ovation. 

How to do it: While standing upright, the bottom bends at the hips with his hands behind his back and butt facing his partner. The top grabs onto his partner’s hands or wrists, penetrating from behind. To spice up the dominance, tie the bottom’s hands. The top can also hold onto his hips or slap his butt.

9. The Pyramid

Standing sex requires a lot of stamina. The Pyramid is great for testing your strength until your toes curl, but it also lets you naturally move into a lying position when it’s time to pound like your life depends on it.

How to do it: The bottom lays on his back on the floor, bending his knees toward his shoulders. The top squats down and penetrates, supporting himself on his partner while thrusting downward. If he gets too tired before orgasm, the top can transition to a kneeling position and continue pounding.  

10. Booster Seat

For big booty hoes who like to twerk, the Booster Seat is a position that combines The Kama Sutra with your favorite dance move. Although the top can take the lead, the Booster Seat is perfect for power bottoms who love to give out orgasms. This is a difficult position, so you may not want to break it out on your first casual encounter unless you really want them to know what that booty do. 

How to do it: The receiving partner squats on a raised surface while the penetrator stands behind them. Cue the bouncing. This is a versatile position, allowing either participant to take control. The bottom can plant their hands in front to bounce on that dick, or the top can grip their partner’s waist or shoulders while they pound. 

A performance worthy of a standing ovation

Perfect your Mountain pose and enjoy the best standing sex positions. All it takes is a little stretching and a sturdy partner. If you need another man to help you stand on your own two feet, you’ll find him on Grindr! Download the Grindr app today and start searching.

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Table of Contents
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