Bonding with Brendan

Brendan Scannell can speak French and knows about piss play. You do the math.
Patrick Rogers
February 3, 2021
February 20, 2024
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Brendan Scannell on Bonding
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Brendan Scannell is what happens when Julianne Moore is mixed with a 30 minute stand-up set: star power, comedic timing, and an Herbal Essences commercial.

I’ve known Brendan since before his breakout role in the critically acclaimed Heathers revival, and I’ll tell you now what I knew even back then: he’s a star. Every project he touches is blessed with queer sensibility, wry humor, and midwestern charm. And, apart from his refined talent and lustrous copper red hair, he is also one of the most genuine people in the industry.

So it’s really no surprise that the new season of Bonding, out now on Netflix, is a fabulous vehicle for Brendan’s physical comedy, barbed zingers, and humanity. This is a pedigree binge of the highest order. I mean, who else could balance pup play and the intimate complexities of friendship in a 15-minute episode?

I spoke to Brendan before the show’s premiere about the exciting new season, along with a few other eclectic subjects: foot fetishes, the women’s section at your local thrift store, oh, and his love life…

Brendan! How are you? How've you been keeping yourself busy during quar?

Hi Patrick! I’m doing well, thank you! I haven’t been keeping busy so much as investing in a lot of hobbies. I’ve been taking French over Zoom and I sewed myself a pair of pants.

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

Tell us about this season of Bonding. What're you most excited about?

Season 2 picks up a couple months after Season 1. Pete and Tiff are the disgraced persona non gratas of the domme community and have to go back to “domme school” in order to win back their good graces and make money. This season goes a lot deeper into the world and the emotional stakes of their friendship, so I’m excited and nervous for people to see that.

The first season of bonding dipped its toes into the waters of S&M, are we taking the full plunge this season?

If you’re talking about me peeing on a client in season 1, then yes my feet were wet. Season 2 we get to explore some fun new kinks (pup play, breath control, financial domination) while bringing back some old faves (foot fetish, penguin play). So hopefully everyone is very wet by the end of episode 8.

There’s a lot of misinformation on BDSM out there. Do you think that’s mostly in the straight world or does the queer community have similar blind spots?

While I’m no expert (I’m an actor aka often dumb), I believe the queer community to be by and large more accepting of all things sexually outside the mainstream, and more accustomed to voicing it’s intimate interests and disinterests. The most important part of BDSM is clear, informed and enthusiastic consent, which I think has been shown to be missing often in straight culture but can be an issue in the queer community as well.


How has navigating the release of the show been in the pandemic?

Honesty great. Love a zoom!

I know you've been learning French this past year, what's your favorite French phrase to say?

Qui, je parle maintenant un peu de français. Basically, I’m trying to learn enough to get cast as Emily’s bag boy on Emily in Paris if Darren Starr is reading this. I take from an adorable little school called CouCou in Silver Lake but they also do classes globally online. I think my favorite phrase is “Je kiff” which is slang for “I like” as in “Je kiff la series Bonding sur Netflix!” And a useful quarantine phrase is “Tu m’as manqué” or “I missed you.”

Bonding is streaming on Netflix, should one slowly savor season 2 or binge?

One simply must binge unless edging is your thing. Then do you. Slowly.

You always turn an amazing look. Where do you get your clothes from?

Luckily I’m quite short so I mostly shop in the women’s sections of thrift stores. I love to throw on something my grandma would wear and have a few of her blouses in my closet. Shoulder pad chic!

For our Grindr audience, are you single and what's your type?

I am dating someone, who is fantastic and I’m very happy to be with. As for type, I’ve been all over the map and mostly looking for someone who can make me laugh.

What're you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

Traveling with friends in a way that is safe, ethical, and won’t set the internet ablaze.

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