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15 Butt Exercises for Men: That Wagon Ain’t Gonna Work Itself Out

If you want to make those cheeks clap (and inspire standing ovations), here are 15 of the best butt exercises for men to bake that cake.
Editorial team
December 21, 2023
June 20, 2024
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Perky and sculpted, plump and curvy. Round, firm, jiggly, or athletic. Cheeks that fit in the palms of your hands and cake that's too much for a single bite. Booties come in all shapes and sizes, and they're all beautiful. 

While a summer Speedo or a clubby harness are the best options to show off all your junk, every season is tush season with the right outfit and attitude. Plus, building an ass so fat you can see it from the front is one sure way to get over an ex or stand out in a profile pic

No matter what shape you want to sculpt, there are plenty of glute exercises to add to your workout routine. Here are 15 butt exercises for men to ensure that tush turns all the boys’ heads. 

Why work out your glutes? 

It's okay if you just want to fill your jeans. But an ego boost isn't the only good reason to add Bulgarian squats and deadlifts to your gym routine. Here are three reasons to work out your glutes. 

1. Your ass is your body's most powerful muscle

Together with your calves, hamstrings, and lower back, the glutes are your strongest muscle. This muscle group, called a “posterior chain,” acts as an anchor to a strong core, stabilizing your hips and protecting your lower back. The stronger and more efficient your ass, the better your overall flexibility, balance, and strength. 

All the explosive, functional training required to build a strong butt applies in and out of the gym. Strong glutes help your deadlifts, rows, and kettlebell swings, promoting the growth of other muscle groups. Likewise, they give you stamina for multiple sets of powerful bedroom thrusting. 

2. You're going to have a fat booty

Whether you're wearing cut-offs or oversized trousers, glute exercises will make your ass look fat and perky. And paired with a balanced, consistent workout routine and a healthy diet, your derriere will create an optical illusion of unforgettable proportions. How so? As you become leaner and fat turns to muscle, your butt looks rounder. While a strong ass isn't necessarily something you should brag about in your bio, a booty pic is a great digital aphrodisiac

Strong glutes make sex a lot of fun

Variety is the spice of life. When it comes to sex, experimenting with different positions or locations can make sex feel fresh and exciting. Maybe you want to lift your partner up and pound them against the wall, ride a sex toy, or simply want stamina for lots of hard thrusting. Strong glutes help you deliver an Olympic performance. 

How to get a big butt: Work the entire glute

Your glutes are divided into three different gluteal muscles: gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Choosing exercises that work all three muscles improves flexibility and movement — and creates a rounder, firmer-looking dump truck. 

If you're wondering how to get a bigger butt, the key is to focus on three kinds of movement patterns that hit each muscle: 

  • Forward and back movements that extend the hip and push the femur behind the core, like a single-leg Romanian deadlift.
  • Side-to-side movements that angle the leg away from your core, like a lateral lunge. 
  • Twisting movements that rotate the leg away from the core, like a hip abduction with a resistance band. 

If you're interested in serious weight lifting or isolated training (rather than full-body workouts), it's a good idea to consult with a personal trainer or professional to create a balanced workout routine. 

Build a booty: 15 workouts for a strong butt

Whether you do butt workouts at home or in the gym, there are plenty of exercises to build a strong glute workout. Here are 15 of our favorites:

1. Bodyweight hip thrust

Sitting against a sit-up bench or couch, bend your knees flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Stretch your arms along the length of the bench or place them on your hips or stomach. Flex your core, push with your heels, and raise your hips as high as possible until your body creates a straight line. Squeeze your glutes and hold the position momentarily before lowering into the starting position. 

To up the difficulty, you can perform the same movement with a single leg. Plant one leg on the ground while the other is lifted toward your chest. Both thighs should make a straight line. 

2. Barbell hip thrust

Over time, you'll outgrow bodyweight hip thrusts and need to add extra resistance. You can use a barbell with plates or a hip thrust machine. If you're using a barbell, position yourself against the bench with the barbell above your hips and legs extended. Engage your core and push your hips upward. Hold and slowly lower your body. 

