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What Is a Praise Kink? Be a Good Boy and We’ll Tell You

Wondering what a praise kink is? We’re so happy you asked! You’re so smart! And such a good learner! Keep reading, and we’ll explain it all.
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December 14, 2023
June 20, 2024
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Close your eyes and imagine your partner saying, “You’re so beautiful.” Or, “I’m so proud of you, baby.” Good job! You did it!

Are you hard yet?

It may sound like everyday praise that gives you that dopamine-induced warm and fuzzy feeling. But, for some people, a golden shower of compliments during sex transforms those warm and fuzzy feelings into intimacy and orgasms. 

So, exactly what is a praise kink? You’re such a good boy for asking. 

Defining a praise kink

If you have a praise kink, you get aroused when giving or receiving verbal praise, compliments, or positive affirmations.

Appreciation is foundational to any healthy relationship. After all, kind words make you feel warm, fuzzy, and connected. But, in the context of a praise kink, compliments transform into erotically charged tools to excite and deepen intimacy.

In other words, if hearing “you’re gorgeous” boosts your ego and gets your dick dripping — congratulations, that’s a praise kink.

The praise kink’s ties to BDSM culture

You may not associate this kind-hearted kink with BDSM culture, which is more typically thought of as leatherbound discipline and punishment. But many think of a praise kink as a softer form of domming that upholds the submission and dominance dynamic. The submissive partner enjoys obeying and receiving verbal adoration, while the dominant partner uses affirming language to control or guide the experience. 

For example, if the sub is giving a blowjob, the dom might say, “Your mouth feels so good, baby. Now, be a good boy and swallow for me.” 

Like many other kinds of kinks, a praise kink doesn’t have to be confined to sex in the bedroom. A sexy text sent during the day saying, “I can’t stop thinking about how amazing you felt last night,” builds anticipation and desire for another round. A hug paired with a smooth “I love the way you feel” can intensify a moment. And during sex, more direct and explicit affirmations can set your partner over the edge. 

Just be sure to get your partner’s permission before doing anything randy in public. Context and consent ensure everyone is in on the fun.

Remember, consent is sexy (and so are you!)

Speaking of consent, let’s give this topic a little more emphasis.

A kink might feel and sound innocent to you. But always talk to your partner beforehand, whether it’s a casual fling or a long-term relationship. Discuss whether each partner is comfortable with their role, which words and phrases are off-limits, and what safe word you’ll use to tap out of an overwhelming experience. 

A frank discussion of consent signals respect, which will help your partner feel safe and enjoy themselves. Plus, getting explicit about sexual preferences builds up excitement, leading to fun sex and explosive orgasms.

Working out the kinks: Different praise-based dynamics to try

There’s a big, gaping world of kinks and fetishes out there, and many of them share elements of a praise kink. If power play, sex talk, and emotional connection get your engine revving, here’s a list of kinks you might want to explore: 

1. Age play

You may be into age play if “Daddy” or “baby” are common in your dirty talk vernacular. The dynamic plays around with dominant and submissive role-play, where you act or treat your partner like they’re younger/older or indulge in a step-family fantasy or sugardaddy-sugarbaby relationship.

Even if pseudo-incest doesn’t sound appealing to you, age play encourages a softer, more caring dynamic than the traditional master-slave relationship.

2. Pet play

One partner takes on the role of a pet (like a puppy or kitten), and the other is the caretaker or owner. This role-play idea can get into serious BDSM territory, like using leashes, dressing up in latex animal costumes, or getting spanked for soiling the carpet.

But it can be light, too. Think gentle petting, feeding, and belly and back scratches. Just be sure to insert a lot of “good boys” alongside positive reinforcement. 


3. Service submission

If dressing up like a French maid and servicing your partner, or vice versa, sounds like a sexual fantasy come true, you might have a service submission kink. This is when a submissive partner performs services for their dominant partner, which can include everything from domestic chores to sexual favors.

Praise for performing dirty tasks well can build up a sense of power and gratification for subs and doms alike. Laundry folded and ass eaten? Where do we sign up? 

4. Worship kink

If your man’s manliness is next to godliness in your eyes, you might have a worship kink. This one’s all about showing deep admiration and idealization of your partner. It flips the script for once, letting the sub do the talking.

Praise can be verbal with phrases like, “You’re a god” or “I worship the ground you walk on.” But actions speak louder than words. Body worship is a related kink wherein the submissive kisses, massages, or caresses their partner’s body or a specific body part. 

5. Sensation play

Slowing down and getting lost in physical touch is a great way to ease into your praise kink — especially if you deal with performance anxiety.

If you’re the dominant partner, touch your sub all over, letting them know how thicc and beautiful they are. For submissive partners, gasps, moans, and words of appreciation add an extra layer of eroticism. 

6. Role-play

Praise easily fits into any role-play, whether or not it involves a power imbalance. Whether acting out plumber and client (“God, you’re so good at snaking those pipes”) or professor and student (“You sound so sexy when you recite Pi”), role-play can bring humor and lightness to dirty talk. 

7. Degradation

A degradation kink might sound like the opposite of a praise kink on paper. But positive affirmations can help someone drop inhibitions and embrace their filthy, disgusting self. Mankind truly contains multitudes.

This might sound like, “I love it when you beg for me. It’s so pathetic,” or “Who’s my obedient little cum slut?”

8. Aftercare

Less a kink and more a mental and emotional check-in, aftercare is a common post-coital practice to tend to each other’s emotional and physical needs. Praise and positive feedback are key aftercare components, helping reaffirm care, respect, and affection.

Even if praising during aftercare sounds harmless, you should always check with your partner about what they do and don’t want to repeat. 

30 praise kink phrases 

Developing a praise kink is like learning any other language — it’s best to go full immersion. If you can’t find the words, here are 30 praise kink examples to get you fluent in sexy positive feedback. 

  1. Good boy!
  2. You’re doing so good, baby. 
  3. Your dirty talk drives me wild. 
  4. That feels perfect. 
  5. The way you fuck me feels amazing.
  6. Your skin is so soft. 
  7. I love it when you say my name. 
  8. I love it when you make me beg/when you beg. 
  9. You’re so pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/hot. 
  10. The way your hands feel on my skin turns me on. 
  11. My pussy/bussy/dick/ass is yours, daddy. 
  12. You’re so good at sucking my dick/pounding me/eating my ass/making me cum. 
  13. I love when you cum on me/inside me. 
  14. Nobody rides/fucks/breeds me as good as you do.
  15. It feels so good when you swallow my cum. 
  16. I can’t stop thinking about how hard you make me cum. 
  17. I love how your cock throbs in my hands/mouth/hole. 
  18. There’s nothing better than feeling you inside me. 
  19. Your body is perfect. 
  20. I love how your ass/dick looks in those pants.
  21. I can’t think about anything but touching you. 
  22. You know exactly how to satisfy me. 
  23. I can’t control myself when I suck your dick/ride your cock/eat your ass. 
  24. I’m addicted to the way you feel. 
  25. You always know how to make me scream your name. 
  26. Your dick/mouth/ass/hands are perfect. 
  27. I love it when you cum inside me. 
  28. The way you dominate me is so fucking hot. 
  29. I love how you take control of me. It’s so intense. 
  30. You take such good care of me.

You’re so good with words

Now that you know what a praise kink is and have enough phrases to fuck a small army, it’s time to turn those everyday compliments into toe-curling pillow talk. Whether you’re a five-star top or the best bottom this side of a Pride parade, go forth and praiseth!

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Table of Contents
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