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Best of 2021

Editorial team
December 22, 2021
June 19, 2024
min. read
2021 pop culture collage
Table of Contents

From the “MONTERO” music video’s lap dance in hell to that White Lotus ass-eating scene, 2021 was brimming with iconic moments we’ll be thinking about for at least 6 more ‘All Too Well’s (that’s one-hour standard time). We surveyed 10,000 Grindr users about their favorite queer pop culture moments of the year, and here's who came out on top.

Gay gasp of the year

We were heavenly blessed with many opportunities to damage our vocal cords this year, but the one gay gasp to rule them all came courtesy of America’s sweetheart, Lil Nas X. The “MONTERO” music video featured Lil Nas sliding down a stripper pole into the underworld and giving Satan a lap dance. Sinful? Maybe. Sexy? Honey. Iconic? Absolutely. Keep giving ‘em hell, Lil Nas.

TV show of the year

Who else had, “Let’s play a squid game, play a squid game, do you want love, or you want fame? Are you in the game?” in their head for most of this fall? If not, maybe instead you were obsessing over Sex Education, a show about horny teens on Netflix that really resonated with people of all ages. Throw in renowned actress Gillian Anderson and some of the year’s best queer representation on television, and I truly do believe that the children are the future.


Movie of the year

Pop quiz: are these statements from the House of Gucci press tour true or false? Gaga committed so hard to her character that a psychiatric nurse was on set? True. Gaga was afraid that Patrizia would find her while filming? True. During a red carpet interview Gaga said, "I don't believe in the glorification of murder. I do believe in the empowerment of women." Yeah, um, that’s true too. This woman gave everything. Father, Son, and House of Gaga!

Song of the year

Well, it wasn’t the Jamaican dancehall album we were rooting for, but Adele is back and, in typical Adele fashion, her lead single “Easy On Me” will absolutely bring you to your knees (not in the sexy way). Does everyone remember where they were when they first heard the part of the song where she goes “EeeEeEeeEeEeeeeeeeEeeEasy…on me”? I was sobbing while getting my ass ate. Let’s also give a huge shoutout to Lil Nas X and Doja Cat for making our return to the clubs that much yummier this year. Stream “SCOOP” for clear skin.

Album of the year

The fact that Taylor Swift moved the release date of Red TV up a week shows you the power and might of Adele’s music industry, so it’s no surprise that 30 took our number one album spot as well. Now, let’s talk about how hard it was to get a damn ticket to her show…haha just kidding we love you Adele. But seriously please help us get tickets to your show. Jk jk. Unless?

Podcast of the year

A podcast about Chippendales being the most popular with Grindr users? Groundbreaking. But there’s more to Welcome to Your Fantasy than meets the eye earthrow in a murder mystery with all that ass and you’ve got a solid mix of Magic Mike and Gone Girl. Special shoutout to Louis Virtel of Keep It for keeping all the actressexuals out there fed with anecdotes on Jane Fonda, Barbara Loden, Florence Pugh, and more. Mare Winningham hive, we eatin’.

Tiktoker of the year

Plastique using TikTok to show that she can be fish and trade with the blink of a hair flip? We love to see it. Her magical drag transformations have captivated the TikTok world, but we have one super important request: drop the skincare routine, sis. Special shoutout to Barry Brandon, who is always serving looks for the feed. Fashion line when?

Comedian of the year

Y’all really Nailed It! with this pick. That was cringe, but unlike me, everything that comes out of Nicole Byer’s mouth is actually funny and cool. This year she finally got to bring her whimsical brand of drunk auntie to the masses with her first Netflix special BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo), and Grindr users ate it up. Special shoutout to our Las Culturistas fam, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, who gave their readers (fans) the most unhinged culture awards of all time.

Queen of the year

RuPaul may not know her last name, but Trixie Mattel is still the biggest star on our end-of-year tree. As a Queen of The Universe judge she keeps it real and funny, and we are dying to stay at her new Palm Springs spot, Trixie Motel. If I had to guess, I think the color palette will be giving…Pepto.

OnlyFans of the year

OnlyFans really tried it this year by saying they would ban pornography on the platform. Um, what? Don’t worry, they quickly backed that thing up and have continued hosting your faves. Speaking of which, former go-go boy and Slag Wars host Matthew Camp is your top…top? of the year. Hope he is ready to keep giving us the boyfriend experience in 2022.

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Table of Contents
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