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Boys With Beige Flags: A 101 on the Joys of Dating Weirdos

If you like ‘em a little quirky, you’ll love this. Here’s how to distinguish a big beige flag from all the other colors on the relationship rainbow.
Editorial team
June 6, 2024
June 22, 2024
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He eats potato chips with mayonnaise, talks to his dog with a Scottish accent, and only sets his alarm on odd numbers. Sure, he’s weird, but in a way that oddly doesn’t give you the ick.

These aren’t red flags or green flags, but they’re certainly signifying… something. The TikTok girlies call it a beige flag — a perfectly harmless but remarkably (*lowers shades*) unique quirk. 

When dating a new man, it’s normal to be on high alert for signs of toxic behavior. Sometimes, the signs are borderline. Is calling you “so cute” every time he lays eyes on you flattery or love bombing? Other times, they’re weird but completely inert (i.e., beige).

So, grab a glass of water to dunk your cookies, and get ready to learn about one of the quirkiest colors in the relationship rainbow. 

What is a beige flag? 

The term took TikTok by storm in May 2022. Initially, the beige flag’s meaning was to identify a boring person. Imagine dating a guy who only talks about work, lists “loves to laugh” on his dating profile bio (who doesn’t?), or eats the same exact breakfast (half a grapefruit, six pistachios, and a cup of black coffee) every single day. Yikes — you snagged a guy in pure homeostasis. 

But the beige flag’s definition has evolved over time. Rather than calling someone more boring than a millennial’s gray vinyl flooring, a beige flag alludes to a benign but baffling personality trait. You don’t like or love the habit, but it isn’t a dealbreaker, either.

If that sounds confusing, you’re not alone. Shockingly, the internet isn’t in total agreement about what actually qualifies as a beige flag. 

For some, a beige flag might fit into the “endearing” category, like eating gingerbread men head-first. Others might call annoying but innocuous habits beige, like always showering immediately after sex. Then there are “beige flags” that are actually just green flags, like following the speed limit in the slow lane. They might also be giant red flags disguised as quirky flaws, like being really bad at washing dishes. (That straggling smudge of hard ketchup might be weaponized incompetence.)

Whatever the specifics, remember: Beige flags are subjective. His beige qualities might wind up being what you love most about him. But a trait you find cute might be an instant relationship turn-off for someone else. What truly matters is that the behavior is harmless and doesn't disrupt the relationship.

Milk before cereal and other beige flag examples

Here are a few telltale signs that your new man might be a little weird (which, again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing):

1. A unique relationship with food

The way someone interacts with food says a lot about their personality. From childlike eating habits to unorthodox flavor combinations, these behaviors definitely make your man a notable dinner party guest. 

  • Eats everything with a fork and knife (even pizza) or serves all his food in a bowl (even pizza)
  • Mixes all his condiments together into one mega-sauce
  • Exclusively eats breakfast foods for dinner
  • Has strict rules about mixing savory and sweet like pineapple on pizza
  • Keeps a spreadsheet of all the restaurants he’s eaten at with notes and ratings
  • Refuses to eat the crust
  • Eats the outer shell of a chicken nugget, candy bar, or corn dog first
  • Drinks warm water out of the tap
  • Religiously follows proper cutlery etiquette
  • Won’t use metal utensils (“It makes food taste weird!”)

2. Interpersonal skills that make you go, “What’d he say?”

Whether it’s exaggerated texting habits or conversational quirks, these mannerisms give your man a touch of eccentricity. 

  • Overuses emojis or LOLs in every text message
  • Frequently forgets names, even if he just met the person
  • Texts in all caps or entire, grammatically perfect paragraphs (OK, Grandma)
  • Has a signature dance move, and he uses it everywhere
  • Refers to everyone by a nickname
  • Uses expressions out of context (e.g., avoiding gossip because he “doesn’t want to throw a needle in the haystack”)
  • Loves giving high-fives
  • Laughs at his own jokes before delivering the punch line
  • Has a signature catchphrase, like “toodle-oo!”


3. Eyebrow-raising hygiene and grooming habits

He can only poop in his own bathroom, which makes for interesting road trips. Here are a few more: 

  • Only brushes his teeth in the shower
  • Has specific towels for every day of the week
  • Collects hotel toiletries but never actually uses them
  • Insists the loose end of the toilet paper faces the wall
  • Has a collection of quirky shower caps for specific moods and occasions
  • Cleans his toothbrush with mouthwash
  • Has a designated “haircut” day
  • Uses “cool mint” toothpaste for morning brushing and “fiery cinnamon” for the evening
  • Turns the water off in the shower while he lathers shampoo

4. Personal quirks and habits that make you do a double-take

Find yourself asking, “You live like this?” If so, your man has some big beige flags flapping in the wind.

  • Always wears mismatched socks (maybe he just really loves Y2K fashion!)
  • Names all his houseplants
  • Always leaves a specific object lying around, like coffee mugs or shoes
  • Refuses to step on cracks, just in case
  • Randomly turns regular conversation into song
  • Organizes his bookshelf by color, height, or thickness
  • Characterizes inanimate objects by their vibes — big spoons are hostile, and spaghetti is basic
  • Writes notes to himself and leaves them in random places
  • Has full on conversations with his pets

What does a beige flag mean for your relationship? 

In short, beige flags make a person unique. They’re small idiosyncrasies that bring color to your relationship, and if you ask us, that’s a green flag. Maybe you don’t love that your boyfriend regularly refers to your crotch as the “yum-yum center” or claps when an airplane lands, but it’s what makes him him. 

That said, seemingly harmless or cute habits can sometimes negatively impact your relationship. In the best-case scenario, a beige flag that really gets under your skin might be a sign for you to step back and reassess. But if you can’t stand that your partner sings show tunes when he gets really excited, it might not be Hello, Dolly! that’s bothering you.

Disproportionate resentment could be a symptom of romantic self-sabotage or a sign to look for a partner whose quirks provoke joy rather than cringe. Sit with your feelings, talk to your friends, or consult a therapist specializing in relationships. 

Other behaviors might be telltale signs of toxic behavior. For example, if your partner never asks follow-up questions, he might be shy or a lousy conversationalist. He might also be narcissistic. The best approach is to talk it out, express how his actions make you feel, and seek solutions. If the behavior doesn’t change — whether it’s a big red flag or not — it might be time to move on.

Simply put, if his beige flag makes you see red, it’s time to check in on the relationship.

Be beige together

Whether we realize it or not, we've all got our quirks, which means there's a weirdo out there for everyone. And that's a wonderful thing. Whatever degree of oddity you're looking for, you're sure to find it on Grindr. Download the Grindr app today and let those beige flags fly high!

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