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28 Greatest Gay Songs to Celebrate Pride

Warning! These songs may induce: euphoria, clack fans, voguing, and death drops.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
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There’s no time like Pride Month to be out and proud. But you’re going to need a playlist to get you hyped. So we’ve put together a list of Pride songs good enough to keep you dancing all year long. From throwbacks to new faves, our Pride playlist has a little something for everyone.

Pride Songs

1. “Don’t Stop Me Now” — Queen

We may have lost Freddie Mercury, but you can’t stop his voice from amping you up for Pride, so don’t even try.

2. “Grace Kelly” — MIKA

So many gay songs, so little time. If you miss Freddie’s phenomenal falsetto, try MIKA on for size.

3. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” — Wham!

Straight people who excitedly sing along to this song might not realize what it’s really about — one man telling his partner to wake him before he heads off to go-go dance at a gay club. George Michael earned his spot in queer heaven for this one.

4. “That’s Not My Name” — The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings put the T in LGBTQ, offering up an anthem for anyone who’s ever known the disrespect of being deadnamed.

5. “Take Your Mama” — Scissor Sisters

Who needs another sad song about coming out? Not Scissor Sisters, who instead deliver a catchy tune about a gay man giving his mama a taste of his fabulous life.

6. “Losing My Religion” — R.E.M.

The world was a different place when singer-songwriter Michael Stipe came out as queer in 1994. But we bet plenty of people lost their religion to R.E.M.

7. “Walking with a Ghost” — Tegan and Sara

One of the quintessential queer indie bands of the ’90s, a time when people didn’t come out for clout.

8. “Beg for You (feat. Rina Sawayama)” — Charli XCX

Allies, take note. Charli XCX doesn’t just talk the talk. She collaborates with queer artists and raises money for the community. And we dare you to try not dancing to her electro-pop bops.

9. “What I Need (feat. Kehlani)” — Hayley Kiyoko

Wish you could see the “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror again for the first time? Hayley Kiyoko has you covered with the music video for “What I Need,” featuring two futuristic lesbians on the run.

10. “All the Lovers” — Kylie Minogue

No list of Pride songs is complete without a little taste of this diva from Down Under. Enjoy this dance hit from one of our favorite honoraries, Miss Minogue.

11. “Dancing On My Own” — Robyn

IKEA is cool and all, but Robyn and ABBA are the only Swedes we need.

12. “Bulletproof” — La Roux

La Roux never wanted to be a queer hero. She just wanted to make great music. And this song is proof.

13. “Kiss” — Prince

Prince was all about blurring the line between masculinity and femininity. He was the prince of being who you want to be, which makes him a queer champion in our eyes.

14. “Born This Way” — Lady Gaga

“No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life — I'm on the right track, baby. I was born to survive.” If this isn’t an LGBTQ song, we don’t know what is.


15. “Vogue” — Madonna

With “Vogue,” Madonna made a queer art form mainstream, and we thank her for that.

16. “Sissy That Walk” — RuPaul

Next time someone calls you a sissy like it’s an insult, channel Mama Ru with an unapologetic, “And?”

17. “Fashionista” — Jimmy James

This fiercely campy song goes out to all the queens who know how to serve.

18. “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” — Sylvester

Every Pride playlist needs a little disco bump. Crank this one when you’re in the mood to dance yourself free of society’s judgment.

19. “Le Freak” — CHIC

Written after bandmates Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards got turned away from Studio 54, “Le Freak” is a ’70s disco hit you won’t need any bouncer’s permission to enjoy.

20. “Y.M.C.A.” — Village People

According to one of the co-writers of “Y.M.C.A.”, the song’s meaning has nothing to do with gay sex — it’s about playing basketball and having good, clean fun. But pair lyrics like “you can hang out with all the boys” with the other titles in the Village People song library (“Fire Island,” for example — don’t even try to tell us that one’s about a burning bush)? Way gay.

21. “I’m Coming Out” — Diana Ross

Nile Rodgers strikes again, co-writing what’s become one of the queer community’s most prized anthems.

22. “Believe” — Cher

Cher has earned her place as a queer icon. And this song is a great reminder that your life doesn’t have to be defined by the struggles you face.

23. “Dancing Queen” — ABBA

Disco, queens, and dancing. Is there a better recipe for a timeless gay anthem?

24. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” — Cyndi Lauper

A role model for queer people and allies alike, Cyndi Lauper is a life-long advocate for having fun and showing your true colors.

25. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” — Elton John, Kiki Dee

Sir Elton was the first openly gay knight. Need we say more?

26. “Unholy (feat. Kim Petras)” — Sam Smith

“Unholy” won Sam Smith and Kim Petras the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance in 2023, making Petras the first trans woman to receive the award.


Kevin Abstract leaves no room for misinterpretation with lyrics like, “I told my mom I was gay, why the fuck she ain't listen?” We might not get much representation in the hip-hop world, but BROCKHAMPTON offers a range of gay rap songs to round out your Pride playlist.

28. “MONTERO” — Lil Nas X

Since coming out in 2019, Lil Nas X has become the gay hero we never knew we needed. And with the release of what some call the “gayest top single in Billboard history,” it’s clear he’s coming into his own at a time when the world is more ready than it’s ever been.

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Table of Contents
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