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10 of the Best Gay Retirement Communities for Silver Foxes

Is it ever too early to prepare yourself for your gay golden years? Stay out and proud when you stay at one of these incredible gay retirement communities.
Editorial team
February 2, 2024
June 22, 2024
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What do you picture when you think of retirement? Palm trees swaying in the wind as you lounge around in a cabana? Or something high-octane to keep the thrills and chills going even as you achieve grand-daddy status?

Growing old is inevitable. Hanging up your hat as an adventurous gay man is not. Even if you come to need an assisted living facility, you should feel as comfortable as possible being your beautifully mature LGBTQ self.

Not only that, but LGBTQ retirement communities understand LGBTQ care. Living in any old senior housing could put a strain on your identity and make it difficult for you to get the kind of care or attention you need (even if that attention is from the sir with the salt and pepper handlebar mustache winking at you by the pool).

The future is now — and it’s older and gayer than ever

Considering how much more widely accepted the LGBTQ community has become, we’re only a few years out from a gaggle of gay seniors looking for a place to retire in style.

Learning about LGBTQ retirement communities might seem unimportant now, but depending on where you’re at in this proofing drawer called life, now might be the perfect time to do some research. You’ll discover that living among other gays in the golden years of your life has more benefits than you’d expect. (Two words: removable teeth.)

10 of the best gay retirement communities in the U.S.

Want to be surrounded by like-minded and queer-friendly individuals when you’re ready — and ever so fabulously — to retire? Here are some of the best places for gay retirement that will have you “yassing” with your fellow senior queens.

1. Stonewall Gardens — Palm Springs, California

Oh, how we love sunny Palm Springs. It’s probably one of the first choices for gay senior living since it’s one of the top gay cities in the US. But of all the places for you to stay in Palm Springs, Stonewall Gardens has to be one of the best. 

Between the daily activities, 24-hour health and wellness care, and group outings to theaters and restaurants, they’ve got everything your gay self needs to feel well supported.

2. Rainbow Vista — Gresham, Oregon

Rainbow Vista is a senior community near Portland that caters to any elder who considers themself LGBTQ. The rates here include utilities, which is a nice perk. But what you really care about is the beautiful, inclusive community with lots to do, including barbecues and holiday parties. Residents enjoy special amenities like a pool, fitness center, outdoor garden, and an immaculately manicured landscape.

3. The Residences at Seashore Point — Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown is another welcoming city known for being especially friendly to gay folk, so it probably shocks no one to learn they have an LGBTQ-friendly senior community. Whereas some of the retirement communities on this list are explicitly for the gays, this one is for basically everyone from any walk of life, provided you’re “of age.”

4. A Place for Us — Cleveland, Ohio

This retirement community in Cleveland features one and two-bedroom apartments. One of the highlights is how easy it is to travel around the city, thanks to an accessible rapid transit station that will take you to some of the best entertainment and shopping the city has to offer.

They offer fully furnished rooms, so you can move into a room that’s 100% ready for you.


5. Spirit on Lake — Minneapolis, Minnesota

This apartment community is another LGBTQ-friendly senior living facility in the Midwest. There are a whopping 46 urban homes here, nestled close to green space and bike trails for you to enjoy in your retirement. But best of all, it’s another affordable option where gay seniors can spend their retirement free from fear of judgment.

6. Town Hall Apartments — Chicago, Illinois

The Town Hall Apartments in Chicago exist thanks to an affordable housing initiative. It’s a comfortable permanent housing option for LGBTQ seniors. Although the complex is inexpensive and relatively minimalistic, the Windy City has plenty to enjoy, should you choose to explore. 

And you won’t have to travel far, either; it’s situated in an excellent spot for retail shopping and restaurants — many within walking distance. Chicago is an extremely gay-friendly city, so it won’t be hard to find and stick with your people.

7. Birds of a Feather — Pecos, New Mexico

It’s warm, sunny, and inviting. How could you not want to live out your gay days in this beautiful New Mexico gated community? A national forest surrounds the property, ideal for anyone who wants to retire away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

8. Discovery Bay Resort — Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

This entry on our list of senior living options is pretty unique. It’s a women’s RV community for those who want to spend more time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and biking. 

You can opt to stay year-round or visit when the mood takes you. If you’re curious about it, this is one of the only places you can visit on vacation before you commit to joining.

9. Triangle Square — Hollywood, California

The cleverly named Triangle Square is truly unique. This retirement community is made for those who need an affordable housing option. They designate a certain number of rooms for seniors at risk of homelessness or who are living with HIV/AIDS, much like the Town Hall Apartments in Chicago. 

It’s comforting to know assisted living options like this exist, providing a safe space to stay that caters to a marginalized demographic. Considering the location, every day will feel like living at a gay resort for seniors — without the luxury price.

10. The Palms of Manasota — Palmetto, Florida

There are so many gay cities in Florida; it’s hard to pick just one to retire to. But The Palms of Manasota makes the decision much simpler; it’s one of the oldest gay retirement communities in Florida (and the country). They were open and inclusive long before it was cool. Residents love it here for the balance of space and community and the warm, inviting atmosphere.

Youth is fleeting — gay is forever

Everyone deserves a comfortable place to call home where they can be themselves. This list is proof that some of the most gay-friendly states and cities already have gay retirement communities ready to embrace you for who you are — a hot and confident gay senior who’s tearing up the shuffleboard league.

Whether you’re a silver fox yourself or just an admirer of their pelts, you can find men from all walks of life on Grindr. Nothing keeps you spry like a little TLC from your local GILFs.

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Table of Contents
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