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How to Striptease: Turn Him On by Taking It Off

Wanna learn how to striptease like a pro? Our tips will help you dance like everyone’s watching. Here’s all you need to know before you drop it low.
Editorial team
July 15, 2024
min. read
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Ready to turn up the heat in the bedroom and leave your partner's jaw on the floor? A sultry striptease isn’t just about peeling off your clothes; it's a tempting art form that's sure to spice up your sex life.

If you don’t know how to striptease, you’re probably thinking, "I'm not a professional dancer!" or "I'm too shy for that kind of thing." Worry not! You don't need a pole-worthy routine or a stadium-sized ego to perform a striptease that'll have your partner begging for an encore.

Whether you call it a strip tease, strip dance, or any other name, it’s all about confidence, creativity, and the electrifying power of anticipation. So shed your inhibitions and let your inner stripper take the stage. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to do a striptease, including the ideal music, attire, and setting to make your partner’s fantasies into reality.

Defining a striptease

So, what exactly is a striptease? At its core, a striptease is a sensuous performance where you slowly (oh-so-slowly) remove your clothing, revealing glimpses of your body in a way that leaves your partner absolutely spellbound.

“But, I get naked every time I do the deed! What makes this special?” Well, like all worthwhile things in life, a striptease is about the journey — not just the destination. A well-executed striptease is a symphony of desire, where every move, every glance, every piece of clothing that hits the floor is a note in the erotic melody you're composing.

Picture this: You start fully dressed, perhaps in something that makes you feel incredibly sexy. As you sway, shimmy, and strut your stuff, you peel off your layers one by one, revealing your body inch by tantalizing inch.

Best of all, the power dynamics are in your favor. You're in control, and your partner is at your mercy, craving each moment as you inch closer to the grand reveal. It's about making them hunger for what's under that last piece of fabric, leaving them yearning for your touch and the promise of what's to come.

The art and craft of the striptease

A masterful striptease depends on careful preparation and a sensuous execution. Here are some tips for giving your partner a performance they’ll never forget:

Pick a tantalizing tune

Ask any stripping pro, and they’ll tell you the first step is choosing the right music. A well-curated playlist sets the tone and rhythm for your performance.

Do you want a high-energy performance that will have your blood pumping? Opt for an upbeat banger and tear your clothes a new one as a preview of what’s to come for him.

Alternatively, you could put on a sultry ballad and take things slow, giving you plenty of time to show off your best assets. It’s all about the story you want to tell.

Dress to impress

Next, consider your attire. Each clothing item should be selected with intention, adding to the narrative of your strip dance.

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure you can actually get the garments off in a sexy way. There’s nothing erotic about the sound of velcro shoes being unstrapped.

From there, it’s all about complimenting your physique and choreography (more on that in a bit). Maybe you want a thin, white shirt you can get all wet or a pair of tear-away track pants for a dramatic reveal. 

Set the scene

The location also plays a crucial role, whether it’s a dimly lit bedroom or a den with a crackling fire. Maybe you want to cook up something nasty in the kitchen. We don’t judge.

Consider his comfort (or lack thereof), as well. Whether you shove him onto a bed to watch the show or tie him to a dining room chair, curating his experience can elevate your performance from good to unforgettable.

Make your moves

Don’t know how to strip? It’s easier than you think. When you’re putting together your performance, you don’t necessarily need to memorize a fully choreographed routine — although it’s certainly an option.


Still, it helps to have some reliable moves to fall back on. Here are some classic maneuvers that are sure to get him going:

  1. The sultry unbuttoning: Start with a button-down shirt that's easy to undo. Stand in front of your partner, maintaining eye contact that could melt ice. Undo one button at a time, moving your fingers sensually over the fabric. Give a glimpse of what lies beneath as you reveal more skin with each undone button.
  2. The seductive slide: For this move, you'll need zippable bottoms. Begin by facing your partner and rhythmically swaying your hips. Make your way to the zipper, maintaining that irresistible eye contact. As you slowly unzip, inch your pants down your hips, teasing a tantalizing peek of your undies.
  3. The grand finale: Once you're down to your birthday suit, end your striptease with a flourish. Consider a provocative pose or a sensual dance move that showcases your confidence and allure. Maybe you want to maintain a strict “look, don’t touch” rule. Or perhaps this is the time to give him that lap dance he’s been craving.

Strip tips to up your stripping game

Ready to take your striptease game to the next level? We'll delve into some expert tips and tricks that'll have you performing like a seasoned pro.

  • Start small: Think of your first striptease as a delightful appetizer, not a seven-course meal. A wink and a smile can ooze sex appeal just as easily as a complete routine.
  • Stretch first: Depending on how provocative you want to be, a little warm-up can go a long way. No need for a full workout; just loosen up and get into the groove.
  • Rehearse your moves: Play around with different movements. Find your inner dancer, whether he's a bodacious burlesque artist or a cheeky cha-cha charmer.
  • Prepare the setting: Burn some candles, dim the lights, or even light up a disco ball. Create your stage, whether it's grand or cozy.
  • Maintain eye contact: Eye contact is the connection, the unspoken bond that turns a performance into a shared experience.
  • Engage your audience: Engaging your audience is vital, so ensure he always has a good angle on the action. Play with distance and touch to draw him in.

Embracing your body, regardless of shape or size

A striptease is a celebration of you — in all your fabulous glory. It should inspire self-confidence, not leave you feeling overexposed.

Here's how to shine like a stripping star and feel good doing it:

  • Celebrate your uniqueness: You're one of a kind, baby! Let your individuality sparkle by customizing every detail to cater to your personality and build.
  • Wear something sexy but comfortable: Whether it's a silk robe or your favorite pair of jeans, if it makes you feel hot, it's perfect.
  • Unleash your Magic Johnson: No, not the basketball legend! Your own personal… magic! That special something that makes you irresistible. Maybe it's your smile, your swagger, or that twinkle in your eye. And definitely don’t forget to dangle that dick.
  • Remember, confidence is key: Strut your stuff with pride. Confidence is the sexiest accessory (and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a Birkin bag), so use this as an opportunity to gas yourself up.
  • Challenge negative thoughts: Recognize and challenge self-doubt. Remind yourself that you’re worthy of love and admiration, just as you are.
  • Relax and enjoy it: An orgasm-inducing dance doesn’t require perfection. Authenticity is the name of the game. Your partner wants to see you at your sexiest (emphasis on you).

Handling nervousness

A stripping routine is about gyrating — not jittering. Although a little exhilaration is a good thing, stage fright can kill the mood. Here's how to channel those butterflies into a sizzling performance:

  • Start with a simple tease: Dip your toe into the striptease pool with a small, flirty gesture. It's like a wink with a twist.
  • Communicate with your audience: A little chat can set the stage. Ensure you and your partner are in sync and ready for the show.
  • Move slowly: Think slow dance, not sprint. Savor each moment, each glance, each sway of your hips.
  • Remove one item at a time: Make a game of it. Each piece of clothing is a chapter in your story. Tell it slowly, and let the show begin!

The final tease

Now that you’re a striptease star, you’re only missing one thing: Somebody to watch your routine. Fortunately, we’re here to help. You’re sure to find your audience among the millions of active users on Grindr.

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Table of Contents
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