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The Top 30 Most Iconic Couples in Movies

If you don’t want to spend an hour scanning through Netflix, just read our go-to list of the most iconic couples in movies.
Editorial team
July 22, 2024
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We’re all guilty of turning a Netflix and chill date into an actual movie screening. We can’t resist fantasizing about a dreamy man sweeping us off our feet. Maybe it will even inspire your man to up his game…

Couples that define cinematic romance

From steamy gay love stories to princess fantasies, here are our 30 favorite love stories:

1. Joel and Clementine — Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A medical procedure to forget an ex — where do we sign? This zany romance flick is perfect for a Netflix and chill when you actually want to watch Netflix. 

2. Sally and Harry — When Harry Met Sally…

There's something magical about head-over-heels love that starts with a quirky friendship, and no movie does it quite like When Harry Met Sally…. Plus, Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a sandwich shop, and Billy Crystal is a total snacc in a thicc sweater. It's a perfect romcom.  

3. Joe and Nicky — The Old Guard

“He's the moon when I'm lost in darkness and warmth when I shiver in cold.” With dialogue like that, how can it not be the best romance movie for queer men in recent memory? 

4. Will and Noah — Fire Island

The sheer amount of Speedos in Fire Island is enough reason to hop on Hulu. This gay romantic comedy has everything we want: queer joy, found family, and a scorching hot blow job scene. Turn it into a gay TV show, and we’d binge every episode. 

5. Marianne and Héloïse — Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Although hardly a romantic comedy, this French drama is one of the most erotic movies ever. It's destined to become a queer cinema classic for the way it portrays sapphic sensuality. 

6. Vivian and Edward — Pretty Woman

Rodeo Drive outfits, stretch limos, getting railed (sensually) by a young Richard Gere — name a more perfect romantic comedy (or a better karaoke song). 

7. Tish and Fonny — If Beale Street Could Talk

If gay icon James Baldwin wrote it, we'll watch a Hollywood adaptation. This film is as heartbreaking as it is passionate, recounting the tragic romance of two friends who have been in love since childhood.

8. Rose and Jack — Titanic

Audiences agree Rose could have taken up less space on that door. But Jack floating to the bottom of the sea with the titular doomed vessel makes Rose all the more iconic. Plus, Kate Winslet had to choose between a young Leo and bad boy Billy Zane; talk about a man sandwich we want to be in the middle of. 

9. Patrick and Kat — 10 Things I Hate About You

This “opposites attract” love story between Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger makes for one of our favorite movie couples. She's an ice queen; he's a silly punk. She writes poetry about him; he's a boy who actually listens. Swoon!

10. Sara and Derek — Save the Last Dance

Julia Stiles got on that stage and gave us absolutely nothing, but that's part of the movie's lasting charm. We don't quite see what Sean Patrick Thomas’s character saw, but they're still one of our favorite interracial couples

11. Cher and Josh — Clueless

Cher and Josh aren't the ideal movie couple. After all, they used to be step-siblings. But if we had to breathe the same air as a young Paul Rudd, we'd get wrapped up in a love story, too. 

12. Carrie and Mr. Big — Sex and the City

We couldn't help but wonder, why does Carrie keep taking Mr. Big back? Then we realized she doesn’t call him “Big” for nothing.

13. Noah and Allie — "The Notebook

This cultural reset hit us in every single feel, from the adorable summer courting to the finale that tore out our hearts and stomped on them (in the best way possible). It's hard to believe that Rachel McAdams brought us mean girl Regina and sweetheart Allie in the same year. A true icon. 

14. Edward and Bella — Twilight

It's the millennial movie we love to drag. Even so, watching Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart bang in the ocean and break the bed is enough for us to return — or fast forward. 

15. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy — Pride & Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are one of the most iconic couples of all time. It takes years for Elizabeth to get over her prejudice and Mr. Darcy to look past his pride, but when they do, girl — that kiss in the field at sunrise!


16. Princess Leia and Han Solo — Star Wars

We know, we know: Star Wars isn't a love story. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying some Princess Leia and Han Solo role-playing in the bedroom (with a guest appearance by Chewbacca if you’re freaky). A stuffy princess and a cocky smuggler make for the perfect odd-couple movie.

17. Mia and Sebastian — La La Land

Choosing which Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone pairing we like most is difficult. They're adorable in Crazy, Stupid, Love and are the only thing that sizzles in Gangster Squad. But it's the Old Hollywood Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn charm that does it for us every time in La La Land. Even if true love doesn't win, they discover self-love — a fine consolation.

18. Westley and Buttercup — The Princess Bride

A gorgeous princess and a handsome farm boy with a killer jawline. Obviously, they're gonna get down. “The Princess Bride” isn't just a classic romance movie; it's the perfect crowd-pleasing film to watch during the holidays when you need everyone in your family to stop talking. 

19. Ennis and Jack — Brokeback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger gave us one of the most iconic couples in movies, period. Although their desires couldn't overcome 1960s repression, what happened on the mountain will always stay on that mountain. 

20. Oliver and Elio — Call Me by Your Name

If only we all had parents like Elio's that accept teenage love and queer self-discovery. In addition to a tender portrayal of first love and heartbreak, this is also the first film where someone fucks a peach.

21. Prince Henry and Alex — Red, White, & Royal Blue

Before it became a Hollywood film, Red, White, & Royal Blue was one of our favorite gay books. The romantic comedy follows the romance between a British prince and America's First Son. Talk about a power couple!

22. Howl and Sophie — Howl's Moving Castle

In this classic anime movie, Sophie leads a boring life making hats until she befriends a hot-headed wizard (steamily voiced by Christian Bale) who whisks her away in a magical mechanical castle. 

23. Johnny and Baby — Dirty Dancing 

The heat between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze melts through the screen. You can’t lie to us; we know you’ve tried to recreate that famous dance scene (and paused the film several times to check out Lover Boy's bulge). 

24. Albert and Armand — The Birdcage

Nathan Lane and the late, great Robin Williams are the kind of South Beach-living, cabaret-owning, gay dads we wish we had. Beyond featuring the perfect couple, the movie offers an excuse to get a good look at Hank Azaria's abs. 

25. Ilsa and Rick — Casablanca

Technically, Ilsa is married to Laszlo, but we know she still has the hots for her ex, Rick. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are electric in this tense World War II classic about running away from true love and war. 

26. Kim and Edward — Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp’s Edward is creepy-looking, and his hands aren't exactly ideal for finger-blasting. Nevertheless, this coming-of-age tale is clearly queer-coded. It's about a boy who feels isolated from his peers, has an eye for fashion, and can cut hair.

27. Simon and Bram — Love, Simon

A closeted gay boy who’s bullied by a straight classmate — it's a queer story as old as RuPaul. Luckily, this one has a happy ending.

28. Monica and Quincy — Love & Basketball

Sanaa Lathan has shared the screen with some of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, including Taye Diggs and Denzel Washington. But it's her romance with Omar Epps in Love & Basketball that we go back to. 

29. Latika and Jamal — Slumdog Millionaire

There’s nothing believable about Slumdog Millionaire, but we’ll gladly take a boy offering a million dollars and a Bollywood dance number to boot.

30. Sam and Frodo — The Lord of the Rings

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly canon, but there’s no denying the palpable sexual tension between the Shire’s most unlikely heroes. If fanfic is to be believed, they were rutting nasty and raw whenever Gollum wasn’t looking.

Netflix and chill — like, for real

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Table of Contents
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