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Guided Masturbation: Porn That Does the Thinking for You

Solo pleasure can be a lot of work, but you can lighten the load with guided masturbation. Not sure where to start? We’re here to lend a helping hand.
Editorial team
January 4, 2024
June 22, 2024
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Imagine this: You're lying in bed surrounded by a box of tissues, a tube of lube, and your favorite vibrator. On second thought, that probably isn't very hard to imagine. After all, if you’re like most, you’ve probably been jerking off regularly since puberty.

Although masturbation is always fun, repetition often breeds boredom. And unless you're a sexual fantasy savant, it may be difficult to consistently deposit new scenarios into your spank bank. 

Great masturbating is like great sex: Rushing straight to climax feels unceremonious, but a little teasing, anticipation, and steamy foreplay leads to explosive orgasms. Sometimes, the best way to spice up your solo session is with outside assistance. 

That’s where guided masturbation comes in handy. In fact, it takes care of just about everything except the handy. Let’s explore the world of assisted self-pleasure. 

What do you mean by "guided"? 

Guided masturbation is an immersive audio experience that blends elements of point-of-view (POV) pornography with the directive nature of guided meditation. During a guided masturbation session, you are given explicit, step-by-step instructions on how to touch and explore your body, enhancing the experience of your solo sex. 

Many guided masturbation audios incorporate narrative storytelling, letting you engage your imagination and visualize different scenarios or partners. It's like artsy porn for the ears, where auditory stimuli overpower your senses to arouse and guide you to climax. 

Depending on the platform and content creator, you might listen to simple instructions (like how to tease yourself with a vibrator) or fantasy-driven stories (like receiving a blow job from the cute neighbor down the hall). 

Why should I try guided masturbation? 

Guided masturbation allows you to live out sexual fantasies without leaving your apartment — or talking to anyone! If that isn't enough to convince you, here are some more benefits: 

You get to cum

Getting to blow your load kind of speaks for itself. 

You develop more awareness of your body

Similar to getting off to porn, guided masturbation doesn't require a lot of thinking. Your chosen narrator tells you how and when to touch yourself. All you have to do is sit back and focus on your senses. 

Guided masturbation sessions can last a few minutes or over an hour, giving you plenty of time to feel yourself up. It's a great way to discover new erogenous zones, rhythms, or angles that can make masturbating or sex with a partner better. 

You can explore new kinks safely

It can be overwhelming to explore a new kink or fetish with a partner. Whether you’re interested in role-playing or exploring dom/sub power dynamics, you can use guided masturbation audios to dive into kinks without any physical or emotional risk. It isn't just liberating; it can give you the confidence to discuss and embrace your sexual desires in real life. 

Likewise, some sexual fantasies may not be easy or safe to do in real life. Giving your hot boss a rim job during your lunch break sounds exhilarating, but shitting where you eat may be better left safely in your imagination. 

You can improve your sexual performance

If you have difficulty climaxing or keeping up your stamina, learning new masturbation techniques for men from audio instruction can be like your personal sexercise routine.

Guided masturbation can teach you patience, control, and the art of edging. Plus, you learn what sensations work best for your body. With consistency and regular practice (poor you!), you could see massive improvements in your performance and enjoyment. 


You can learn to be a better partner

Not only is guided masturbation one of the best ways to masturbate for guys, it might teach you a thing or two. Whether you want to be a better top or bottom, a good narrator can fill you with ideas to please your partner.  Practice on yourself to build up anticipation, find different rhythms, and explore new approaches to pleasure, then unleash them on your partner.

Likewise, if you and your partner are long-distance or curious about phone sex, a well-produced episode can turn you into a seasoned pro. 

How to prep for guided masturbation

Fortunately, a solo session doesn't require you to do too much prep. Forget about shaving your bussy, douching, and picking out a cute outfit. But a little preparation before engaging in hand-to-gland combat helps heighten the experience.  

  • Set the mood: Everything has a time and place, including flicking your bean. Scrolling through guided masturbation apps on the toilet during your lunch break probably isn't the sexiest way to get yourself in the mood. Instead, try it on a quiet afternoon or while you wind down from your day in a comfortable space. While you're at it, dim the lights, fire up some candles, and put on your favorite queer anthem
  • Scan through your options: Guided masturbation apps are as varied as porn itself. You can simulate a threesome with a partner in each ear, hypnotize yourself with auditory aphrodisiacs, or keep the fun going all day with an edging audio. It’s easy to fall into that familiar Netflix paralysis, scrolling aimlessly for just the right thing. Nobody likes preparing a meal for an hour just to eat it in five minutes, so try to narrow down your options before you start.
  • Choose the right narrator: Picking your guide is like casting the lead in your personal erotic movie. If you're team Edward, you don't want to hear Jacob talking about his throbbing cock. Preview a few before choosing your personal chauffeur on the trip to Pound Town. 

Let the masturbation games begin: Our favorite guided masturbation audios

There are lots of self-pleasure tutorials and audio options to titillate your eardrums. Here are five of our faves:

1. Naughty Audio for Men

There aren't a lot of guided masturbation audio platforms designed just for gay men, so we’re positively turgid over Naughty Audio for Men. The show features a mix of podcast interviews, guided tantric masturbation, and phone sex with listeners and special guests. If your dick gets wet hearing a man with a deep baritone voice telling you he wants to fuck you, this is the platform for you.

2. Gay Tantra

Although short-lived, this podcast archive offers plenty of episodes dedicated to experiential storytelling. It describes itself as a “heart-pounding, cock-throbbing, real-life gay sex” podcast full of interviews, discussions, and stories for audio sluts to jerk off to. You can find all episodes on Spotify

3. Dipsea

Dipsea is an erotic audio platform that’s heavy on storytelling, with characters who experience entire multi-episode narrative arcs. There's James, the "rule-breaking college professor," and Ewan, an "1800s Irish stablehand who's anything but a gentleman." And if you want to simulate cuddling after a good fuck, there's even audio where hot men lull you to bed and stick around until you fall asleep. Talk about a fantasy land. 

4. JOI videos on Pornhub

A lot of guided masturbation platforms are dedicated to listeners who find themselves on the straight and narrow. Luckily, Pornhub and other platforms are full of gay ASMR audios, POV role-playing, and JOI videos (aka jerk off instructions). Not only do you get to hear lots of moaning, dominant directions, and dirty talk, but you get to see your host orgasm with you, too. One of our favorite creators is the appropriately named Jay Strokes. 

5. Quinn

Although Quinn bills itself as an audio erotica app made by and for women, they have an ample section of M4M audio to enjoy. Plus, the rest of their categories are simple to navigate, with entire audio sections dedicated to ASMR moaning, overheard sex, and praise, to name a few kinks.

Let Grindr lend a helping hand

Just because you know the feeling of the front of your hand like the back of your hand doesn't mean masturbation has to be a routine affair. There are enough guided masturbation platforms and hosts for an auditory orgy. 

And if you want to polish your knob with a partner, download the Grindr app and start searching.

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Table of Contents
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