Naughty Games to Put That Tabletop to Good Use

Spice up your love life with naughty games! We put together a list of raunchy sex activities to keep your relationship sizzling hot.
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February 1, 2024
February 29, 2024
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Picture this: It’s game night with your friends. Everything is fun and normal, but then… it happens. Your partner unleashes his competitive side. Suddenly, that bulging vein in his neck has you bulging in your pants. 

Whether you’ve been married for a while, you’re in a long-term relationship, or you’re just looking for fun ways to amp up the intimacy, you can lean into the erotic power of naughty bedroom games to keep things interesting. A little healthy competition can be surprisingly hot foreplay. 

Raunchy adult games are also perfect for a sexy anniversary or birthday gift. That’s why we made a list of naughty games that’ll knock your socks off — and hopefully the rest of your clothes, too!

11 freaky games for a guaranteed good time

You can buy all kinds of erotic adult games these days, and you can turn almost any regular board game into foreplay with a dirty enough mind. But these are the perfect sexy games to play to spice up your game night using things you already have lying around your house:

1. Spin the bottle

The classic party game with endless possibilities!

If you’re playing with just one partner, you can place various objects for the bottle to point at. Start with a round of foreplay using chocolates, whipped cream, and tequila shots, and feed each other whatever the bottle lands on. Then, turn up the heat and do a couple of rounds with handcuffs and sex toys.

2. Porn, the drinking game

The ideal drinking game for two (or more). Kick back on the couch or in bed with a sexy cocktail, and take a drink each time something specific happens in the porn video. 

You can make your own rules together, but here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

  • Take a sip every time there’s corny dialogue
  • Take a sip for every penis on the screen
  • Take a sip for each new sex position
  • Finish your drink if someone cums

3. Sexy Jenga

Write truths and dares on the Jenga blocks, so you have to do something naughty each time you pull one out (pun intended). Maybe you’ll have to remove an article of clothing, explain a kinky fantasy in-depth, kiss or suck a certain body part, or perform a strip tease.

And if you knock down the tower, get ready to give some sloppy head to your opponents!

4. Kinky cards

Assign some super horny rules to each card in a deck. Go back and forth, drawing cards and seeing where they lead you. 

The numbers could represent a body part. For example:

  • Ace = lips
  • 2 = ear lobe
  • 3 = neck
  • 4 = index finger

The suits can signify an action, like so:

  • Clubs = kiss
  • Spades = lick
  • Hearts = suck
  • Diamonds = insert

So, if you pull the four of hearts, you get to suck on your partner’s index finger. We don’t need to tell you what body part the king should be.


5. Relationship trivia

Write down questions about yourselves or memories from throughout your relationship. Go back and forth, finding out how many facts you can remember. 

You can get nasty and remember old exploits like, “When was the first time we used a ball gag together?” or keep things romantic and reminisce on cute milestones like, “Who said I love you first?” 

Put on a romantic playlist to keep the mood up. This one is about the intimacy of your shared nostalgia, so don’t play if you know you’ll be pissed when your husband doesn’t remember your wedding anniversary.

6. Would you rather

This can get as raunchy as your libido desires. Keep the vibes flowing by letting each question build off the last one. Or add new dimensions by actually doing your preferred option. 

Would you rather kiss my lips or smack my ass? Would you rather have a threesome with a friend or with a stranger? Would you rather top or bottom? You could go for subtlety, but where’s the fun in that?

7. Go fish 

A raunchy twist on the classic card game. Grab a deck of cards and write a titillating truth or a dirty dare on each one. Every time you go fish, you have to do what the card says.

Or keep it simple and make the loser remove an article of clothing for every card drawn. We hope you wore layers!

8. Strip Twister

This is a particularly fun game for couples, throuples, and polycules; someone has to spin the wheel, after all. Whoever falls first has to remove an article of clothing.

You can really twist up your Twister by putting a variety of shots on each dot — some with alcohol and some without — so you have to take a drink each turn.

9. Shot roulette 

This group game is similar to strip Twister but without the daring acrobatics. Fill eight shot glasses with water and two with vodka, then take turns drinking shots. Whichever pair finds the alcohol has to share a kiss (or more???).

10. Pizza box

Grab a marker and a quarter and start flipping the coin into a pizza box. Draw a small circle around where the quarter landed and write in any rule you want (the dirtier, the better).

If another player flips the quarter into a blank spot, he gets to draw a circle with his own rule. But if it lands inside your circle, he has to do what it says.

Keep flipping coins and adding rules until you run out of room on the box or until you get swept up in acting out the raunchy rules and take it to the bedroom.

11. Guess that body part

It’s time to whip out the blindfold, boys! This one is simple. 

Just put a blindfold on one player’s eyes, place his hand on any part of your body, and have him guess what he’s touching. Start mild and work your way up to the spicy bits for the full effect.

Don’t underestimate the sexy surprise of your wet mouth after he’s blindly touched your shoulder, chest, and thigh.

It’s time for a playdate

Give your friends a spicy wedding gift, surprise your bae with a funny Valentine’s Day gift, or reignite old flames with simple conversation starters. Whether you prefer to loosen up with some drinking games or do something different for date night, you have plenty of options. All you really need is some enthusiasm. And if you’re looking for an extra player or two (or three) to round out your strip poker game, hop on Grindr.

Download the Grindr app now and get started!

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