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Perineum Sunning: Understanding the Risks & Potential Benefits

The TikTok girlies are raving about perineum sunning, aka exposing your backhole to UV rays. Here’s everything you need to know about tanning your taint.
Editorial team
May 24, 2024
June 22, 2024
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Here’s a fun fact: Some ancient cultures believe you can tap into your spiritual life force through your taint. Put that on your list of reasons to add perineum play to your bedtime routine. 

So, how exactly do you nurture the life force within your P-spot? The answer might be perineum sunning, the practice of exposing your asshole to direct sunlight. But before you assume the position, Grindr has some safety precautions for your consideration. 

What’s perineum sunning?

Perineum sunning, aka “anal sunning” or “butthole sunning” in nonscientific terms, is exactly what it sounds like. It involves exposing your perineum — that special patch of skin between your butt and scrotum — to golden rays of sunshine.

Butthole sunning enthusiasts practice in diverse poses, often lying on their back with their legs spread-eagle or resting on all fours in a downward-facing dog position. Whichever position you choose, leave the Lululemon in your gym bag. The full effects of perineum sunning require you to tan your taint fully naked. 

Sunning your perineum isn’t just a beauty hack to keep your Brazilian wax or bleached anus evenly tanned. It’s said to give your body a heavy dose of vitamin D, which may improve your libido, encourage better sleep, and improve your overall mood. But it wouldn’t be the only weird wellness hack making its rounds (hello, semen facials).

The origins of perineal sunning

The Instagram girlies recently jumped on the genital sunning trend — as did Josh Brolin (let that image settle in). However, taint tanning is believed to stem from Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy that instructs humans to live with compassion for the natural world, which apparently includes mooning the sun. 

In Taoism, the perineum is referred to as Hui Yin, but it’s also called the Gate of Life and Death (yet another reason to worship your partner’s taint). Practitioners preach the importance of Kegel exercises to protect the libido and transform sexual energy into a vital life force. In other words, you can train your anus to gain spiritual fulfillment (and suck your man’s soul out through his cock).

However, the idea of sunning your taint is relatively new. It might stem from Dr. Stephen T. Chang’s 1986 book The Tao of Sexology, which promotes using sunlight to keep your anus free of germs via a sun worship exercise similar to perineal sunning. 

But before you sun your bum to harness your bussy’s metaphysical powers, let’s carefully examine the risks. It wouldn’t be the first time bad health advice has been spread by Insta baddies.

Tainted love: Is perineal sun exposure risky? 

If you’re planning to catch some rays where the sun don’t (typically) shine, stocking your medicine cabinet with aloe vera and Neosporin is the least of your worries — although it isn’t a bad idea. Icing a sunburn on your asshole doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend the latter half of your stay at that LGBTQ resort or hot gay vacation spot you’ve been craving, but sunbathing your perineum carries even more risks beyond excessive peeling. 

Like all sun exposure, the long-term effects of sunbathing your perineum include tumors, melanoma, and cancer. And unlike other areas of your body, it’s tough to check for irregular moles when they’re hiding under your sack.

Perineum sunning benefits

Let’s start with the science: There is zero medical evidence that perineal sunning is good for you.

But that’s never stopped wellness influencers before. Here’s what Metaphysical Meagan, a wellness Instagrammer who made perineal sunning go viral, has to say: 

1. P is prana

Your butthole sucks the prana, or spiritual energy from the Sun, into your body and strengthens your organs.

2. Stops chi leakage

In Taoism, your chi is your life force. Perineum sunning strengthens your pucker and keeps the life force inside your body rather than drippin’ down the side of ya. No one wants a leaky butthole.

3. Regulates your circadian rhythm

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, pointing your butt to the eastern sun might regulate your circadian rhythm and increase quality sleep. 

4. Overcome creative blocks

Bending it like Beckham so the sun god can fill your booty hole with his strong rays is definitely creative. Supposedly, it increases creativity and creative output. Basically, it multiplies your gay audacity. 

5. Catch that vitamin D

Who doesn’t love getting filled with the D? Meagan asserts that 30 seconds of sunlight on your perineum is like being out in the sunlight all day long with your clothes on.

6. Sex!

Apparently, perineum sunning helps regulate the hormones in your genitals. So whether you need a quick stiffy for gay cruising or a resilient boner for wild sex positions, perineal sunning might help you keep your schlong strong.

7. Brings all the boys to the yard

All that sun on your bum might make the world revolve around you. Supposedly, perineal sunning amplifies your auric field and attracts people into your life. 

We repeat: None of the supposed benefits of perineal sunning have been proven by science. You’ll just have to take Meagan’s word for it.


How to practice perineum sunning safely

OK, so you’re curious enough to ignore the advice of dermatologists, doctors, and common sense. Fine. Although we don’t condone exposing your perineum to UV rays, we can’t stop you. If you’re gonna do it, you should at least follow the same precautions as regular tanning. 

Use a high-quality sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection and apply it 15 minutes before you stick your butt in the air. You should limit exposure to less than a minute and avoid the sun during peak hours, typically between 10 am and 2 pm.

Healthy proven alternatives to tanning your taint

We stan a man who yearns for self-improvement. But if you want to boost creativity, sexual energy, and sleep quality, you might want to air your derriere on the side of science. Here are a few techniques that don’t involve exposing your cheeks to skin cancer:

1. Strengthen your chi with meditation

Regular mindfulness and meditation practices are excellent ways to develop a deeper connection with yourself. Daily practice can help you build a calmer mind, especially if you work in some positive affirmations and spend time in nature.

And don’t just take a hippie’s word for it. Scientists have proven links between mindfulness and meditation and increased stress resilience and well-being

2. Turn off your phone and go to sleep

Real talk: Sunning your asshole isn’t going to help you get a better night’s rest if you don’t correct bad sleeping habits. Turn off screens an hour before bed, cut caffeine in the evening, or a warm shower before bed to take care of your circadian rhythm.

3. Exercise and eat right

Low energy levels don’t necessarily mean your booty hole lacks vitamin D. Poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle might be the culprits. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise are time-tested methods for feeling energized and healthy. Plus, exercise increases testosterone levels, which is biology’s way of making you extra horny. Add that to your list of reasons to hit the gym and work your glutes

4. Eat the D

Your body needs vitamin D. It aids muscle function and bone health while lowering the probability of cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, and type 2 diabetes.

Sunlight exposure is one way to get your daily dose. But proper nutrition and supplements — not to mention a little sunshine on your face rather than your buttcheeks — are great ways to get vitamin D. Add vitamin-rich foods like fatty fish, mushrooms, and nut-based milk to your grocery list. 

5. Do that Pinterest project

You’re gay. You have the natural gift of gay audacity. Join a crafts club, journal, or spend time away from technology to improve your ability to think outside the box. Getting innovative in the bedroom is another way to expand your creative horizons. 

Booty worship

OK, so maybe you don’t need to expose your ass to the sun. That doesn’t mean you can’t show it to somebody’s son. There are plenty of men on Grindr ready to get down on all fours to worship your tush. Download the Grindr app today and find the sunshine of your life.

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Table of Contents
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