3. Lunge

Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart, shoulders back and relaxed. Engage your core muscles. Take a step forward with one leg, shifting your weight onto it. Lower your body until the leading leg's thigh is parallel to the ground, forming a 90-degree angle at the knee. Your front knee should be directly above your ankle, and your chest lifted. Press into your front heel and propel back up to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg. 


4. Walking lunge

If you're lucky to train in a big, empty gym or enjoy exercising outdoors, the walking lunge is a great alternative to a regular lunge. Step forward with the other leg rather than returning to the starting position. 

5. Romanian deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is a go-to exercise for athletes and serious weightlifters because it builds strength and size. You should learn this move with an experienced weightlifter, as poor form leads to back and shoulder injuries. 

Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Tense your core and push your chest out. Bend your knees slightly, lean forward from your hips, and push your butt behind you. Grab onto a barbell or dumbbell and straighten into a standing position, keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Lower and lift the weight, keeping it close to your body. 

6. Hip extension

Standing upright with your feet hip-width apart, tense your core and shift your weight slightly onto one leg. Keeping your leg straight, extend the other leg back as far as you can without arching your back. Focus on activating your glutes to do the movement. Alternate with your other leg. You can wear ankle weights or use a hip extension machine for added difficulty.

7. Single leg deadlift

Stand with your feet together. Activate your core and straighten your back. Place your weight onto one leg. Bend forward at the hips, extending the opposite leg behind you for balance. Reach toward the ground, keeping your raised leg and back straight. Slightly bend the other knee. Return to the starting position and repeat. For more resistance, you can use dumbbells in one or both hands. 

8. Donkey kick

Although it sounds like slang for sex, the donkey kick is a great exercise to isolate the gluteus maximus. It's an uncomplicated movement that's gentler for beginners. 

Get on all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Lift one leg, knee bent, and push your foot towards the ceiling. Keep your hips level and back straight. Lower and repeat. 

9. Curtsy lunge

A curtsy lunge is a compound exercise that works your whole glute and quads. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Cross one leg behind the other at a diagonal, bending both knees as if curtsying. Keep your front knee above your front ankle. Push back up to the starting position and repeat. 

10. Sumo squat

Position your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and point your toes forward. Tense your core, bend the knees, and squat down. Keep your back straight, shoulders loose, and knees aligned with your toes. Push through from your heels to stand. This is a simple exercise to add weight with dumbbells or kettlebells. 

11. Side lunge

Side lunges are excellent warm-up exercises to stretch your hips and thighs. Plus, they give your side glute more mass. Begin with your feet together. Step out to the side, bending the knee of the stepping leg and pushing your hips back. Keep the other leg straight. Push back up from your heels to return to the starting position. 

12. Step ups

Stand in front of a bench or sturdy chair. Step up with one foot, pressing through your heel to lift your body onto the platform. Bring the other leg up to meet the first. Step back down with the leading leg, followed by the other. Alternate the leading leg with each rep. 

13. Split squat

Position yourself in a staggered stance, one foot forward and the other behind you. Lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the ground and your rear knee nearly touches the floor, keeping your front knee above your ankle. Drive through the heel of your front foot to return to the starting position. Switch legs and repeat. 

14. Bulgarian split squat

To hike up the intensity of a split squat, try a Bulgarian. Place your back foot on an elevated surface with your knee on the ground. Push your chest up and straighten your back. Bring your other leg to a 90-degree angle. Straighten your arms and lean your torso forward until your hands are beside the middle of your foot. Using your planted heel, drive your body upward. Turn this into a dumbbell exercise for added intensity. 

15. Glute bridge

Lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart, close to your butt. Press your feet into the floor and lift your hips toward the ceiling, squeezing your glutes at the movement's top. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lower your hips back down and repeat. 

Nothing minimus about that gluteus

It’s up to you to define what makes you feel sexy in your own skin. And if that means building a fat ass with the best butt exercises for men, we support you. 

Once you’re ready to find your booty admirer, you’ll find him on Grindr. Download the Grindr app now and get ready to put all that junk in the trunk to good use!

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Table of Contents
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