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14 Gay Furry Comics: They’re Booping More Than Just Snoots

Gay furry comics offer more drama, fur, and primal sex than a ticket to Dragcon. Here are 14 of our favorites that’ll make your tail wag.
Editorial team
March 26, 2024
April 16, 2024
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Elaborate costumes, diehard followers, and alter egos with quirky names and narrative arcs. No, we’re not talking about Drag Race. We’re talking about furries. And although there isn’t a faux mink stripe on the pride flag, they’re often as gay as any bear or otter you’ll find on Grindr, both in real life and across the ever-expanding universe of queer art.

Before we start splitting hairs regarding gay furry comics, first things first:

What’s a furry? 

Furries are people who build personas (aka fursonas) around anthropomorphic animal characters. Some furries adopt a fursona inspired by famous cartoon characters, like gay icon Bugs Bunny, while others invent their own unique identity.

And just like queer people, furries often face stereotypes and judgment. Yet, both are bound by more positive threads of inclusion, self-expression, belonging, and fierce creativity. It makes sense that many members of the LGBTQ community find a home in furry spaces. 

Comics are a common medium for these creative creatures to explore new narratives. Although real-life furries aren’t defined by their sexuality, a lot of gay furry comics feature smutty storylines and NSFW art (especially when it’s “Bring Your Dog to Work” Day).

Translation: Be prepared to fill your web browser with cute little piggies and big, bad, hung wolves. 

14 gay furry comics to satiate your yearning for yiffing

We kneel (or get down on all fours) for a cultured man. There are so many gay romance books, queer movies, and LGBTQ anime that proudly show off our community, but what about comics that take a walk on the wild side?

Here are 14 gay furry comics to add to your big gay library, including wholesome coming-of-age stories and slutty yiff comics.

1. Only If You Kiss

So, a bear and a wolf walk into a bar…

This gay furry webcomic is a lusty story about one very gay bear bro and another possibly gay wolf bro. They love drinking beer, pumping iron, and maybe jerking each others’ big, uncut cocks. If you fantasize about seducing your favorite jock, this yiff webcomic has everything except gay furries kissing. Cause that’d make it gay, bro!

2. My Husband’s a Werewolf

This webcomic by artists Ko & Atari follows human Jay and his werewolf husband, Lake. It’s a wholesome, slice-of-life romance that follows their day-to-day lives and the challenges of navigating an interspecies relationship, including disapproving relatives and public stares. 

3. Finding Family

One of the best parts about being gay is redefining what family means. Finding Family is about a leopard and a jaguar who start as schoolmate friends and blossom into lovers, eventually adopting a wolf to start their own family. It’s full of romance, milestone moments for a gay couple, and a sex scene or two. 

4. Blades of Furry

Furry artists Deya Muniz and Emily Erdos create a unique furry, gay, vampire, figure-skating-martial-arts romance — truly a genre all its own. The battle sequences add a new spin on gay romance comic tropes with fabulous ice skating outfits and several gay supporting characters. It’s the furry action soap opera you always dreamed of. 

5. Weekend

Weekend is the coming-of-age story our adolescent gay selves deserved. It follows two college-aged “puppies” falling in love for the first time, including all the gooey shows of affection you dedicate to your first real boyfriend. The puppy love steps up to full-on romance in Weekend 2 when the pair gets a little more intimate (without going into full yiff comic porno territory). 


6. The Internship

Friendship, backstabbing, and office affairs make up this hot corporate drama. Andrew and Cooper are coworkers who have been friends since they were puppies. As they climb the office ladder, they must choose between friendship and career success. The Internship is full of shade, treachery, and a sexy boss who won’t hesitate to do you doggy-style on company time.

7. Tiger & Carpenter 

This popular gay anime comic is about hunky bad boy Taiga, a tiger whose massive muscles constantly rip his clothes apart. How inconvenient!

Plot twist: He’s a total cub looking for a special friend. And when his bulging abs peek out from his shirt, he finds his match in a feline-obsessed young carpenter. As their romance intensifies, you’ll crave your own pussy cat. 

8. Cruelty

This two-volume gay furry comic book series started as a single drawing. Fortunately, popular furry artist Rukis turned it into a full-blown series. It takes place over a single school year when Marcus, a quiet jock, and his openly gay friend Reis start to fall for each other. It’s basically Heartstopper, our favorite bingeable gay show, but with sexy wolves. 

9. Ookami-sama No Ichizu Na Bouai (Mr. Wolf Is Violently Smothering Me With Love)

The omegaverse is its own subgenre of speculative erotic fiction, often lumped together with furry art. It doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s gender norms, and all writers are free to create their own omegaverse rules. It’s complicated, sure, but we live for the inter-universal drama! 

Mr. Wolf Is Violently Smothering Me With Love is a popular omega storyline that blurs the lines with gay furry manga. It’s about an omega attracted to beastmen. One day, he goes into heat and needs someone to get sweaty with.

10. The Moon and the Wolf

The Moon and the Wolf is a popular Japanese manga about Aoi, a guy who moves into a new apartment next door to Woo, a handsome young wolfling. The two don’t speak the same language but have no problem slurping each other up like a bowl of ramen. 

11. My One And Only Cat

This furry manga takes “cat daddy” to another dimension. Loner Yeoul adopts a cute white cat named Baeksu for extra companionship. But one night, Baeksu transforms into the man of Yeoul’s dreams, a long-haired stud with a tail and throbbing bussy. It’s equal parts wholesome and dirty — both learn to accept their bodies and lap up plenty of milk. 

12. Associated Student Bodies

Associated Student Bodies is mandatory furry literature, similar to how Giovanni’s Room is a required read within the gay book canon. 

It’s an 8-part series released between 1998 and 2000 about Daniel, a young university lion who begins to explore his gay identity. Over the school year, he builds a new family of LGBTQ friends, explores his desires, and tries to make peace with his traditional parents. It’s a story about finding happiness that many gay men can relate to. 

13. Burning Curiosity

Although it’s controversial, the daddy kink is a common role-playing fantasy and BDSM dom-sub relationship. Burning Curiosity is about a pup and his dad who like to play with one another when Mom is out of the house.

It’s as NSFW as you could possibly imagine, but if you’re into role-playing that involves an element of taboo danger, this is the smut comic for you. Did we mention they’re all anthropomorphic Pokémon?

14. Lost and Found

Stephen is a wolf who washes ashore on an island after a mysterious accident. He is quickly spotted by Aikan, a butt-naked tribesman who convinces everyone to accept Stephen into the tribe. The sexual tension (sweaty tropical weather, nude wild cats, and cuddling under the stars) quickly gets steamy. This yiff comic is extra authentic — Stephen and Aikan are sporting zoologically accurate red rockets. 

Phone a furry

It’s best to read gay furry comics with your pack. If you’re looking for furry folks to sniff your booty and make your tail wag, you’ll find them on Grindr. Get the Grindr app and make the local boys howl.

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