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Love Bites Be Gone! How to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast

Want to know how to get rid of hickeys fast? Here’s Grindr’s guide to getting rid of those garish romance stamps.
Editorial team
June 6, 2024
June 22, 2024
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Almost any steamy makeout session is likely to make a pitstop at the neck on its way to other body parts. Some guys gently graze your throat with their lips as a sensual suggestion. Others approach it like they're sucking deadly snake venom out of your jugular.

Whichever level of enthusiasm comes knocking during a necking, there’s always a chance the culprit will leave a little (or a lot of) evidence. The ensuing hickey has long been associated with more juvenile or embarrassing intimate encounters, which is why most people would prefer to make it disappear. 

If you don’t want your boss to know you’re getting treated like a Jolly Rancher off the clock, here’s how to get rid of hickeys fast.

What is a hickey? Are they dangerous?

Hickeys are actually bruises, albeit sexy ones. Often called love marks or love bites, they’re generally harmless. Yes, they’re hot and feel fantastic when your partner knows what he’s doing. But in reality, he’s just bursting the blood vessels beneath your skin, causing them to leak.

Most people associate hickeys with the neck, but they can appear on any part of your body that you and your partner deem suckable. You’re probably less concerned about an impressive shiner on your inner leg, but if you are, the following hacks can work wonders for that (obviously) tasty thigh meat.

Hickeys are only problematic if you experience severe pain. You should also consult a medical professional if you notice bruises appearing where there hasn’t been any sucking.

How long do hickeys last?

OK, so he lasted approximately six minutes (and what a lovely six minutes it was), but how long will his vamp stamp be branded on your flesh?

Well, that partially depends on how aggressive his suck game is. The most intense hickeys could last up to two weeks, but a garden variety gumming will probably dissipate after a few days. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the healing process so you aren’t walking around with a giant bruise for that long. 

How to get rid of hickeys fast

They don’t go as quickly as they come (oh, if we had a nickel). Still, you can mitigate the mottled mauve marks and even make them mostly disappear. The best part? None of our suggestions for how to make hickeys go away involve wearing a suspicious turtleneck in the dead heat of summer. You’re welcome!

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is the Swiss Army knife of skin healing. We can’t recommend it enough for various skin issues like burns and bruises. Many people even grow aloe vera plants in their homes, cutting out the middleman and making it significantly easier to access a go-to hickey-hindering solvent.

Hot packs

A hot compress can heal hickeys fast, but you should only apply it once a hickey has made its home on your neck for at least 48 hours. You can use a heating pad or a warm towel; just make sure whatever you’re using isn’t too hot, or you’ll give yourself another mark.


Cold packs

Not to contradict ourselves, but a cold compress can be just as helpful for reducing suck-related swelling as a hot one. Cold helps reduce inflammation and alleviate any pain. However, cold compresses work best when applied to the skin within 12 hours of contact.

Arnica cream or gel

Arnica has been a popular home remedy for years, so it’s no surprise it would fit comfortably in your emergency de-hickey kit. You can find topical arnica gels and creams over the counter at your local pharmacy or wherever you buy snacks and toothpaste.

Topical vitamins

Concentrated topical vitamins are known to do miraculous things for your skin, making them one of the standard hickey remedies. Vitamins K and C, in particular, are excellent for overall skin health and could help alleviate discoloration from a hickey.

Banana peel massage

Sometimes, it’s precisely what got you into a situation that can get you out of it. Bananas aren’t just our favorite phallic fruit; they’re a phenom for dealing with a stubborn hickey! But if you’re trying the banana peel route, get ready to commit; we suggest massaging the area in question for up to 20 minutes for best results. Maybe do this one behind closed doors?


OK, so concealer isn’t exactly going to accelerate your healing process. Still, it’s undoubtedly going to hide the hickeys on your neck while your blood vessels get their shit together. But be warned: Hickeys are notoriously hard to hide if you don’t use the right concealer — and you might accidentally highlight them.

Mark our words, not our necks

We’re all for you and your guy attaching yourselves to each other's necks like remora fish. It’s undeniably sexy to suck the ever-loving-ish out of an erogenous zone and look at it like, “Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.”

But if you have a business proposal to nail in the morning and nothing but collarless shirts in the closet, you'll need something to help lower the swelling ASAP (no matter how swollen that love bite made the rest of you).

For these moments, remember: Bananas are both the problem and the solution.

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Table of Contents
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