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18 Fun & Creative Ideas to Celebrate Pride Month at Work

You better werk! Bring LGBTQ pride and empowerment to your job with our guide on how to celebrate Pride Month at work.
Editorial team
November 3, 2023
June 15, 2024
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Table of Contents

All right, office warriors and cubicle crusaders, pull out those rainbow flags and dust off your glittery capes, because it's that time of the year: Pride Month!

Now, we get it. Merging the sequined, loud, and proud world of Pride with the buttoned-up land of water coolers and weekly reports might seem like trying to peg a square hole. (Isn’t that how the phrase goes?)

Worry not! We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to celebrate Pride Month at work without causing a ruckus in the break room or getting a side-eye from HR.

Pride is about celebrating who we are, demanding equality, and remembering the trailblazers who got us here. So whether you're out and proud or an ally in the ranks, here's how to bring some of that fabulousness to your 9-to-5 with impactful Pride Month ideas.

The origins of Pride Month: A tribute to trailblazers

Let’s have a little history lesson before we dive in. When did Pride Month start? What is it really about?

Pride Month is not just a celebration of queerness; it's a tribute to the courageous activists who stood their ground at the Stonewall Inn in 1969.

This seminal event marked the birth of the modern LGBTQ rights movement and set the stage for the first Pride marches. It started as a defiant cry against oppression, a moment that has since evolved into a global call for equality and inclusion.

In today's politically charged environment, where repressive, fascist-leaning ideologies are gaining ground, the significance of Pride Month is more critical than ever.

Why should you celebrate Pride at work?

Pride Month events at work send a resounding message of inclusivity and respect for diversity. Discrimination is still a grim reality, making the need for workplace LGBTQ awareness initiatives profoundly important.

Corporate Pride: A contentious concept

In the corporate world, there's a growing disconnect between well-meaning executives and their LGBTQ employees. Although companies may claim to support LGBTQ rights, their actions (or lack thereof) speak louder.

Corporate Pride Month initiatives don’t always feel like the most heartfelt and genuine answer to widespread homophobia and transphobia. Still, they provide a visible reminder of hope and solidarity to queer workers everywhere. A better solution is to embed pro-LGBTQ support in an organization's identity through action — volunteering initiatives, charitable donations, and concerted efforts to uplift marginalized employees.

Even in the most cynical interpretation, it’s a good sign when major corporations decide LGBTQ advocacy is a strategically profitable position. It means our community has a voice and an influence that cannot be denied.

18 ideas to celebrate Pride Month at work

All right, desk jockeys and conference room commandos — it’s time to put a little pizzazz into your profession. Here are some fab ideas to get you started:

1. Virtual team building activities

With the advent of online work, team-building activities have become more crucial than ever. Hosting a virtual event during Pride Month will foster a sense of community among remote teams. Activities could range from discussing LGBTQ history to sharing personal stories in a safe space.

2. Pride trivia

Who doesn't love a good trivia game? Organize a Pride trivia event that covers various topics from LGBTQ history to famous queer icons. It’s a fun and educational way to engage employees while raising awareness about the LGBTQ community.

3. Educating coworkers on LGBTQ history

Knowledge is power. Provide educational resources or host a webinar on LGBTQ history to enlighten employees on the struggles and milestones of the queer community. This education fosters a more inclusive environment by combating ignorance and prejudice.

4. Sharing messages of inclusivity

Harvey Milk, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S., once said, "Rights are won only by those who make their voices heard."

His wise words join countless other LGBTQ quotes that remind us of the continuing struggle for equality. Share inclusive quotes like these in company communications to remind your coworkers about the power of speaking up.

5. Donations and volunteering

Encourage employees to take action by donating to or volunteering for LGBTQ charities and organizations. This benefits the community and instills pride among employees. Companies can match donations or offer paid time off for volunteering, amplifying the impact of these charitable acts.

6. Host a Pride Month panel

Organize a discussion featuring LGBTQ speakers and allies to delve into pressing issues. Topics could include transgender rights in the workplace, being an active ally, and LGBTQ wellness. This fosters meaningful dialogue and bridges the gap between executives and LGBTQ employees.

7. Create a Pride playlist

Music has the power to unite. Curate an iconic "Pride songs" playlist and share it with your coworkers. Nothing brings people together quite like a classic tune.

8. Pride-themed Zoom backgrounds

Encourage employees to use Pride-themed Zoom backgrounds during meetings. This adds a visual element of support and can serve as a conversation starter about Pride Month.

9. An employee resource group (ERG)

If your company lacks an LGBTQ ERG, Pride Month is the perfect time to start one. ERGs offer a safe space for discussions and can spearhead inclusivity initiatives.

10. Pride Month book club

Start an online book club focusing on LGBTQ literature. This encourages employees to engage with queer narratives and fosters a deeper understanding of the community.


11. Pride movie night

Host movie screenings featuring films that celebrate the LGBTQ experience. You can entertain employees while educating them about the community’s cultural touchstones. Media representation can have a profound impact on how we view the world, including the workplace.

12. Inclusive language training

Offer training sessions on inclusive language to ensure your colleagues are effective allies. Respectful communication is vital for creating an inclusive environment. For example, proper pronoun etiquette can significantly improve mental health among transgender individuals.

13. Pride art contest

Tap into your team's creativity with an art contest centered around a rainbow theme, symbolizing the diversity and inclusivity that Pride Month stands for. Encourage employees to submit their artwork, whether a painting, sculpture, or digital design. Display the winning pieces prominently in the office or feature them on the company's website.

14. LGBTQ mentorship program

Establish a mentorship program where experienced LGBTQ elders can guide others in their professional development. Mentorship improves job satisfaction and fosters a sense of community.

15. Virtual drag bingo

Why work when you could werk? Hosting a virtual drag bingo event adds Pride Month flair to a classic game. This offers a fun and interactive way to engage employees while introducing them to the wonderful world of drag.

16. Amplify queer art

Collaborate with LGBTQ artists for charity auctions or public displays. This supports the artists and brings attention to important issues. It’s a win-win!

17. Health initiatives

Offer health resources tailored to LGBTQ needs, curated by healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy and relevance. Make sure you do your research, focusing on sources that discuss the importance of mental health support and inclusive workplace policies.

18. Take a stand

Show clear support for the LGBTQ community year-round through public statements and internal policies. There are countless resources on being an effective ally to the LGBTQ community. Organizations like the Human Rights Campaign also provide valuable information on advancing pro-equality policies.

Pride is 365: Drive lasting change

Although Pride Month is a concentrated period of celebration and activism, Pride celebrations should permeate the workplace year-round. Continual education, open dialogues, and equal benefits are not confined to a single month; they are the building blocks of an inclusive work environment.

To drive meaningful impact, focus on specific steps to promote inclusivity every day:

  • Review policies and procedures through an LGBTQ lens. Remove biases and barriers.
  • Listen to employee needs and feedback. Put actions behind your allyship.
  • Foster open dialogues. Make space for ongoing education and awareness.
  • Forge partnerships with local LGBTQ groups. Solidarity is power.
  • Develop employee resource groups. Give LGBTQ workers a voice.
  • Consistently reevaluate. Strive for continuous improvement.

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Table of Contents
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