Wanna Play? 13 Adult Party Games for For-Sure Fun

Hosting a grown-up get-together that could use a touch of crassness? Get ready to show off your wild side with these must-play adult party games.
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November 30, 2023
February 29, 2024
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We've all been to a stuffy party at some point — those overly adult get-togethers that often lack the freedom to just get silly. And while there's nothing inherently wrong with dinner soirées that involve name cards and figuring out how to gracefully peel an artichoke, it's not always the most enjoyable vibe.  

Sure, you may be all grown up, but it’s only natural to sometimes crave the opportunity to tap into your primal desires. You know, the sort that command you to pound drinks out of a red Solo cup until you’re ready to go full-blown yolo with some random hottie on some random futon. 

Been a while since you've enjoyed a party like this? If so, you're not alone. The older we get, the more challenging it can be to let loose and disconnect from our straight-laced, of-age personas.

But fear not. Here we've compiled some of the best adult party game ideas to throw an absolute rager at any age — with or without a board game.

Don't get too lost in the sauce

First things first: Having drinks while unwinding with friends and loved ones is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but only if you’re present to enjoy it. Drink responsibly so you can live in the moment and function the next day. You might have played some of these adult games in college, but you didn't have to walk your dog at 6 a.m. the next day.

So, hold off on getting to that blackout phase; it's not a cute look for you or your liver.

Sorry (not sorry) for party rocking

Karaoke is cool, but there are plenty of other DIY adult party games to play with friends after throwing back a few cocktails. 

1. Beer pong

Yeah, we know it reeks of frat boy shenanigans, but beer pong is arguably the timeless king of party games. 

You probably already know the rules, but here’s a refresher anyway: Arrange two sets of six cups in triangles on opposite ends of a table and pour a bit of beer in each. Then take turns tossing a pingpong ball into your opponent's cups. Land one, and they have to drink the beer inside (or fill them with water and drink from a separate cup if you’re not a fan of germs because — spoiler alert — the ball’s bound to hit the floor). Whoever makes their opponent empty all their cups first wins. 

2. Prosecco pong

This variant of beer pong is for those of you who know that the little fork is for salad. It’s a perfect contender for your naughty list of adult Christmas party games since it has a more festive air. It's the same ruleset; just remember to keep a pinky out every time you drink.

3. Drunk Jenga or Uno

Although these two classics are starkly different by design, they both become infinitely more fun when you add liquor to the mix.

Jenga's appeal comes from the challenge of keeping the structure whole while everything feels two feet to the left. Players take a drink after each successful pull of a block. For even more spice, give them the option of stripping in lieu of sipping.

Uno is a quick, easy-to-follow game that’s fun with any number of people. The rules of the adult version are simple: Players take a sip every time they draw a specific color or number.

4. Most likely

This one's great because it shines a bit of light on how your guests feel about each other while simultaneously casting a little playful shade. Everyone takes turns asking random questions like "Who's most likely to sleep with their ex?" or “Who’s most likely to sleep with their bestie’s ex?” Then, on the count of three, everyone points to their nominee. Whoever winds up being the group favorite drinks.

5. Ring of fire

Spread a deck of cards face down around a cup in the middle of a table. Everyone takes turns drawing a card, and each card has a different meaning:

  • 2 — The person who draws picks someone to drink.
  • 3 — The person who draws drinks.
  • 4 — All female-identifying players drink.
  • 5 — Thumbmaster: Everyone has to put their thumb on the table. The last person to do so drinks.
  • 6 — All male-identifying players drink.
  • 7 — Heaven: Basically the same as Thumbmaster, but you'll point to the sky.
  • 8 — Mate: The person who draws picks a drinking buddy. That person must now drink every time they do.
  • 9 — Rhyme: The person who draws says a word, then you go around the circle rhyming with that word. The person who breaks the flow must drink.
  • 10 — Category: Similar to Rhyme, but the person thinks of a category, like Elton John songs or sexy slang words, and everyone gives examples.
  • Jack — Rule: The person who draws makes a new rule. Anyone who breaks this rule must drink.
  • Queen — Question Master: When the person who draws this card asks a question, anyone who answers it must drink.
  • King — The person who draws must pour some of their drink into the cup in the center. Once the last king is drawn, that player must drink whatever is in the cup.
  • Ace — Waterfall: Everyone drinks continuously and can only stop when the person to their right stops, starting with the person who drew the card. 

It’s more involved than beer pong, but trust us, it’s a blast once you get the hang of it.


6. Flip cup

Flip cup is minimalism at its finest. All you need is cups, beer, and some coordination (that last one might be tough to muster, depending on how long you’ve been partying). Two teams go head to head, drinking their way through a line of Solo cups.

When the first player finishes their cup, they set it down slightly off the table’s edge and flip it over by flicking it from underneath. Only when it successfully lands upside down can the next teammate begin to drink. The first team to get through all their cups wins.

7. Truth or dare… or drink!

The party game from your high school sleepover days just got a grown-up upgrade. It’s particularly intriguing for parties that swing in any direction, if you know what we mean. Just be sure to read the room first. If you've invited your co-workers over for a little team-building fun, it’s probably best to keep the NSFW stuff in the closet.

8. Drink when you hear…

This one’s barely a game and doesn’t require anyone to be in any specific spot.

Is one of your friends always calling everyone diva? Drink whenever they say it. Does the playlist have all of Britney's discography? Drink whenever a Britney song comes on. You get the idea.

You get to set the parameters, so it's a flexible and fun game you can establish early in the evening while everyone mingles. The Pavlovian response to a trigger phrase brings everyone back together — even if it's just for a moment.

9. Drunken charades

Think you’re terrible at charades when you’re sober? Get ready for all hell to break loose after a few cocktails.

Drunken charades is undoubtedly one of those group games that can get out of hand quickly when drinks are involved, so it's best enjoyed in smaller groups to keep the screaming decibels from hitting the stratosphere.

Want to take the guessing game even further? Two words for you: drunk Pictionary. 

10. Cards Against Humanity

It’s technically not a drinking game, but it’s the perfect opportunity to give your funny bone’s dark side a little time to shine. And that’s all the easier when drinks are involved. CAH is great for small, low-key groups looking to do something silly while partaking in every adult's favorite activity: sitting. 

11. Priorities

Get ready to learn what your friends really think. The game asks tough questions like, "What's more important in a relationship: good sex or conversation?"

Like CAH, you'll have to pick it up online, but it's absolutely worth it if you’re looking to spill tea all over each other.

12. Two truths and a lie

Another classic icebreaker! Say two truths and one lie about yourself in random order; everyone tries to guess the lie. Anyone who guesses wrong takes a drink. This one’s a surprisingly spicy drinking game for getting to know new friends. But be warned: It’s often conducive to discovering you didn’t know your besties as well as you thought you did, too.

13. Straight face

Everyone writes sentences on a piece of paper, mixes them up in a hat, and then takes turns grabbing one and reading it aloud. If you can't keep a straight face, then you know what comes next… That's right — drink up!

Find the perfect playmates on Grindr

Adulting is hard, so don't forget to find time to play. With this list, you'll be set for games for adult birthday parties, house parties, or just a night in with good friends. 

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