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10 Car Sex Positions for Riding in Your Ride

You can turn any position into a car sex position if you’re flexible enough, but some are easier than others. Here are 10 to prove us right.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
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You can't control when the mood strikes, and we don't blame you for feeling the sudden urge to get off in unconventional, risqué places. After all, the thrill and spontaneity are natural aphrodisiacs that send adrenaline coursing through your veins and blood to your cock. 

Sex in the car is a common fantasy. And if you're on a date, both feeling horny and ready to skip straight past the talking phase to the casual sex, you might only have enough patience to get to the driver's seat.

But it's not exactly the most ergonomic scenario. Figuring out how to have car sex involves some potential speedbumps, like bruises from the steering wheel, staining the upholstery, or catching an indecent exposure charge.

The trick is finding the right car sex positions for a comfortable quickie. With some practice and light stretching, you'll find out whether your partner has a gear shift in their pants or they’re just happy to see you. 

Licensed to bang: The 10 best car sex positions

Your partner's ass isn't the only thing that's tight. Finding a good position to have sex in a car requires more maneuvering than a three-point turn. But with a little trial and error (and your favorite steamy sex songs on the stereo), you'll learn to drive stick in no time. 

1. The Cruiser

Even if you're not vanilla, car sex might feel too taboo to dabble in. And rightly so. No one needs a criminal record — not to mention the mechanical issues when you’re caught off-guard without lube options or time to douche for anal.

Surprising your partner in the garage is a great way to be safe while feeling the thrill of a sneaky rendezvous. Plus, you can bang on the hood, get pinned against the car, or pop open the trunk. Rest assured, you can climax as loud as you want without worrying about actually getting caught. 

How to do it: With your partner parked in the garage, lean into the driver's window and feel him up like an officer in your favorite Tom of Finland illustration. Alternatively, you can call your partner out to the garage to find you jacking yourself in the driver's seat.

This doubles as a chance to comfortably explore role-play and dirty talk. You can pretend to be strangers cruising around town. Once you're both ready to move past the foreplay, unleash all the horsepower as you race toward the finish line. 

2. The Travel Buddy

It's tough being in the passenger seat: You have to be a masterful conversationalist, handle the playlist, and jerk the driver off. As a good travel buddy, it's up to you to copilot toward a happy ending. 

How to do it: It's pretty simple: Just reach over and jerk your partner off. And while you're at it, why not engage in some classic roadhead? Just be safe and make sure the car is parked. Likewise, you don't have to limit yourself to a single travel companion. If you're riding in the backseat with your two favorite boy toys, reach over the console and show off your ambidextrous skills. 

3. Carboy

This go-to position is fit for car sex connoisseurs of every skill level. It's a standard boy-on-top position you practice in “normal” circumstances that gives you plenty of control to hit the P-spot and lets you pull him in as deep as you want. 

How to do it: With the top sitting in the passenger or back seat, the bottom climbs over and straddles his lap. Alternatively, the top can lay across the backseat to ensure the only tight squeeze is that ass. This positioning also allows easy manual stimulation while being penetrated.  

4. The Stargazer

While you’re taking it in the carboy position, you can easily transition into the Stargazer by leaning back over the middle console. Since the console might be slightly uncomfortable, the Stargazer is better suited as a finale when everyone's focused on the orgasm. It allows for harder and deeper thrusts and lets him pull out and cum all over you. 

How to do it: One partner sits in the backseat while the other straddles, supporting their back over the middle console and gripping each headrest. Bottoms can plant their feet on the backseat to bounce or let their partner wear their ankles like earrings while they thrust. 


5. Reverse Carboy

If your partner's penis curves down, this alternative to the classic carboy will help you hit all the right spots. Plus, the regular carboy might make it hard for the top to, well, top, so the reverse carboy is more diplomatic. It's simple for the top to pound or the bottom to ride. 

How to do it: The top sits in the middle backseat, and the bottom climbs on their lap. The bottom can bounce in a sitting position or kneel over the console like a traditional doggy style. Similar to the carboy, the top can also lie down across the backseat for more comfort and reach around to play with their partner’s dick. 

6. The Spoon 

Spooning is another excellent option for beginners since it's a familiar position outside of a vehicle. It may even be better here, as the headrest lets you comfortably elevate your legs and hit all the juicy spots. 

How to do it: Both partners lay in the back seat in a semi-fetal position as the top enters their partner from behind. Just be wary of surprise seat belt buckles. 

7. The Rooftop Suck and Fuck

For fancy bitches with sunroofs, this is a wild sex position that lets you stretch out your legs and easily give your partner a facial. And although a view of the stars is an added bonus, be extra mindful of seeking seclusion. 

How to do it: One partner stands inside the car with their upper body poking out of the sunroof while their seated partner gives them a blow job. (Bonus points if you get some fingering action in, too.)

To switch to anal, the seated partner flips around and kneels into a doggy position while their partner plows from behind, supporting their ass on the console or grabbing onto the sunroof. Just don’t lean on the horn.

8. The Caged Butterfly

Missionary can be tough to accomplish in a car, but it's worth a little squeezing to make this classic move work, especially for tops that curve upward. In compact vehicles, limited space means maximum penetration and deeper intimacy. The top rams close and deep while both partners get a full view of each others’ bodies, guaranteeing you steam up the windows quickly. 

How to do it: Fully push back and recline the passenger seat. The bottom sits, pulling their feet and legs back in a butterfly position and pushing their ankles wide open. The other partner kneels on their knees in the footwell and plows away. 

9. The Tailgate

Another missionary position. This is a move for car owners that can collapse the backseat for more trunk space. Or, if you think ahead, leave it at home and fill the whole rear end.

How to do it: The bottom lays on their back, elevating their butt in a bridge position with their shoulders on the floor. The top gets on their knees, leans back, and penetrates from below. Alternatively, the bottom can make a V-shape and support their legs on the car's frame, butt pointing upward, while their partner pile drives them from above. 

10. Pumping Gas

How many people does it take to fill a tank? Three, apparently. This is a fun sex position to try out with a third wheel that ensures everyone gets to pump. It requires one participant to give doggy while standing outside of the car, so it's not exactly something you should practice at the gas station parking lot.

How to do it: Partner 1 gets into the backseat and kneels on all fours. Partner 2 stands outside the car, pounding them from behind. At the same time, Partner 1 gives oral to Partner 3, who’s sitting against the opposite door. For a little more room, the partner getting penetrated can have their butt outside the car door. Although everyone isn't technically inside the car, it definitely counts as car sex. 

Back seat, windows up, that's the way I like to…

You don't have to be a licensed sexologist to master car sex positions. It just takes a little flexibility, patience, and some lube in the glovebox. And remember, the thrill of the open road might give you a boner, but you should choose secluded, private spaces to honk each other’s horns — or park it in the garage. 

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Table of Contents
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